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24.65% Karitori: Kuragari / Chapter 8: Siege on Karitori Chiku Part 2.

Siege on Karitori Chiku Part 2. - Karitori: Kuragari - Chapter 8 by Raymond_Jensen full book limited free

Chapter 8: Siege on Karitori Chiku Part 2.

Part 0: Beginning of the end...

Arc 2: Attack on Karitori Chiku

(In the town)

(The town bell tolls hauntingly)

(Sam steps through the door of a shop with the windows broken in)

(The sound of small pieces glass being broken echo through the room as he walks)

(Sam notices a closet and approaches it)

(Sam slowly opens it)

(A woman is hiding inside it)

Sam: Miss you alright?

The woman: B... behind you!

(a wolf like creature with Red eyes jumps at Sam)

(Able rushes through the door on the right and stabs the beast in the neck using a Scarlet-Requiem spear killing it)

Able: Haha that is the most badass thing I'll ever do.

Sam: Next time you go through the front door... I want a shot at badassery.

(Sam helps the woman up and leads her outside)

(Gabriela is waiting on a horse)

Sam: (Helps the woman onto the horse) She'll take you someplace safe, trust me.

The woman: Are you an angel?

Sam: (In a sinister tone with a smirk on his face) Yes I am hahaha... (Shakes his head while holding onto it) Ah, the hell. No, no I'm not an angel, just a guy who got hit by a truck.

(Gabriela rides off and Sam gets on Silver Diamond)

Able: (Sitting on his champagne horse called "Castellane") The hell was that?

Sam: What?

Able: That, that "Yes I am"!

Sam: I don't know, I just started talking and that came out. Lost control of my speech for a second that's all.

Able: You don't just lose control of your speech! Man you're starting to scare me with the hallucinations, hearing things and now this! *Tch* Listen Sam just try to, I don't know fight it, I don't want you dying.

Sam: Wouldn't be the first time... now let's go clear the town.

(Sam and Able continue riding through town)

(At the edge of town looking out at sea stands Angelo Regio)

Angelo: So? You found me?

Kane: (Climbs off his Red Coated horse called "Red Vengeance") So I'm guessing you're the one who turned off the shield allowing these monsters to get in here?

Angelo: Haha you are correct.

Kane: All to fulfill your goal of reassembling the 7 Deadly sin? You could of done a better sneakier job then this.

Angelo: Well then I won't be holding up to my name! You do know it right?

Kane: The Deadly Sin of Sloth.

Angelo: Correctamundo.

Kane: But yet the definition of Sloth is "One who is lazy and doesn't help others despite being able to" yet you opened that door for Sam which I saw and your actually doing work for the 7 sins...

Angelo: Hahaha, I guess you are correct Pendragon... enough with the talking! You're here to fight right!?Allora forza!!! (Then come on!!!)

(Kane takes out a few throwing knifes and holds them between his fingers)

(A Warhammer forms in Angelo's hands)

(Kane throws 2 knifes but Angelo destroys both of them with the Warhammer)

(Meanwhile in town)

(Team 1 is rallied on a tall rooftop)

Peter: Alright we'll use this place as a safe spot! It's up high and well sorta guarded...

A man reading a book: Who made you the boss?

Peter: I'm self promoted.

The man: Haha yeah sure...

Peter: At least I'm doing something instead of reading a book.

The man: It's called stress reading.

(2 guys come out from the door leading to the rooftop)

One of the guys: (Carrying a heavy crate) Hey! We found these!

(They place the crate on the floor)

Peter: (Starts breaking it open with a crowbar and opens it) (The crate is filled with assault rifles) Hey what do you know! AR-15's... these will definitely be useful!

(In the forest)

(Suzuki is busy drawing something on the ground while chanting)

Fredric: (Trying to hide his fear) Umm? Sir remind me once again why I'm out here he's the idiot who had this idea!

Kelly: I didn't say you had to come with!

Suzuki: Can the 2 of you keep silent? I can't work while the 2 of you are blabbering none sense.

Fredric/Kelly: Yes sir.

Suzuki: (Finishes his work on the ground) Good.

Kelly: So now what?

Suzuki: (Exhales disappointingly) Mr. Young can I have your knife real quick?

Fredric: What are you planing to do with it!?

Suzuki: Save you fools of course! Now hand it over?

Fredric: (Hands Suzuki his knife) Fine...what are you gonna-...?

(Suzuki stabs himself in the heart and falls down on the rune he made) Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Kelly: (Rushes over to Suzuki) What did you do!?

Suzuki: (In his dying breath) Haha I just saved my class! That what I did! (Hands over a notebook to Kelly) There's only a few more things to do page 8. Follow from step 4 on the list! Woods... not the place I wanted to d-...

(Suzuki dies next to Kelly right before he finishes his sentence)

Fredric: Damn it!!! How are we gonna "save" the town now!!!?

Kelly: (Reading through the notebook) Step 3: Lower-class angel sacrifice needed for the Magica energy of the shield...

Fredric: Without him we're basically useless!!!

Kelly: Hey quiet down. You don't know what could be out there, for all you know you just gave away our location!

Fredric: Huh! Yeah right... just finish up what he started!

Kelly: I'll try to just keep guard or something!

(In town Sam and Able are surrounded by a group of monsters with their Scarlet-Requiem spears broken)

(They are standing next to a exploded building)

Sam: have the worst plans.

Able: Listen the explosion killed a few of them at least! So thus the explosion was useful!

Sam: (Quietly) Yeah, yeah say what ever you want Megumin...

Able: What's gotten into you!? Hit your head once suddenly you're a bit of a jerk!

Sam: Who said I was a jerk!? I was just making a joke! It's called Sarcasm!!!

(Peter is standing on a rooftop with the two AR-15's)

Peter: Hallo! When you two ladies are done arguing over makeup! I've got something for ya!

(Peter throws Sam and Able the guns)

Sam: (Barely catches his and pulls the trigger but nothing happens) Nani? (Sam looks and reads something written on the side of the barrel) Display version only, ask for purchase and real one will be giving... Well there's still one use for it. (Sam throws the gun at one of the monsters but the monster just tanks the shot) That didn't work out as expected!

Peter: Oh I am going to kill those idiots who brought the guns...

(The wolf like creatures move in slower and slower)

Able: Well Samuel... It's been a good run. But here's hoping some miracle I'll come save us...

Sam: Where's Anderson or hell even Jericho?

Able: Other side of town...

Sam: Beautiful.

(Just as all seemed lost Able closed his eyes hopeless he opened them and was in a familiar place; the backyard of his home)

(His Father is talking to him)

Arthur Pendragon (Yes King Arthur): (Tall around 6'4 muscular build, with black hair, and golden eyes like Kane and Able) (Standing tall with a strong voice) Son? Have I ever told you about your heritage?

Young Able: My what?

Arthur Pendragon: Haha, it's what I will leave to you and your brothers when I'm gone.

Young Able: Oh. And what will you leave me?

Arthur Pendragon: Simple, it will be the thing that I hold close to me at all times! But there is one thing you must always remember it is not a weapon-...

(Able's eyes are open, the gold in it shining even stronger than ever before)

(A sword is in Able's hands)

Able: (Looking more focused and stronger than ever) (He brings the sword up and readies to fight) Excalibur...

(The sword is double handed. The blade is long and wide with Demonic like engravings that Shine gold as Able prepares to fight)

Able: Excalibur The Super Demonic Blade!!! Is my heritage!!!

(In a flash of light all of the monsters on Sam's side are sliced in half)

Able: (Standing back to back with Sam) Sam.

Sam: Umm? Am I still speaking to Able Pendragon?

Able: Even more now than ever.

(While Kane continues fighting Angelo they are evenly matched but Kane seems just a little weaker. Kelly is performing a spell to save everyone from this threat. And Able has become more Able now than ever. This battle between man and monster seems to be evenly tied. Will the town be saved or is it doomed to fall? Find out on the next chapter of Shin no Karitori!!!)

(To be continued)

(End of Chapter 8)

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