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100% Kenji and J.E.S.T.E.R / Chapter 5: Chapter 5

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Chapter 5: Chapter 5

Heaven, the domain of the gods, and the angels of the good after death. This was the only good place any being could be no matter if they're mortal, immortal, living or non-living. From the golden gates to the golden Palace of the gods, this was certainly the place to be.

Strolling around the luxurious garden an old man the looks to be at his late sixties. He had a bright golden eyes with a short beard who is wearing a white rope could be seen, gently feeling the flowers as he slowly walked past it. This is the supreme being, the creator of the universe, the principle object of faith, the immortal deity to many mortal refer as God.

His peace and quiet would come to an end when one of his servant hastily flown into the gardens with her massive white wings. A young looking girl that has bright blue eyes and long light brown hair, who also wore the bright silver armour that represents the elite guards of the heavens. This is Angela, she's an Angel. She one of the lucky few that has the privilege to serve along side her master, God.

"Angela what bring you to my garden in such a hurry?" To old man calmly asked his server.

She then dropped to her knees and bow low on the floor with her head touching the floor. He eyes was on the verge of tears as her face was clearly showing disappointment. "Your H-Holiness..." she the started to cough out a pool of blood which stained the white paved walkway.

God took a huge sigh of disappointment, "It is as I feared."

Angela wipes her mouth quickly and got up. She faces god with the looks of fear. "She outsmarted us, not to mention her power where ten time stronger than before!" That whole sentence certainly punch a hole into God's heart, the first pain he felt in many, many years.

God put his palm around his face and using his thumb and index infer to rub his eyes. Although he was stunned by the news, God is again not so surprise by it. The girl has many, many years of experience. "This is certainly troubling." For the pass millions of years god has been trying to destroy or apprehend this person. He even went so far just to reset the entire universe six time in the hope that the powerful energy of the supernovas and the total collapse of reality could destroy this person but again and again she'd would reappear.

Though originally human from a past reality of earth, her curse of immortality is certainly a pain to deal with. Not to mention her soul was so old that the other gods of different world and the Angel would mistake her as another god. On the second universal reset, god certainly didn't see her as a human anymore so he would always refer her as an 'Eon'.

But when god rested the universe for the sixth time, he finally had enough and formed an elite group of angels to hunt her down. But all hunt would always ended the same way....

"Your holiness!" A new voice shouted. God and the Angel faces the rift as a woman who was wearing a dark shirt, black jeans and a large black trench coat. God was stunned to see her body and clothing which was littered with cuts, blood, and bruises. She held on to her eyes which was intensely bleeding likely to a missing eye.

"Morana?" God and the Angel called out her name. The Dreoyeogar Goddess of Death in the very flesh, a young disciple of the Grim reaper and a very educated student in the halls of gods. God never thought he would see her ever again after her graduation of godship and left for the world of Dreoyeogar. Never imagined to see one of his best student in such a messy state. He hastily rushed to the goddess "What in the heavens have you done to yourself."

Morana took a few seconds to heal her pain before replying back, "Your holiness, it seems that the Jester system has descended into my world with its host!"

"It host?!" God shouted with a hint of frustration and anger. "Impossible the host has long been decease, he's possibly in the heavens now." God smile in full confidence as he hope Morana's was lying.

"I assure you that he's alive!" She shook her head repeatedly. "I saw him with my very eyes! Your holiness, Kenji Gordon has cheated death thanks to the system!"

'A pity indeed' God thought as he rub on his beard. He then turned to his Angel guard, "Angela go and get some rest."

"Thank you your holiness." She replied before flying off

He then turned back towards the goddess. "Morana, I'll find someone to deal with the System. But right now, my priority now is to deal with her."

"Who your holiness?"

"The Eon."


The sound of horse galloping could be heard from many distance away, not only the galloping could be heard but also a sound of gun shots as well. More that twenty horses was on pursuit and was all equipped with crossbows, but the only exception was the officer who was equipped with the Musket pistol.

Kenji manoeuvres his horse to evade the incoming arrows and musket fires that is coming from the rear, whiles Trixie does her best in trying to hit any one of the knights with her own musket pistol.

"Could you go any faster?!" Trixie shouted as he fired of one of her musket rounds at the knights but once again it missed its target completely.

Kenji gave a small grunt as he concentrated on the route in front of him. Using his almost-photographic memory he followed his mentally made map to the last know location he could remember. The knight on the other hand was stubborn and doesn't look like on giving up any time soon. Kenji then soon past the point where he lost track of his route as he passed the last place he could remember when he woken up on he wagon, but that didn't stop him from following the road ahead.

Trixie shot another round once again and reach for her bottle of black power, but due to the rocky road and the her anxious nerves had cause her to drop her bottle. Without the powder she can not use her firearm.

"Damn it!" She cursed knowing that it's up to the eastern man to get them to safety.

Kenji was getting even more anxious than ever riding the horse and was feeling he's at a disadvantage. The knight are never going to stop chasing them unless they give themselves up. Kenji just kept looking at the road ahead praying for a miracle but soon his pray would be answered by a buzzing feeling in his left pocket. Though getting the phone out while riding a horse prove to be difficult but Kenji managed to reach for his pocket and took out his phone without losing it. He switch on the phone to see a jester emblem on the lock screen which raised some suspicion towards his silent system.

The phone the started to download an app that Kenji fails to recognise but also question how could it be downloading when there's no WiFi or mobile data especially the fact that he's not on earth anymore!

As the app finally completed Kenji then heard a familiar voice that he instantly recognise, "Hello sir, sorry for the delay."

"Jester?! Where have you been?!" Kenji at the top of his voice. Trixie could only look at the eastern man in confusion as to why he had shouted to no one but himself.

"Who are you talking to?!" She shouted in a demanding tone. Kenji only look back with an annoyed look and coldly replies, "A friend." Trixie felt almost like she wanted to jump off this horse and be hung in the capital that being in the presents of this mad man.

"Sir my situation is none of your worries." It said. But this only raised more suspicion from Kenji as he want to know more. But he knows right now is not the time, he looked back at the knight with a stoic glare, seeing the knights stubbornly chasing his horse. Knowing they're not going to give up anytime soon.

As the system continues to silently witness the situation unfolding through the host's eyes, it could also sense a hint of stubbornness within the host's mind. Kenji's mind was in as state of conflict in order to formulate a successful escape plan. Knowing the host's personality, it was clear that Kenji wouldn't even think of asking for help. By viewing the memories of the host, Jester could see how it affected Kenji and his own arrogance towards other people. Seeing Kenji as a child did in fact brought some strange feeling into the system soul, something he would never thought would felt.

The system carefully analysis the situation and quickly came up with a conclusion the would see a safe exit for the host and his companions, but obviously this did not include the possible mental disbelief of the others. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Kenji pull on the rein a bit to the left in order to evade an incoming salvo of arrows. As he adjusted the course of the horse his left hand then felt numb, almost like his left arm cease to exist at the point. His arm the reach for the phone and hastily unlocks it it then swiped two pages across to the almost empty section of the phone. Kenji was petrified, and was confused from the moment, it wasn't till a loud sound of gun fire that brought him back to the reality. He felt a tight squeeze around his chest which was followed by a loud screech, he looked back to see the thief leaning her head on his back, but what was more shocking to see is the arrow that impaled her back.

"Ah! Shit! My back!" She shouted.

"Bugger!" He cursed knowing this was soon going to happen himself if he didn't come up with anything soon. Whiles fully focusing on finding an alternative escape route, he totally forgotten about his weird behaviour of his left arm. Out of instinct he face back to look at the knights only to get a glimpse of an arrow tip that was rapidly flying toward his face. On that very moment Kenji felt as if time has really slowed down, he closed his eyes and hope that this was just a messed up dream.

Not a moment too soon Jester had blasted a highly concentrated waves of signal from all around. Attention all of the mana around the area into that one compact space which turned the area around Kenji blue.

The light surrounding Kenji temporarily blinded the knight. Some crash into each other, causing some to fly out of their horse and on to the grass but some was unlucky enough to be squash or trembled by the horses. Lucky, the office who'd managed to stop his horse in time to escape the chaos that unfolded in front of him.

Shocked and confused by the light that engulfed the two prisoners, he slowly rode his horse to the scene and carefully scanned the area.

"Nothing." He tried to looks for signs of their escape but found nothing. Just where the hell did they go?!

Kenji felt as if the force of the wind is trying to push home off the horse. He tightly held on to the rein and on to the thief as she tightly wrapped her arms around Kenji's waist, screaming. This was nothing like he'd every seen or experienced before, he was travelling through a bright blue wormhole that's like something straight out of a Sci-fi TV series that he use to watch a long time ago. Then a holographic screen then makes an appearance once more, popping a message that constantly keeps to flash as he heard a loud and unforgettable bleeping sound the echoed through his ears.

'Exiting, Please hole on.' The screen said as it keeps flashing red.

Soon Kenji's and Trixie's vision would go temporarily white as they exited the rift. The horse would abruptly stop as they finally exited the rift. Kenji was the first to open his eyes only to find himself in unfamiliar place.

"Welcome to the Swazi forest sir." The system information it's host.

"A Forest? A god damn forest?! Just where the hell is this?!" Kenji loudly shouted. He then got out of the horse and hastily observe his surroundings and he could confirm that he's in a forest but the endless sight of trees.

Trixie was beyond shock, flabbergasted, the highest feeling of surprise. Yes they may have escape by a miracle, but that doesn't explain why the hell they're in the Swazi forest! This place is crawling with demonic creatures and other lowlifes like her hiding out here. But what confuses her the most is that eastern man, just who the hell is he and what was that? Teleporting magic?! If it is then would that make him an Arch Mage? But he looks so young. Trixie read a book about them when she was in the capital, it was about a wondering Mage with his companion who was a ghost of his brother who guide him the way of life. Though it may would ludicrous, but ever since she meet Kenji, a whole world of weirdness has suddenly appeared in her face.

Trixie slapped her two cheeks, effectively bringing her back to the real world. She looks to the side to see the eastern man was arguing to himself? She shook her head of the though of that story she read in the capital and thought more realistic. He's just a madman, maybe the craziest of the mads as his voice slowly intensified. Her mind then when back to the wound on her back and could see the arrow still sticking out of it. Though she has been shot by both musket balls and arrows, the pains is always the same. She carefully took out the arrow and the tip of the head, then she took out some of the medical potions that she'd 'Borrowed' from the Royal alchemist when she was in the imperial capital. Slowly the wound seal up and the pain and bleeding would start to stop. She then turn her attention towards Kenji for the final time and started to wonder what she would do with him. Should she stick with him for one more day? Kill him now while he's distracted? Or escape into the forest while she can? Though killing him would be beneficial for his loot but he already showed to know how to fight. Maybe it better to stick with him for one more day, maybe she could find out why he would let a thief like her to escape with him.

Kenji was about to lose it with the system, not only the system brought him to one of the most dangerous place in the region, it is apparent that the system has depended it mana supply and needs to recharge. Jester would be available until Tomorrow morning.

Kenji knows for a face that Jester is his only way out of this Forest and his only source of information of this world. But there was also another thing that I'd driving him insane. That would be the lack of everything. He has no money, information or knowledge of this land and food. Now he's stuck with this thief. Kenji took a deep sigh.

"Guess my long day isn't over yet" he quietly muttered.

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