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CHAPTER 2 GURUMAPA - KAALCHAKRA - Chapter 2 by AJAY_SHRESTHA full book limited free


After 6 months, Goraha village became popular all over the lands along with other villages. But, there was a rumour that was going on for weeks. Other villages had proclaimed of getting a glimpse of giant human-like figure rakshasa in their forest.

At first, they thought it was a high-class rakshasa but later on close inspection, they figured out that it was a lower-class rakshasa. It didn't have 2 horns on its head unlike high-class rakshasa. It's face was uglier than a high-class rakshasa.

 In general, There are 4 kinds of rakshasa (Demon/monster):

High-class rakshasa: They are rakshasa that have a giant body but they look like humans. They have razor sharp teeth and unlike other teeths only 4 largest one stick out of its mouth. Its body is brown or black in colour. They have 2 horns on their head they they are 4-meter tall in height they use club or Gada (mace) as their main weapon. They also have high durability and high stamina.

Lower-class rakshasa:They are rakshasa that have a body similar to high-class rakshasa but can be recognized by their ugly and scary face. They are 3-meter tall in height. They don't have horns on their head. Two razor sharp teeth stick outside of its mouth. It's skin is red in colour and they also have pointy ears. They mostly eat any fruits and living creatures, especially childrens. They also use a club or  gada(mace) as weapons. They also have quite high durability and stamina.

Beast(animal)-type rakshasa: These types of rakshasa have common characteristics and traits of different animals. These types of rakshasa have a similar body structure of different types of animal. But, it still has a giant body with genetic traits of animal.

Mix-breed rakshasa: These half breed rakshasa are rare. They are formed by the mix breeding of different other species.

 This lower-class rakshasa had already ate many animals in the forest including domestic animals from the village. but this low class Rakshasa is different than others low class Rakshasa, it's obsessed with only flesh , and human flesh The villagers had heard rumours that this rakshasa  would eat any humans that would enter into the forest. This rakshasa loved eating childrens.

Every family would tell their children to not go into the forest. The name of this rakshasa was 'Gurumapa' (T/N: a mythical creature from the nepal folklore that takes away disobedient children). It would eat anybody that goes into the forest.

there were 5 childrens who didn't believe the words of their parents. They thought that  their parents were just trying to scare them so that they wouldn't go outside of the village. One day, all five of them went into the forest to play hide and seek.

The group of friends consisted of 4 boys and 1 girl. One of the boys among the four had been chosen to find them.The boy started counting until his friends hid in a secret place.

The boy finished his counting and went to find his friends. Gurumapa was checking his territory when he suddenly felt the presence of humans. He used his nose to smell the territory and smelled lively human flesh. He grinned menacingly while fantasizing about eating them.

He followed the scent and found out that their were 5 childrens. He was happy to see that it was his favourite food; childrens. He was happy to know that he didn't have to go to a nearby village to catch humans as food. He enjoyed playing with its prey before eating them one by one.

He saw a boy who was hiding behind a big rock. The kid saw the giant hideous gurumapa and  got scared. He tried to warn everyone by making noise but met an unfortunate  destiny (ps: he was eaten)

 One by one, he ate three innocent  children without a shred of remorse. He went for the fourth child who happens to be a girl that had climbed a tree to hide. The boy who was searching for his friend got scared after not finding anyone.

He then recalled the story his father had told him about gurumapa. His father had told that gurumapa would eat any living creature, especially childrens that enter the forest.

He became more and more scared after thinking about that. The girl hiding on the tree could clearly see him. She was feeling unhappy as he couldn't find anyone yet .

She started to get bored and wanted to go home.  She called out to the boy from on top of the tree. The boy felt relieved after seeing her. He was demented because he could only find one friend but couldn't find others.

The girl said to the boy that she was feeling bored and wanted to go home. Both of them agreed to each other but  when she was climbing down from the tree, she heard some loud thumping  noises. The noise felt as if something was coming towards their direction but they couldn't guess what it might be.

The girl was scared so she started climbing down from the tree as fast as she could. But, she couldn't outsmart the grasp of gurumapa. Gurumapa came running and caught her as if she was an ant. Terrified yet conscious, the girl looked at Gurumapa but was startled by his hideous face.

She was  scared and asked for the boy's help but it was too late for her. The boy couldn't help her, he was so scared that he couldn't move his body. He felt as if his whole body was an immovable statue. He was scared to look at such a humongous demon. Gurumapa took his time to eat the girl. The boy couldn't help so he took the opportunity to run away as far as he could.

 Gurumapa finished eating the girl. He took a quick glance around him but couldn't see the boy. The boy ran as far as he could and hid between the tree and bushes. The boy knew that if he would only run, he would get caught by gurumapa in no time.

There was hole under the tree. He crawled inside and hid himself for the whole day. Gurumapa becomes frustrated knowing the fact that he was outsmarted by a mere child. After not finding the boy, Gurumapa returns to his cave.

After seeing that gurumapa had returned to his cave, he ran back to the village. He told all the people of the village about the incident. The boy became very traumatised because of the death of his friend and became depressed from that day on.

Many villages were facing the same problems. Many childrens were being eaten by that monster. They also tried to kill that rakshasa but lost utterly. People wanted to kill gurumapa badly but they couldn't do it. Gurumapa always starved for human flesh. But, after eating some children, it's hunger is satiated.  Many childrens were becoming its food on a daily basis.


The villagers and parents of the dead children were losing hope upon their lands. They were trying to create a strategy to solve this problem.

They goes to goraha village and tell the village chief ram what is happening to others village, ram and other village chief start talking with others council members.

 Ram was thinking this Rakshasa is different than the Hugh tiger they hunt so they cannot risk others hunters life, they know the consequence hunt from the big tiger so ram talk with the council members about his plan.


All people gathered in goraha village and talking about gurumapa and what he has done on this past weeks, they also taking about what council members and chief will say to them.


but suddenly heard the footsteps of soldiers. A 20-foot soldiers with shield and spear came marching through the village. Behind him,there was a man riding his horse. The person looked as if he was in his thirties.

He is a tall man with a small beard. He was wearing high class clothes that  showed his nobility and reputation. It all clearly remarked that he is a high-class warrior. He was wielding a unique talwar (T/N: a curved sword also known as saber). The hilt of his sabre had an engraving of a Tiger head.

He had a bow and quiver full of arrows on his back. His bow had a golden string which looked as if it was  made out of gold. The bow had unique engraving and design to it. He also had two khukuri.

The sheath of the khukuri was of black and golden colour with nice engravings of tiger on it. He was carrying them at the left side of his hips. Jay and Vijay saw the great warrior and his soldiers and got excited.


The people of the village  welcomed the soldiers and the great  warrior. They  gave  them water and wine to drink and food to replenish their energy. After eating to their fills, the great warrior asked about who is the chief of the village.

Ram came outside with raj. The warrior gave command to his soldiers to stand outside of the village for protection. The great  warrior talks with village chief Ram and Raj inside the chamber.

TEJAS and VIDUR were curious and asked the people of the village  about who that great  warrior was and where he came from?

An old man replied and said that the warrior came from the main city of gorakh. The great warrior is one of the strongest among the three great warriors in our kingdom but the old man had forgotten  the name of the great warrior. TEJAS asked the old man,"Is the great warrior stronger than our father?"

The old man said to the boys that they hadn't gone outside from this village thus they didn't know about him.

After listening to the words of the old man, they got confused because TEJAS and VIDUR didn't seem to think that man was as strong as their fathers are.

Ram and Raj were talking with the great warrior. The great warrior says that he was here to capture a  golden deer with a huge golden-like  body and horn with his soldiers. Ram asks why a great warrior like him wanted to capture that beautiful animal who lived peacefully in the forest.

The great warrior says," I came here because of my king's orders, our queen became sick and when we consulted the  vaidya (doctor) to check her body, he found irregularities.

He gave us a list of items to make medicine to cure her majesty. The horns of the golden deer also were written on the list of items." The great warrior said that they will not harm the golden deer. They will only take a few samples of the horn and leave the forest.

Ram also told about the dangers lurking in the deep forest. He also told the warrior about 'Gurumapa'  and all the atrocities he had done. He told him about all the things that had happened over the past week.

After hearing the situation, the warrior replied by saying that he could handle that lower-class rakshasa with ease. He said that he would slay Gurumapa without hesitation. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

But,Ram replied and says that they should leave the killing of that rakshasa to them and concentrate on their mission. The warrior was ok with the decision.

The  golden deer was respected by people all over the land. He was regarded as the holy guardian of the forest. He was the  protector of that area. The golden deer also saved two vaidyas(doctor) when  they were on the verge of getting eaten by the Hugh tiger.

Ram says to the great warrior," I know you are stronger than all of us, but the  golden deer is also a protector who wields great powers. It has always saved people who asked for its guidance and help. The golden deer is the guardian of the forest. You will know after meeting the guardian up close.

After the conversation, Ram gave permission to the warrior and its soldier to enter the forest. Both did 'Namaste' and gave their respects. Ram wished the warrior good luck to get samples from the golden deer.

The warrior says to the chief," Before we go to capture the golden deer, could we please stay tonight? We will start our journey tomorrow because we came from a far place. My soldiers were exhausted and wanted some rest before travelling.

The chief and the elders of the village agreed to their request and prepared places for their stay for the night.

At night, Raj and Ram talked with each  other about the strategy to kill gurumapa tomorrow.

 In the morning,all the hunters gathered before going to hunt the rakshasa. All the hunters prayed to God Shiva and did puja in lingam (T/N: a ritual performed by Hindus to pray to a certain god or goddess) and prayed to shiva lingam to get success in the upcoming hunt.

The warrior and his soldiers also joined and started praying to lord shiva. After an hour, everyone parted  their ways. Raj and ram with their 12 expert hunter brothers went to hunt gurumapa. The great warrior went with his soldiers to capture the golden deer who resided in the forest.

 TEJAS and VIDURA started talking with each other.

TEJAS says to VIDUR," Let's go see how our father's and other hunters will kill the rakshasa!"

VIDUR says to TEJAS," What happens if other hunters or our father sees us? They will give us punishment if they found about this"

TEJAS says," Don't be nervous brother, we will just look at them from far away like  from trees or tall grass or from bushes. Don't you wanna see how strong our fathers are ? How strong their skills are and what that rakshasa looks like?"

After arguing for a while, VIDUR finally agrees to go.

Raj and Ram went into the forest with 12 expert hunters to hunt GURUMAPA.

Both TEJAS and VIDUR saw there father's going, Before chasing their fathers,they pick their weapons and some food first. After some time, TEJAS and VIDURA also went into the forest to follow their father's to see their father's big hunt.

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