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Chapter 672: Guilt

Julian had predicted that Volcarona to attack him but he underestimated Volcarona on how aggressive it could be while attacking him.

Julian looked at the Volcarona and realized that it is in a very defensive position, whatever it is guarding, it is very precious or unique, it doesn't want anyone else to get their hands over it.

Julian knows he cannot act careless and attack the Volcarona, in these kinds of situations, it is better to stay calm then be aggressive, if not, the pokemon might go on a rampage and hurt others while hurting itself as well.

Julian calmed down and continued to release the omniforce around him, trying to calm down the Volcarona, as Julian expected the Volcarona started to calm down, it is harder to clam down an old pokemon compared to young ones.

Young pokemons don't even need a calling from Julian, sometimes they approach him themselves after sensing the aura around him, but when it comes to adult pokemons, they are a lot warier of people and pokemon they don't know.

They have experienced a lot in their life so they know not to trust anyone that they have never met before.

Volcarona calmed down and stared at Julian, it is still wary of him but now it is not showing any aggression right now, Julian also stopped approaching it as he knew it might cause panic again.

As they are looking at each other the Volcarona suddenly felt weak and went down, Julian was stunned by seeing this, he quickly approached the Volcarona and noticed that its pulse is really weak and it is at the end of its life span.

He knows he cannot do anything to save this Volcarona because death cannot be cheated, once it comes nothing can escape from it.

He knew that the Volcarona is about to die and there is no hope for it, the only thing he can do for it is to bury it into the group and offer a prayer, that's it.

He watched as life slowly dimmed away from the Volcarona's eyes, even though Julian has no attachment to this pokemon, he still feels sad for it, after a few minutes the Volcarona took its last breath and died. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

It used all its last bit of energy to protect the thing it was protecting, Julian felt a little guilty as the Volcarona might have lived for a few more days if it hadn't used that attack on Julian but Julian knew it would have still died and the thing it is protecting might fall into the wrong hands.

He decided to bury this Volcarona right here as it spent its whole life here, he asked Drilbur to dig a hole perfect for the Volcarona, once the hole was dug, he lightly placed the dead body inside and asked Drilbur to cover it up.

He prayed for it and then moved his attention to the thing that it was protecting.

He walked up the podium and saw the thing that was releasing the friend white glow, it was none other than a white ball with three grooves in it, he doesn't know what it is but he could tell that it is something unique, he lifted it and examined it and noticed something, it was dragonic aura.

The same one that dragon type pokemons have, that is when Julian suddenly remembered about the story that guild told the group, about how the twin heroes hid the stones from the public eye after knowing the dangerous power that the dragon posses.

Julian got excited, he realized why the Volcarona was protecting this thing, but he still has one question, is the legendary pokemon still inside this stone.

He saw Zekrom at the beginning of his journey so he knew that this cannot be Zekrom so the only one left should be Reshiram, the white fire dragon. Since he cannot figure it out he decided to ask the system about it.

While he did that, Crystal woke popped its head out and looked at the ball in Julian's hand, it floated out and looked around the ball with interest, it could tell that it is a special ball but that's it, just like a normal cat it lost interest in the thing and started to look around the room.

It floated around the area and see if it can find anything else that can grab its interest.

Julian asked the system to check if the Reshiram is inside the ball, too bad he had his hopes up because the System told him that it couldn't find any life force inside the ball meaning that it is empty, but it still holds a lot of power inside it, being a vessel that contained a Reshiram.

While he was disappointed, he noticed that Crystal is looking at something behind the podium.

Julian "Crystal? What are you looking at?"

Julian asked as he approached Crystal from behind and looked at what Crystal is looking at, and to his surprise, it is actually a pokemon egg placed on top of the dry straw nest.

Julian didn't expect to find an egg here, this egg looks very unique, it is orange in color with a weird curvy star-shaped pattern on it, Julian knew this is the egg of a Volcarona.

Julian 'Looks like the Volcarona was actually defending the egg and this stone seems to be acting as an incubator'

Julian thought as the stone was hot to the touch, it acted as a perfect incubator for an egg, and with Reshiram's fire force inside it, it greatly benefited a fire type pokemon.

Julian got lucky again and found himself a Volcarona's egg. since he feels a little guilty for the Volcarona's death, he decided to take care of the egg and raise it into a strong pokemon.

(A/N-That's the thought process he has in his mind, but you readers know its not the whole truth, everyone can be a little selfish, even Julian, the temptation of owning a rare pokemon is special ;p)



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