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Chapter 181: Caught!

Murmuring curses to herself, Trang turned around once again and headed to the food section. She grabbed a clean plate from the side and started gathering seafood on it. After piling some clams on the white surface, she looked over towards Selina and Jason's direction. Looking down on the trays in front of her, she smiled. "Dance? If I don't get a dance, then neither do you. Let's see if Jason will still think you're all that worth doting once your dress is ripped in front of everyone!"

Trang placed the stainless steel kitchen tongs back in place before picking up the other ones next to it. One tray after another, she stacked crab claws, crawfish and shrimp on top of the clams. At the end, she added two scoops of mixed spice sauce on top of it.

By the time she finished getting food on her plate, the host had already announced the dance activity. In case Selina and Jason would be the first pair to dance, Trang fast walked under the dimmed path behind the tables and avoided everyone in her way.

Taking a few deep breaths, she laughed in relief that the couple stood at the same position as before. Her palm settled on the bottom of the plate and slowly slanted upwards as she rushed forward to smash it into Selina's back.

Right before the plate loosened from her skin, Jason suddenly pulled Selina out of the way and snatched a metal tray from the table behind him. The waiter she had spoken to before slammed his head in the process and Trang couldn't move away fast enough. When Justin's face hit the tray, his body rotated. Out of reflexes, he grabbed onto Trang's shoulder and the plate of food. Along with him, Trang dropped to the ground.

The sharp shells from the food fell into her cleavage and scraped her skin. Spices tainted her gown and skin deep red. As sesame seeds followed the thick sauce and flowed all over her neck, the pieces of seafood swam between her breasts.

"Ahhhh!!!!!" Trang's scream was loud, but not many realized what was going on because of the music in the background. With the instrumental version of the song, Tale as Old as Time from Beauty and the Beast playing, each dancing pair was occupied by their partner. Even if they did turn their heads, the guys already stood in front of Justin and Trang - blocking them from plain view. Under the dimmed lights and romantic atmosphere, nobody would realize something was amiss.

Dragging Justin aside, Bryan pressured his knee on Justin's back while handcuffing his wrists. Though the music was played at a high volume, Bryan noticed something odd about Justin. Studying him closely, he found Justin whispering something to himself. 'Weird...Why would he whisper...Wait!'

Quickly, Bryan pulled him up from the ground and found a wireless headset hidden under his shirt. Knowing his plan had failed, Justin screamed into the headphone speaker. "Dad, run!"

"Go! His father is trying to escape!" Bryan told the guys who were distracted by Trang's wailing on the floor. She has her arms stretched outwards expecting someone to help her up, but nobody stepped forward. Once they heard Bryan's alert, everyone separated to guard the three exits. Luckily, two of the exits already had personal guards standing there, leaving only one possible exit.

Clueless about the whole chasing game, Kyla walked back into the ballroom and went to grab a clean plate for food. She frowned when she noticed the plates were all taken by the guests. Since nothing was left, she looked around for a waiter to help her get a clean plate. As she failed to locate one, her mood became gloomier than before.

Earlier, she felt ill and walked outside to get some fresh air. Not long after, she received a call from Isaac telling her he was arriving to the party soon. Recently, he had been busy flying overseas. Feeling bad for not spending enough time with his fiancée, he decided to give her a surprise by appearing at their Jason's party. Since he mentioned he had came straight from the airport, Kyla thought she would get some food for him to eat.

Unfortunately, all the plates were gone. Finally, she spotted a waiter and walked over to ask him for a plate. "Excuse me." She forced a smile and tried sounding as friendly as she could.

"Scram, bitch!" His insolent attitude followed by a harsh shove to push her out of his way extremely angered her. If it weren't for the table on the side, she would've fallen on the floor when he pushed her! She glared at the five annoying fingers that touched her bare skin.

"How dare you?!" She growled. Suddenly, voices from afar caught her attention. Briefly, she heard them tell her to stop the man disguised as a waiter. As she hurriedly unclasped the strap on her ankle to fling the sharp heels at the waiter's head, she saw Isaac's face. She shouted, "Darling! Kick him!"

In the matter of seconds, the waiter was struck in the chest and sent flying backwards into the ballroom. Kyla wasn't the type of woman who would use violence to resolve situations unless it was necessary. For her to yell at a public event like this, this man must have done something to provoke her. "What did he do?" He squinted dangerously at the man on the floor whose ribcage was most likely fractured from the sudden strike.

"Well, first of all." Kyla swung her hand, showing four poker cards clipped between her fingers. In one swift movement, the four cards flung past the man's fingers and sliced his nerves. Before she could explain what had happened, another card appeared between her index and middle finger. "Whoops. Missed one." Under a minute, his right hand suffered irreparable damage.

She pointed to the man who was shedding tears in agony. "He shoved me aside. Second of all..." Her voice faded as soon as Jessica interrupted their conversation.

"Watch out, Kyla!" Jessica dashed towards their direction with murderous intent in her eyes. Isaac wrapped his arms around Kyla and pulled her a few inches away. The couple watched as Jessica stomped her heel into the center of his palm, brutally penetrating a hole through his flesh.

"...Second of all...that..." Kyla pointed to Jessica, not understanding what was coming out of her mouth anymore.

"Don't anyone dare to stop me! You guys caught the first chicken! I'm taking this rooster down!" Jessica stomped repeatedly on the man who had already surrendered to her.

None of the guys dared get close to her. At first, the guys wanted to take him down, but now, their palms were raised where Jessica could see them. While she was busy walking all over the old man's body, Alfred showed a faint smile for a few seconds.

Courageously, Kyla asked from a distance. "Jess, what did he do to you? Did he shove you too?"

"Of course not! This bastard and his accomplice sent an imbecile spoiled brat and ruined my UGHH! I'm so mad!" She complained.

After venting out her anger, Jessica pressed her heels flat against the man's chest. "Kyla, didn't you say you didn't feel well earlier? How are you feeling now?"

"Better. I got from fresh air. Anyway, that man pushed me and called me a bitch. Since you've already stepped all over him, I don't need to do that myself. Darling, let's go get you something to eat." Kyla hooked her arm around Isaac's as she walked towards the other end of the buffet where the plates were located. As soon as they walked away from their friends, Kyla swallowed a mouthful of saliva. She could taste the bitter sour taste in her mouth from the vomit that rushed up her throat.

"Are you feeling alright?" Isaac asked in a concerned tone. She seemed less lively compared to the past.

"I'm fine. That guy smelled like seafood and it made my throat itchy. Hurry and grab a plate. I don't want to be so close to the packed crowd and seafood platter section." She stood from a distance where less people were standing. After considering her words carefully, he found her explanation logical and walked away to grab some utensils.

In the meantime, the dance had ended and the crowd's attention fixated on Trang and the waiter who was being held like a prisoner. Selina was in a daze after the sudden pull from earlier. She felt everything spinning and held closely onto Jason as she rested her eyes. Jason thought he had startled her, so he tried his best to comfort her.

Before Jason could say anything, Trang's father stepped out of the crowd and audaciously asked for an explanation. "Mister. Hui, as one of the investors of Hui Corps, I demand an explanation. My daughter is still single and unmarried. She became the clown of the party. According to her, you smacked the waiter, which resulted in her fall. Please give me an explanation."

Sweetflowlips Sweetflowlips

Sorry everyone for updating late. I thought I felt better, but I didn't feel well again the next day. Anyway, I was also stuck on writing. Thank you for your patience XD

Let's hope I'm in a good condition to write. :3

Leave a comment to encourage me as creation is hard XD Thank you!!

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