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Ye Chen was an honest and hardworking man, but he caught his girlfriend who was having an affair with a wealthy second generation, because of his sadness he decided to return to his hometown to calm down, while on his way he met a god cultivator and ended up being his student . After that his life began to change, on the right and left arms holding the Beautiful girl, from the start of the School flower, rich young women, beautiful teachers, beauty Ceo, famous beauty stars, beautiful goddesses. one by one the women came to him

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    The novel is ok but the grammar kills it like when ur grammar is wrong it changes the meanings of the words and what u are trying to tell in ur story may get interpreted as an another thing I suggest u use grammarly to edit ur chaps.

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    Cant understand crap the dang thing is machine translated or something. I gived up trying to read this in the 2nd chapter. The MC's is pretty much generic guy who goes on the path of power for the generic reason of saving his life. I dont hate it and would have read it through but the grammer kills it for me.

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    The Fuck??????? Cant understand **** here .... sometimes its he sometimes its she or at the beginning i found a boyfriend and my girlfriends name is ... WTF!!!!! learn at least not to confound the genders all the fucking TIME!!!! and the overall this novel is TRASH..........................................................................

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    Reveal Spoiler
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    The authors English is very poor and it’s really hard to read chapters. The auntie updates regularly but never responds to comments so far everything is very cliche and the world building is almost non existent it feels like the author is trying to cram a bunch of cliches together and hope fans like it.

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    If you can figure out what the author is talking about it seems good. The issue is you have to Reread everything because you can figure out who is talking or what they are talking about. Horrible grammar..... MTL would be better in all honesty

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    LV 2

    Amazing Amazing Very Amazing CLap CLap Clap Right? Right? Guys! Agree with me! Ezz Amazing isn't it? LEt those others Trash talk And lezz just give an amazing Review Right?

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    The novel is good but the grammar is fucking ****! .........................................................................................

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    Imagine being a someone working for Webnovel and thinking that this piece of trash should go premium, let alone privilege. You would think they would consider an editor lmao. Just goes to show what a site run by some English-illiterate Chinese looks like.

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    The Grammar is so terrible. I was genuinely interested but just couldn't continue after chapter 2 so if the Grammar is not corrected, a story with such good potential will be hard to read

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    Rusak bgt bos grammar nya. Kalo ndak niat perbaikin mending ni ya pake bahasa indo aja. Mo baca jadi mager gara2 otak rusak duluan mahamin english ente.

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    Absolutely terrible grammar. Regardless of how good your ideas may be I cannot read this trash. I recommend you hire an editor for your work. Machine translated novels are easier to read than your work. This is the novel's standard. So fellow readers who can read this novel you have my praise. I tried reading all of the first few chapters but I could not handle the bad grammar. If you cannot read it everything get's one star.

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    As you have read the reviews you would know that the grammar is terrible but it is not enough for the low rating. there are many issues with the novel. The strat was nice but things downgrade quickly. He gets his 1st girlfriend within a day who also accepts all the things he says such as cultivation. She also quickly comes to the fact that he needs a lot more women. She doesn’t seem to be reluctant about it and even actively finds more girls for him. This happens very quickly that itis unreal. All the following characters are similar. They are like ‘I can’t accept sharing.’ Then ‘reluctantly’ accept due to his body which requires more women then bam...they also actively search for new ‘sisters’. All beautiful women he comes across are gonna emd up with him. We cannot even distinguish between them. There is no character development and the world building is horrble. There is no story or struggle. The novel is basically a collection of cliches.

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    Classic trashy xianxia modern day only with terrible english to the point that you can't read it. Worst part is the Webnovel admins allowed it to go premium/paid and have privilege. F*ck me

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    This should be called "Journey to become a true Translator" Or something along those lines. I read machine translated stuff all the time so me being bored and having enough time on my hands i gave this a read. I found a lot of this stuff to be extremely funny, so if you read it while thinking this isn't a serious novel then it's actually hilarious... But on that note plot is pretty much one bunch of cliches smashed together, i mean it's not bad to be honest but if you're not looking for this type of story then it definitely won't appeal to you. My views on novels on this site is pretty simple, give me an OP MC and a some Romance (doesn't need to be harem) and R-18 tag and ill give it a go. That being said for those of you who are reading this story i tip my imaginary fedora off to you...and if you spent to unlock any chapter on this then let me know where i can send my bank accounts routing information to so you can send me your money since you don't need it.

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    Overall its a decent story with nice background and characters sadly i find the story development lacking but its not all that bad, however the worst part about this novel is writing or rather the grammar part... I don't think i need speak more about how horrible the grammar is.

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    I started reading this novel despite the terrible grammar, but I could not read more than two chapters, because MC is incredibly stupid, seriously, even children have more logic and reason than this idiot, I do not recommend starting reading this novel for those who have at least minimal standards of "adequacy" of the protagonist.

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    So obviously a of negative comments, but the story isn't bad overall. It has good progression but author could explain some things a little better. Biggest downfall, is in the later chapters author just reuses/rewords the same action the MC/other characters do. Still ongoing and from what I've seen on other sites, it's pretty much the same thing. So not sure if author is having a hard time creating material or if it's just so that they can reach minimum words for each chapter. Honestly that's the biggest headache, reading the same thing 3-4 times throughout the chapter and in the end they've only done like 3 actual things throughout it. If it's a creativity issue then my recommendation is to just slow down on number of chapters per week. If it's cause they wanna be lazy and just use the excess as a filler to complete the chapter, then the readers that have made it to the later chapters will likely stop reading as well. Anyway, hope that bit gets changed but other than that I like the story so far

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    So many grammar mistakes. The story itself is good but the writing takes all the positives away from it. Definitely try to cure this. Other than that the story and characters are good and I like the development. I still enjoy reading this a lot.

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    This novel is a mess. It's to the point that it is no longer just wrong grammar, it's MLT level English where you would sometimes not even get the dialogue. Moreover there is idiotic level of face slapping moments for example 2 guards were fired from job just because they tried to stop mc when he was trying to enter the building. I mean any guard would stop him if he just vaults to the office without appointment, That is what his JOB! I don't understand after soo many bad reviews how can this novel still have 4+ star rating.

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