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Chapter 2 - KAALCHAKRA - Chapter 1 by AJAY_SHRESTHA full book limited free

Chapter 1: Chapter 2


Many years later, GORAKH became a big renowned kingdom all over the lands. This land was rich in terms of forest, minerals, raw materials, agriculture and so on.

This land became the birthplace of many strong warriors throughout decades. Outside of the city,there was a forest which was home to two big villages.

The villages were called as gotihawa and goraha respectively.

These villages were surrounded by a big forest. In the villages, Only small population of people lived. But even though they are small in number, they were still happy as they had everything they needed their to suffice their needs The two villages had an astounding number of virtuous workers.

There were farmers, Brahmin (priest), hunters, Vaidya (doctor), artists, and others that lived and worked there. Every village has its own advantage.

Like if we take goraha village for an instance, They had 40 skilled hunters who hunt by using traps and bait. The hunter had a variety of tools to protect themselves from danger. Their main weapons were bow and khukuri (T/N:a commonly used short blade found in Nepal and other neighbouring countries).

As for gotihawa,they had the best Vaidya and any variety of Ayurveda (T/N: the traditional Hindu system of medicine), and great Brahmins (T/N:spiritual and intellectual leaders, priest).

 These two villages always helped each other when they needed the help and they also had a good and stable trade system with each other.

Goraha village helped to secure village society as they had quite a lot of hunters. But,even amongst  the hunters, there were two famous individual hunters.

Their names were Raj and Ram. Their skills are so formidable that they could  kill tigers and lions even if they are in a large group. Ganga, also known as the wife of Raj had two sons and Rita also known as the wife of Ram has one son and one daughter. Raj named his son's  AJIT and JAY respectively whereas Ram named his son, Vijay and his daughter Anju.

AJIT, the first son of raj left the village to follow the path of a warrior at the age of 16. his mother was not agree but he convince his family and left the village.

some days later

The villagers enjoyed their lives happily. but Ganga was not happy after her son AJIT left She didn't eat anything and didn't leave her room for 3 day.

But one day in the morning, Some Vaidya group went into the forest  to pick some herb to make medicine with two hunters to protect and escort them safely.

It was already afternoon and there was no sign of the return of neither the vaidya nor the hunters. The village chief had a slight suspicion so he sent 5 hunters to find them. But before the hunters were to venture, they heard a man screaming and saying,"Those men were Vaidyas, who left the village to pick up herbs."

The sight was shocking. Only 2 Vaidya came back with minor injuries. But alas, their eyes spoke all. Their eyes were trembling in utter fear.


Some time later when they became calm, the leader of the hunters, Sham asked,"what happened to other Vaidyas." The vaidya replied while shivering in fear.

"When we got to the forest, we didn't find any herb that we were looking for so we went deeper inside of the forest.

Those hunters who were with us warned that we could get into trouble if we went deeper but we ignored the fact and instead  scolded them," You guys are hunters, why are you getting scared? It's your job to protect us." We went deep inside to pick the herbs. We left the guards on standby while we were at it.

On the opposite side of the land was the territory of the Giant fierce tigers. The tigers quickly got our scent and came for us. The tiger looked strong and fierce . The tiger was half size of Elephant It was covered with scars all over his body which clearly showed its power and dictatorship.

It had a huge cut scar on its left eye. The fierce tiger suddenly attacked us from behind and one by one,it killed all our brothers. Both the hunters heard the loud scream of slaughter and came to protect us.

The hunter gave us an opportunity to run away. We ran as fast as we could but then we accidentally crossed the giant golden deer area. The golden deer felt our presence and used its telepathy powers to communicate with us. We told everything to him about the tiger.

After hearing us, it  promised that it would help us, but then that Giant scarred tiger found us. The golden deer said to us that we humans shall run away to protect ourselves and go back to our village. The golden deer said that it would handle the tiger for now. After the golden deer said that we ran away again from that area and you guys found us after hearing our noises.

After that incident, the remaining other hunters tried to hunt that Giant tiger. 

Next day, they packed their gear and tools to hunt the big tiger. The remaining 13 hunters went inside the forest. They had a huge battle with the tiger but couldn't succeed. Some hunters got heavily injured and withdrew from hunting that Giant tiger.

Hearing the incident, Ram and Raj wanted to try hunting that Giant tiger but their wives were worried and didn't want them to go for the hunt.

They thought that their beloved husbands might get killed by the big tiger. After hearing what their wives had to say, they replied by saying that," If we don't hunt this tiger, it will kill many people and animals and perhaps might also kill us if it can't satiate its hunger. So we must kill that big tiger or it will kill us."

After calming them down and convincing them ,they finally went for the journey to hunt the big tiger. Raj was a tall and strong built person.

He was skilled in khukuri blade. He could even chop the head of an adult boar with only one swing without putting too much of an effort. He wielded 2 khukuri blades on his both hands. Raj is also skilled in setting traps.Raj always sets hunting nets or booby traps to hunt big opponents that are hard to fight.

Ram, on the other hand, was very skilled in archery. He could shoot arrows steadily which could travel long distances without any problem and his aims are so accurate that it would always hit its target. He could also hit a moving target with ease by shooting multiple arrows at the same time. They had high confidence in their skills and geared up their weapons and tools in the morning to travel through the dense forest.

The whole village was waiting for their arrival in the morning. They heard the big tiger roar loudly which struck fear across the land. All the animals ran after hearing the roar. Ram and Raj battled against the Giant tiger.

The whole village prayed for their victory. They waited for the arrival of their saviour but they didn't return. Days become nights and nights become days, there was no sign of ram and raj.

After so much time passed, people lost their faith after not hearing the clashing sound of their fierce battle. People thought that now it's there turn to be eaten but suddenly, they heard footsteps coming out from the forest.

They thought it was the Giant tiger but after seeing two human figurines from quite a distance. Everyone screamed in joy and happiness, after seeing the arrival of ram and raj .

They both had came back with few minor wounds on their body but still,they won the fight and killed the Giant tiger. Ram was holding the head of the tiger with both his hands whereas Raj was carrying and dragging half of the other body of the tiger on his shoulders.

After that day, they became widely recognized for their bravery throughout the territory.

After two days later, Ram became the village chief. He wore the specially woven tiger head as a crown. Raj became the leader of a battalion of hunters.

He wore the specially woven tiger fur on his body as a sign of leadership. Their sons Jay and Vijay considered their fathers as the strongest in the world. They also wanted to be just like their fathers who were the strongest hunters.

Jay and Vijay both are 15 years old. They both wanted to learn mastery over blade and archery. Raj and ram both trained their sons their skills so they could also become  great hunters and achieve glorious deeds. But they were learning slowly because of the workload bestowed upon their fathers.

After earning the trust of their fathers,they were taught  basic wood blade techniques and archery training. They both learned the techniques vigorously. Raj and ram got their first real weapon as reward.

They both got khukuri blade from their fathers. They both improved their skills and techniques. They both adapt and adopt new techniques to improve their skills. As time passed, they became brothers and rivals who only strive for greatness. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

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