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83.33% Killing grounds of gods and devils / Chapter 35: Chapter 35: Golden Goblin

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Chapter 35: Chapter 35: Golden Goblin

The Bloody Ape Dog moved along the side of the wall, it did so silently as it continually moved closer to Su Yu.

Su Yu forced himself to look ahead and left his back facing the enemy, he was waiting for a life-threatening blow.

However, this would be his life-threatening blow for the enemy.

In order to confuse the enemy, he did not activate the scales on his left hand but rather was waiting for the enemy to strike before he activated his strange energy.

Under Su Yu's total concentration, he heard a soft 'swoosh' sound from the wall behind him and the Bloody Ape Dog had struck out towards Su Yu with a life-threatening blow the moment it had reached the perfect distance.

Compared to humans, although the Bloody Ape Dog was not stupid it simply would not think too much as to why a human would walk out alone. Was this not sending oneself out to be killed? It could only think that the human before him was a good target for it to act and with its strength, it could easily kill the opponent and enjoy the delightful taste of a human brain.

As the Bloody Ape Dog initiated its attack, Su Yu took a deep breath as he turned and sent out the 'Rending Claw', this was a deliberate plan and Su Yu had a ninety percent certainty that a single fist would be able to bore a bloody hole into the monster's body.


A sound came from beside Su Yu and he did not understand what was happening, when a figure pounced and suddenly the Bloody Ape Dog let out a shrill cry as it was caught by a pair of arms.


The pair of arms caught the Bloody Ape Dog and as the arms parted, the Bloody Ape Dog screamed miserably as flesh and blood splattered, the thin body was ripped into two as the Bloody Ape Dog died on the spot.

Thereafter an arm dug out a crystal from within the body as it swallowed it and threw the two halves of the Bloody Ape Dog's corpse onto the ground.

Su Yu was dazed as he retreated several steps and felt the goosebumps on his body stand on end. A terrifying feeling of danger arose within him as the strange energy within his left arm surged, black scales appeared and on the back of his hand, the 'Eye of Perception' had appeared.

Absolute fear, absolute pressure, Su Yu had never thought that there was something that could make someone feel such stifling pressure and fear.

Just as Su Yu was prepared to kill the Bloody Ape Dog, a monster had suddenly appeared. With regards to its movements, Su Yu had not sensed it at all even though it had been close to his side.

This was a monster that looked like a goblin with the same green skin and its height was between that of a Lesser and Greater Goblin, its differences were very obvious when compared to the normal Goblins because its skin was covered in golden spots and its head was entirely gold. That ugly face was covered in gold skin and gave an oppressive feeling making one feel dazed while looking at it.

The 'Eye of Perception' automatically activated as a stream of information flowed through Su Yu's mind, in an instant, the information regarding this new monster which had easily killed the Bloody Ape Dog appeared within his mind.

Name: Golden Goblin

Information: Within a thousand Lesser Goblins there is a possibility for one to transform into a Golden Goblin, by constantly consuming the crystals of other beast races to advance, when its body becomes totally golden it would become the king amongst Golden Goblins, becoming a peerless king amongst the Goblin race and having the 'Golden Race' bloodline, its body contained the hidden treasure of the Golden Race. When killing a Golden Goblin, one would be able to obtain this hidden treasure.

This Goblin before him that was covered in golden spots was precisely a Golden Goblin that could appear once in every one thousand Lesser Goblins, its head had completely turned to gold and other areas were still spotted with gold, it was clear that this Golden Goblin was still growing and even so, Su Yu still felt a stifling pressure emanating from its body, this feeling was simply too frightening.

By the time Su Yu felt that the situation was grim, the Golden Goblin had pounced towards him.

The Golden Goblin disappeared with a 'swoosh' and Su Yu wildly shouted as he instinctively swung his left arm. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.


His left arm trembled as it blocked a blow from the Golden Goblin, however, Su Yu was still sent hurtling away from the impact of this blow.

Frightening, absolutely frightening, this was the first time Su Yu had met such a terrifying monster. Regardless of Bloody Ape Dog, Greater Goblin, all those monsters added up still paled in comparison to the strength of a Golden Goblin.

"Rending Claw!" Su Yu who had fallen to the ground shouted as he activated the 'Rending Claw', black scales coalesced together as white mist formed and with a turn of his body, the 'Rending Claw' dragged him and his body explosively forward in an attack.

This Golden Goblin actually stood there without dodging, both its hands were held together and the flesh on the outer areas of its arms actually split apart revealing the edges of steel blades within.


An explosive sound could be heard as the 'Rending Claw' forcefully met with the golden steel edge, Su Yu felt his left arm violently tremble as though it were suffering the recoil of tens of thousands of catty, his legs immediately became wobbly as though he were drunk and swayed as he retreated.

There was a strange look that flashed within the Golden Goblin's eyes when its golden steel edges had been knocked aside as it felt the power of the 'Rending Claw'.

The strange expression flashed past and the face of the Golden Goblin reflected bloodthirstiness and elation. Su Yu's strength made it interested and this Golden Goblin actually became excited.

A low growl came from its mouth as its two legs kicked the ground, the Golden Goblin was like a golden lightning as it rushed forward, its steel blades viciously rushing towards Su Yu's chest region.

If this pair of steel blades landed, once the arms split it would rend Su Yu's body apart and this Golden Goblin loved to kill its enemies in this gruesome manner.

Su Yu was slower than it and simply had no way to dodge as he madly wielded his 'Rending Claw', constantly using it to fend off the attacks from the Golden Goblin.

The strength of the 'Rending Claw' was immense and even the Golden Goblin did not dare to let it smash onto its body. It was more agile than Su Yu and used a single steel blade to block the 'Rending Claw' while its other blade flashed towards Su Yu.


Fresh blood splattered as Su Yu felt blood flowing like a spring from his stomach region.

This was the result even though he kicked to retreat explosively backwards, otherwise it would not merely be a wound but his entire waist region would be cut off.

Su Yu had just retreated but the Golden Goblin was already pouncing towards him, its speed was simply too frightening and Su Yu could only barely manage to lift his left arm as he blocked a steel blade, another gold steel blade was speeding towards his face and this time, Su Yu did not have the time to dodge as his eyes widened, was he going to die? If he died it was inconsequential but Jade was still within the school, waiting for his return....

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