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100% Journey to the True Martial World / Chapter 73: Familia

Read Journey to the True Martial World - Chapter 73 online

Chapter 73: Familia

The Jigoku clan traveled deeper into the ruins of Dunham. With Rock as the lead, The clan was led down a collapsed shafted and into a whole new world. 

"This place…"

"Hage Village!" Rock shouted.

"Hage Village?" everyone asked.

"It's the name of this secret place. Come, the Tower Master's home should be this way." Rock spoke as he walked away.

Seiichi followed him closely and remained in a state of constant vigilance. 

It didn't take long for the clan to arrive at the ruined home of the Tower Master. Though once they arrived, they walked passed the home as if it wasn't even there, for, in the distance, a massive tower erected towards the sky could be seen. 

"That's the tower." Seiichi proclaimed before he shot off to face his destiny. He had never seen it before. But it was just as the court mage described -The Grimoire Tower.


Pushing open the doubled doors, Seiichi entered the tower in was amazed by its simplicity. The tower consisted of one large room, from the bottom to the top, the tower's walls were lined with books that Seiichi assumed were grimoires.

A soothing power washes over them, and in an instant later, the tower came to life once again. The Grimoires that adorned the tower walls started to quake then shoot from their homes to fly around the tower.

No one moved as the Grimoires flew recklessly and found their new home among the shelves. All but the few grimoires that landed in the hands of Pakura, Yakumo, Sakura, and finally, Seiichi.

With great radiance, the grimoires shined. Though the show was grand, none of them knew the importance of the grimoires in their hands.

" My Grimoire matches my Kekkei Genkai. Scorch" Pakura was the first to realize her grimoire's characteristics.

"But why do you have three leaves while I have four?" Yakumo asked, referring to the clovers on the grimoire covers.

"I have three leaves too. Maybe your's is different somehow." Sakura added. 

"What about you two? What kind of magic were you blessed with?" Naruto asked.

"Mine also matches my Kekkei Genkai. Illusion and Creation Magic." Yakumo told the group.

" I have Earth and Healing magic," Sakura added.

"Good. Let's go." Seiichi spoke as he left the grimoire tower with his Grimoire in hand. 

At a quick glance, Hinata was able to see the blank cover of his thin black Grimoire. Comparing it to the grimoires of Pakura, Yakumo, and Sakura, Seiichi's blessing seemed extremely lacking. She silently worried for him and didn't say a word to the others. 

As Seiichi walked ahead, he opened his Grimoire and discovered one page. 'Chaotic Spear Art' he read his mind.

Seiichi then sighed to himself. "A blessing to make you in my image, A curse because I don't have the slightest clue of where to begin. The old mage said, you grow as I do. I truly hope that's the case."

Seiichi closed his Grimoire and walked in the direction of Lord Helm's camp.


The next day, The Jigoku clan aided in exploring the ruins while discreetly keeping the entrance to Hage Village a secret. 

Seiichi believed that it was best that few people knew how to claim a grimoire. The exploration of Dunham Ruins lasted three more days before they all returned with wounds and riches. Though when they reached Safi, they were greeted by battle-ready warriors.

Odin, Tyr, and Thor's familias had reached shore and attacked Safi for its riches.

Seiichi and the Jigoku clan had rushed to their shop to find their servants. When they opened the shop door, they had found the place lined with traps, turning the shop into a horror house. 

Naruto and Fuu were quick to disable the traps. And without any sign, Seiichi gave an order well within the scope of his cruelty. 

"Pack everything, we leave Safi tonight."

"What about the princess?" Shuren asked and instantly received everyone's glares.

"She isn't your concern, nor is the city. Now move!" Seiichi barked, and the servants rushed to follow their orders as the Jigoku clan dispersed throughout the chaotic city to collect donations for the journey.

By nightfall, The Jigoku clan had the city of Safi behind them as they started their journey to the city of Orario. 


It had been three days since their departure. Pakura, Sakura, and Yakumo were training with their Grimoires and becoming accustomed to magic. They each had pages of spells to learn from. 

While Seiichi sat on the river bank and starred at the new pages in his Grimoire.

For the first time in a year, he called out to his old friend. 'Skynet. What is the meaning of this?'

'The Grimoire is a reflection of your progress and conduit of magic. But you are responsible for your clan's progress. As such, their status and that of their servants and the behemoths are all there. A page created for each of them.'

Seiichi sighed. 'How do I create pages for myself?'

'You must fight, win, lose, and train. Your abilities and those you have yet to gain will be added eventually. But first, you must master the art in the Grimoire before you can add others.'

'So it's like that. How about the Familia System?' Seiichi asked.

'The Familia system governs this world. Unlike the realm below, this specific design prohibits breakthroughs without the aid of Falna. It's literally the grace of Gods.'

'I wanted to have a quiet life for a while, but it seems I was too naive. SkyNet calculates the time of our journey and chart the fastest route.'


Six months and twenty-seven days is the length of the journey. Along that time, the family trained hard and maxed their stats, capping them all at 'SSS level 1' adventures.

With the help of Seiichi's over the top physical training and constant overexertion of magic, the Jigoku clan was finally assimilated with their new world without chakra. 

They were currently resting at the Mysterious Inn, a small in a few hours outside of the city of Orario. Lee and Naruto were sparing using their new magic based skills. The weaker than the chakra based Jutsu, it allowed them to hone their skill. 

"Will our skills ever become as strong as our Jutsus were in the lower realm?" Ino asked as she and Hinata rested Seiichi. 

The trio overlooked the spar between Rock and Naruto from the Balcony. 

"The Skill isn't weak. Its the amount of power they are putting out. By level four, we should be equivalent to our old selves. But this can be a good thing for us. Whoever said a needle isn't as deadly as a sword. Take this opportunity to become better." 

Seiichi then rose from his seat and left his women. As Seiichi was leaving the Inn, the Owner of the Inn had finally returned. As the two brushed shoulders, the Owner of the Inn took notice of Seiichi's unique physique. 

Sometime later, Seiichi arrived in Orario and went straight to the slave market. Though he stood out due to his characteristics. The city was a lot more well mannered than the shinobi continent. The only ruckus that Seiichi encountered was a boy drenched in blood running through the city.

Deep in the Red Light District, Seiichi stood in front of a stage. Many slaves were presented, and though some showed potential, Seiichi had specific characteristics in mind. 

"Auctioneer! If you don't mind, I would like to examine the women." Seiichi spoke up.

"Of course not."

Seiichi made his way to the stage. Taking each girl by the wrist, he examined their Yin essence. Out of a lot of 7, only two were virgins. 

"I'll pay 1,000 Valis for both women," Seiichi spoke and shocked the crowd.

The crowd whispered amongst themselves. They believed that Seiichi was crazy. To spend so much for trash women, they all assumed he was just a desperate man.

The auction went on, and Seiichi continued this process for 9 rounds, collecting 35 virgin women.

Now that the 10th and final round had approached. Many people became excited, and Seiichi understood why, when noble like men and women were presented.

Like the rounds before, Seiichi examined them each. Out of 7 people, Seiichi found 3 women. But the last woman he examined was the most interesting. 

"You're an elf," Seiichi spoke to the black-haired slave. "Has anyone ever told you that you are special?"

The woman looked up with shock. She had only ever been called a cursed woman.

'Pure Yin Body. Such a rarity, she's perfect for Hinata.' Seiichi thought in his heart. "I'll buy the woman for 4,000 Valis."

"5,000 Valis!" a voice boomed from the crowd.

"10,000 Valis," Seiichi countered with a heavy blow. The man greeted his teeth loud enough for all to hear its grind.

"15,000 Valis!" the man shouted.

"25,000 Valis, and the horn of a Minotaur." 

The man sent a wave of killing intent at Seiichi. Seiichi quickly returned the favor 100 folds, causing the man to lose control of his bladder.


By nightfall Seiichi, had returned with many slaves and gifted the to his women. From the shadows, the Inn owner watched as she could smell the slave women's yin essence in the air. It wasn't until she focused on the elf slave that shared a mount with Seiichi that her assumption was proven right.

"Pure Yin Body. This man is perfect to start a Familia with. And his women even cultivate an art that will transform them into the perfect cauldrons." The Owner spoke to herself. Looking towards the rooms occupied by the Jigoku clan, the Owner also remembers that the clan have oddly trained bodies, magic, and, most shockingly, the small sliver of Falna inside them.

"Everything about these people is extremely similar to the Bone Scriptures. This may be the familia that I was created to form."

A few moments later, Ino, Yakumo, Karin, and Pakura lead the slave women into the woods. Hinata and Seiichi led the elf with pure Yin body into their room.

The elf stood quietly as Hinata stared at her with hungry eyes. Seiichi watched as Hinata inched closer and closer to the elf. 

Suddenly a knock came from the door.

As Seiichi open the wooden door, he looked down to find a pot of hot tea. Looking around to see who left it. Seiichi found no one. He collected the pot of tea and went back to the show. 

Though, the moment he poured a cup, he identifies the tea as yang supplement. 

"Hinata...You should drink a cup of tea before you continue." Seiichi told his wife with a slight smile. 

The next morning, the Jigoku clan found the Mysterious Inn to be utterly void of all life except for the Owner who has placed breakfast dishes on the table.

Naruto, Fu, and their servant were the first to wake. Flowed by Rock, Sakura, and so on. Seiichi was the last to arrive for breakfast. Though he found the atmosphere to be strange, he took his seat in between Akira and Karin. 

"Finally," a calm voice called out.

Seiichi looked towards the kitchen door to see a mature woman with ethereal beauty and long flow silky black hair. She wore a headdress made of silver and ivory with a veil the hung over her face. Her dress was equally impactful as the nine colored phoenix amongst the heavens that was embroidered onto it.

"Who are you?" Seiichi asked.

"I'm the one who left the tea." She replied. All except Hinata and Seiichi were confused.


"Like now, I wanted to offer you a gift that no other goddess would even think of giving you. Because I am the perfect Goddess for your clan." the Owner replied.

"Goddess…" Seiichi repeated. "What kind of Goddess would watch as innocent women are devoured. What kind of Goddess would aid such a sin?"

"Jiutian Xuannü. Goddess of Sex, war, longevity, and most importantly, Martial Magic."

"Martial magic…" everyone thought and looked over towards Seiichi.

"And If I tell you that our goal in life was to shatter the heavens."

"The heavens is a place where the strong eat the weak. Naturally, I will help you," Jiutian Xuannü replied. 

"We need a familia anyway. We should start from scratch with a goddess that can understand our ways." Akira whispered to Seiichi.

"What do you want in return?" Seiichi asked the Goddess.

"To become feared and admired like I once was in the past."

Seiichi nodded his head for a moment. "Fine. Let us create a familia."

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