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Siege on Karitori Chiku Part 1 - Karitori: Kuragari - Chapter 7 by Raymond_Jensen full book limited free

Chapter 7: Siege on Karitori Chiku Part 1

Part 0: Beginning of the end...

Arc 2: Attack on Karitori Chiku.

(Last time)

(A man comes running over)

The Man: (In a panicked state) (Out of breathe) Mr. Redfield, Mr. Redfield!

Anderson: What!?

The Man: (Out of breathe) The… The…

Anderson: Breathe.

The Man: (A little rested) The town's under attack by monsters!!!

Anderson: Damn it!!! I knew this would come! Listen up all of you ,gather your equipment and supplies, and then put on your uniforms! Then meet at the horse stall!!

Everyone: Yes sir!

Anderson: Hurry!

(Everyone rushes off)

(The stakes are high, people are in danger and they're sending in people with almost no combat experience... Everything is at risk now!! So begins Arc 2 The Attack on Karitori Chiku!!!)

Anderson: (Hits a wall) Damn it! We were supposed to be prepared they didn't have enough time to train!

Jericho: I'm positive they'll hold their own…

Anderson: We're sending these weak ill-prepared angels into the deepest pits of hell!

Jericho: Have faith they could overcome this and…

Anderson: Having faith doesn't change fate!!! Huh… Listen I'll lead them all into the battle and they will all come back I will ensure myself that!

(A couple of minutes later)

(At the horse stalls) Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Louis: Kind of strange that there's electricity here yet we're riding horses into a town.

Sam: (Petting a horse) Yeah, I just hope we can give them names.

Louis: What are you thinking of?

Sam: I don't know.

Isabel: What about "Silver Diamond" to reflect its silver, shiny coat.

Sam: Yeah that's an amazing name. (Thinking) Whew I was gonna call it Star Platinum dodged a bullet right there.

Anderson: (Walks in) Alright all of you! We don't have a lot of time so I'll make this quick! The town is under from monsters in a strangely coordinated way; your objective is simple team 1: gather any survivors in the town and rally them up at a high up secure place you're with Suzuki!

Peter: Sir! Shouldn't it be safer to lead them out of the town here!

Anderson: It's unknown just how many monsters are out there! Without a wagon you'll be defenseless! Team 2: You'll use everything you've learned to take on the monsters; you'll be led by me and Jericho. No doubt this mission will be though but have faith in yourself and gather up your strength! Courage is the spear, hope is the shield and you're the warrior! Get on a horse your teams will to told to you as you leave!

(Sam gets on Silver Diamond)

Isabel: Well this is awkward…

Sam: What?

Isabel: I don't have a horse so I guess were gonna have to share one…

Sam: (Thinking) First the accidental kiss now sharing a horse!? I think the universe is up to something. (Talking) Sure hop on.

(Sam helps Isabel onto the horse)

(They ride the horse out)

Garland: (Standing outside with a clipboard) Reyes, Adachi you're in Team 2.

Sam: Sure we'll head over right now.

Garland: Wait…

Sam: What?

Garland: Never mind just thought I heard your voice somewhere before.

(Sam heads over to their Team)

Anderson: Everyone's here alright, listen the monsters we'll be facing are relentless, ruthless and their bloodlust is insatiable so you'll sooth their Blood lust by sending them to blood pits of hell!!! Everyone follow me!

(Everyone starts following him)

(On the forest pathway)

Anderson: We ride fast, we ride hard! Your weapons will be given as soon as we reach there! Monster hunting is in the blood of all of you so accept that fact!

Able: (Riding next to Sam) Jeez... he kind of reminds me of my dad.

Sam: "Monster hunting is in your blood" He wasn't a monster hunter he was a monster destroyer.

Able: Yeah see he was the thing monsters looked for under the bed and in the closet.

Sam: Yip.

Able: Now that we're riding on horses it reminds me of that time Kane tried riding "Golden Heaven".

Sam: Haha that horse bucked him faster than a bull. Wouldn't take anybody but Mr. Arthur.

Able: *Hmph*. (Notices Isabel holding onto Sam) So are you two a thing now or…

Isabel/Sam: No, no not at all.

Able: I've known you for 7 years I see straight through your lies. Did you two kiss?

Sam: (Nervous) No…

Able: Isabel I see you're blushing…

Isabel: I'm not I'm just nervous of the coming battle…

Able: Hmm really?

Sam: Fine you win! We accidentally kissed last night!

Isabel: And in the nervous heat of the moment we both expressed our feelings!

Able: I knew it.

Sam: Please don't tell the rest.

Able: I won't don't worry.

(The Team arrives at the southern entrance of the town)

Anderson: Alright!

(Jericho starts handing out silver with wooden grip spear like weapons)

Anderson: These are called Scarlet-Requiem spears! For now you're going to have to fight with them! Your objective is, find each and every monster, kill them and work with Team 1 to secure as many innocent people as possible! Just because a monster looks cute doesn't mean it won't rip your throat out without a second though. Now go! And for heaven's sake don't die!

(Anderson charges off through the town)

Louis: Now that was a motivational speech if ever I've seen one.

Sam: How about you Able you got one?

Able: I got nothing but… Let's go take this town back; we are the terror of the morning light through their nighttime darkness! Now let's go kick some ass! Who's with me!?

Everyone: (Raises their spears) Hah!

(Narrator: As these brave souls charge forward a sense of Courage and Hope falls over the town! Just how many will stand and how many fall? And what caused this strange occurrence? Only one thing is known it's going to be a long day…)


(In a dark castle in Transylvania)

(A mysterious figure is sitting in the middle of a dark room eating something…)

The figure: (Speaking in soft, cold tone) So… Reyes has become a Reaper am I correct?

2 men bowing: Yes my lord.

The figure: (Slightly laughing) This may pose a threat to us… Oh well find the correct time and eliminate him… And we will finally put an end to bloodline that has threatened us for centuries… The Van Helsings…

(The 2 men stand up)

2 men: Yes.

(We see what exactly the man is eating… A human arm and a glass of wine… No! blood)

(This man is indeed a vampire…)

(And not just any vampire he is the Dracula!!! A name which strikes fear into even the strongest Vampire Hunters)

Dracula: (Starts manically laughing) After I finish him there will be nothing left to stop me! Maybe the Infinity Plan won't even be needed!!! I don't know if you can hear Abraham Van Helsing if you're in Heaven or Hell! But I will eliminate your descendant and end this 120 yearlong blood feud!!! (Manically) Hahaha haha!!!! I can feel the adrenaline pumping through my veins!!!

A man also sitting at the table: I hate to burst your bubble brother but didn't he kill one of us when he was just 10?

Dracula: Alucard? *Tisk* *Tisk* *Tisk* Do you doubt me? Don't think just because you're my brother I won't kill you without a second thought…

Alucard: Yes brother…

(In the woods near Karitori chiku)

(Team 1 is riding their horses through the woods)

Kelly: (Looking stressed and shaking)

Peter: (Riding next to Kelly) Hey! What's the matter!

Kelly: (Stressed) I can't think! Normally I work even better when under stress! But… I can't think at all!

Peter: Hey! You're the smartest guy know, concentrate and maybe you can come up with something!

Kelly: Ah! (Rides up next to Suzuki) Sir what kind of magical barrier surrounded the town?

Suzuki: What do you mean?

Kelly: I'm asking if the barrier pushed monsters back when they touched it!

Suzuki: Yes it shocked them forcing them to step back or die… Why are you asking?

Kelly: Well sir what if we were to somehow bring the barrier inwards into town and then expand it back out! That would force them to move back or well die!

Suzuki: That still doesn't solve our dilemma about the how they got in here.

Kelly: What's more important? A few answers for a scrapbook or the lives of those who only seek to live innocently!? It's your choice sir! Answers or Innocence!? A page for a book or lives!? Go and make that choice!

Suzuki: *Tch*! You've gotten brave since Anderson kicked and shouted the crap out of you.

Kelly: (Snaps out of his Adrenalin fueled argument) Oh… Don't know where that came from.

Suzuki: Alright! Change of plans sort of; We will form a sub-division team. While the rest of you will continue with your mission me, Mr. Young and Mr. Dine will find a way to execute his plan! Do you all understand me!?

Everyone: Yes sir!

Suzuki: You heard me you two follow me!

Fredric/Kelly: Alright sir!

(Suzuki tosses everyone Scarlet-Requiem Spears)

Suzuki: Use these to defend yourself from the monsters!

(Suzuki's squad ride off in a different direction through the forest)

Peter: (Points at Suzuki's team riding off) He... just left us...

Gabriela: Well we do have a set objective so I assume we follow it...

Peter: He still... just left... (He continues slowly riding on his horse) Well just know my gravestone should say "That could've gone smoother"!

Gabriela: *Hmm?*

Peter: What?

Gabriela: Where's Kane run off to? He was right here a minute ago...

Peter: Probably picked the good option of running away.

(The Team continues riding towards town)

(In the forest)

(Kane is riding keeping his head low)

Kane: (Thinking) (With a focused but mad expression on his face) Regio's in town somewhere, Valentina's in Team 2... It's now or never Kane!

(End of Chapter 7)

To be continued...

Raymond_Jensen Raymond_Jensen

Yes I made another JoJo reference; I am a JoJo fan how could you tell?

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Have some idea about my story? Comment it and let me know.

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