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87.96% Journey Towards Greatness / Chapter 715: Delicious Noodles

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Chapter 715: Delicious Noodles

Julian looked around the city but he couldn't find any ancient monuments at all, everything in this city was quite modern, Julian realized that this city was very different, he wondered why people live in such a dangerous city, he then got to know that the living expense in this city is very cheap and the city's technology was very advanced, many young people come here to find a place to stay.

The only bother they have here is the gang members and their protection tax, but to the people living here it didn't matter, even with the combined sum of the living expense and the protection tax, it was still cheaper than living in other cities.

The league also never bothered with the gangs who control the city because these gangs actually help in the development of the city, the gangs actually fund the governor of the city to build things in the city.

When Julian heard this, it felt very weird, why would the gangs even put the money they stole back into the city, there was more to these gangs than what Julian thought of them at first.

Knowing that he won't find anything on his own, he decided to visit some old stores and ask the owner as they will be more knowledgeable about the ancient monuments in the city, he soon found a noodle shop nearby and entered.

He looked around the shop and noticed a few people sitting on their chair, enjoying their long noodles, he also noticed an old man sitting behind the counter and behind him was his small kitchen where he does all his stuff.

The old man who is the shop keeper noticed Julian and smiled.

Shopkeeper "A new face in the city, what do you want young man?"

The shopkeeper asked while pointing at the small menu that was hung next to the wall, Julian looked at the menu and wondered what to it, the menu was not big but it was still hard to choose, there was egg noodles, chicken noodles, beef noodles, chilly noodles, cheese noodles and many more, after giving it some thought he decided to go with chicken noodles because chicken is never a wrong choice.

The shopkeeper smiled and got back to his kitchen and started to prepare Julian's chicken noodles.

Shopkeeper "So, young man, what brings you here to Black City, are you here to settle down, many young men of your age come here to settle down to live a carefree life"

The Shopkeeper said.

Julian "No, I am just traveling far east, Black City is only a temporary stop for me"

Shopkeeper "Ah, too bad, I thought I would get another regular customer for my store"

The shopkeeper said and chuckled, Julian looked around the store once again and noticed that the shopkeeper doesn't have many customers and most of them are old people.

Julian didn't say anything and waited for the noodles to be prepared, it didn't take long before the delicious fragrance of the noodles hit his nose, he wasn't the only one. Crystal smelled it and popped its head out to look at where the smell is coming from, it saw an old man making noodles and got excited, it flew out of Julian's pocket and sat down on the table right in front of Julian as it was time to eat.

They didn't have to wait long, the shopkeeper finished his cooking and placed the delicious noodles in front of Julian and Crystal, the smell alone was very addictive, the shopkeeper noticed Crystal and was fascinated by the little one, in all his life he has never seen a pokemon like this in his life.

Shopkeeper "Who is this little fellow?"

The Shopkeeper asked while poking at Crystal's puffy cheeks.

Julian "Its name is Crystal"

Shopkeeper "Nice name, now let me leave you guys alone so you can enjoy your noodles" Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

He said and went back to doing kitchen stuff, Crystal didn't wait for Julian at all and grabbed one end of the noodles and put it directly inside its mouth and started to suck it in, Julian smiled and cut down the noodles for Crystal so it doesn't choke down by swallowing too much at once.

He also took a fork full of noodles and ate it, and he was surprised by the taste, this was the most delicious noodles he has ever eaten in his life.

Julian "This is delicious, I don't know why don't you have more customers"

Julian said. If the noodles tasted this good why aren't there anyone in his shop gobbling it down?

Shopkeeper "Well young people these days are just too judgmental that's all. When they see a small shop they don't even mind checking it out, they always care for fancy and expensive things and now they are even viewing food as something fancy, so if a big restaurant hiked up a price for some food, the young ones are attracted to it rather than the same food a small shop sells at a lower price. This city is filled with young men and women and they don't care about a small old shop like this, all these customers of mine are very old and they have been coming to my shop for ages. This is enough for me to live on till I die"

The Shopkeeper said and sighed.

Julian finished his noodles very fast because it tasted really good.

Julian "That was really good, next time I come here I will bring my girlfriends with me"

He said.

Shopkeeper "Haha, I will be waiting then, and remember to be safe out there, the three gangs are going to have a turf war very soon"

The Shopkeeper said and got back to his kitchen, Julian was also very satisfied after eating such delicious noodles, he got up from his seat, put Crystal back into his pocket and walked out of the shop, and then he suddenly remembered why he entered the shop in the first place, the food was so good that he forgot his main reason.

He walked back into the shop a little embarrassed but he didn't show it on his face.

Julian "Sir, do you know any ancient monuments that are located in the city?"

The shopkeeper turned around, surprised by Julian's question as many young people don't care about these kinds of stuff.

Shopkeeper "Well there are these three ancient temples situated in the city but its very dangerous for a normal person to go there, these temples are right next to the three gang's headquarters"

Hearing this Julian wasn't surprised, these gangs were really weird compared to the ones Julian has seen or have experienced before, he knew they are doing something and he needs to check it out.

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