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Chapter 59: Strange Questions

Xiahou Shangyue had an expression of ruthlessness. Imperial might flowed from her body, giving her teenage figure an atmosphere of great resolve. Looking at that face of hers, Shu Yidan felt a little helpless.

"Don't get too excited. After all, right now you aren't even the Crown Prince. First you need to build a faction, then become the Crown Prince and finally succeed the King. After that, you can think about contending for sovereignty." Hearing Shu Yidan's words, Xiahou Shangyue only smiled.

"Anyway, you need to slowly and gradually gain power. After all, your path of ruling will be your path of cultivation – a good foundation is irreplaceable. Also, don't forget to train your martial arts – your cultivation rose suddenly after all." Saying this, Shu Yidan suddenly remembered something.

Immediately bringing out a long blank paper scroll, a writing brush and an inkpot, Shu Yidan immediately began writing. Xiahou Shangyue couldn't help but marvel over his poise as the brush danced – it was like dragons flying and phoenixes dancing.

Every character drawn was like a portrait that one could gaze on for hours. Every stroke seemed to have a certain abstruseness. Xiahou Shangyue was immediately drawn to the writing and carefully took in every word.

Apart from writing, Shu Yidan also had to draw the body – to show breath cycles and revolution of qi in the human body. It took a while but it was finally done.

"This is the Eight Trigram Divine Palm, the martial art I have cultivated. It isn't bad, and you will be able to pick it up easily due to seizing the True Qi from my body. Use it well." Saying this, Shu Yidan bound the scroll and gave it to her.

"…Many thanks." She had already memorized the scroll as he wrote it but the gift was priceless.

"Next, I'll give you the cultivation technique that will allow you to step onto the path of the Emperor. It is something that is impossible to put into a book. But you aren't a cultivator and giving you a jade slip is useless. So, I'll bite the bullet and give you this…" Shu Yidan gave a jade-white pearl to her.

Xiahou Shangyue gazed at the clear-white bead. Looking at it carefully, the white light seemed to be a mixture of eight different colors, like how sunlight was formed from the seven colors of the rainbow. Suddenly, she realized something. "This…this is like a Sarira from Buddhism. An item that bears knowledge imparted from the very soul… You severed a piece of your soul to give me this bead?!"

Shu Yidan had indeed severed a part of his soul… a part of his Golden Core True Spirit had been severed. Giving Xiahou Shangyue a part of his True Immortal Divine Sense would only bring disaster to her.

"You aren't a Nascent Soul cultivator. Cutting your soul will decrease your chances of entering that realm. Even so, why would you do so?" Xiahou Shangyue gave him a piercing glance.

"Naturally, I prize you that much. And don't underestimate my talent – cultivators with my cultivation realm at my age are a hard find!" Shu Yidan casually answered.

"…I accept your regards." Saying this in a curt tone, Xiahou Shangyue took the pearl and pressed in the center of her forehead, at the pineal gland – or the so-called Third Eye.

The bead disappeared into nothingness. Xiahou Shangyue's eyelids rapidly flickered for a few moments before she opened her eyes to give Shu Yidan a wink.

"Son of Heaven's Consecration Art… Good stuff. Accepting the Mandate of Heaven, refining the Will of People, seizing the Heaven's Will… I didn't think a cultivation path based on the philosophy of ruling would exist…" Saying this with a thoughtful look, Xiahou Shangyue grinned. "Nevertheless, no other technique can be more suited to me! Many thanks, my destined lover!"

"Yeah, yeah. Anyway, I will tell you this firsthand – I have no idea how to command armies, no idea on politics in the kingdoms and no way to buoy the will of the people. You'll have to learn to do all that yourself, or that technique will be worthless." Shu Yidan once again asked Xiahou Shangyue to concentrate on cultivating those skills necessary to the Imperial Bloodline.

"Certainly. An immortal from the skies does not need to think of the worries of the earth dwellers. I won't need your help in those matters either." Xiahou Shangyue easily replied.

"Good to see your confidence. Anyway, after you set your position as the King, it would be easy for you to become Emperor. I have some connections with the White Lotus Cult – having you become the Emperor is easily done. Although you will only be Emperor for a few decades, possession of the Mandate of Heaven for a few decades will be enough to match a few hundred years of cultivation. After that, the massed faith of people won't be much of a help – cultivation relies on the self in the end." Saying this, Shu Yidan sighed.

Xiahou Shangyue seemed to freeze at his statement. Finally, she began speaking: "…Didn't you say that it would be an uphill path with having to face enemy after enemy? How come it is so convenient?"

"Naturally, that's the power of nepotism. The White Lotus Cult has monopoly over the power of faith and the will of the people – it is like their speciality product. It is easy to get a few decades of control over the flow of faith – the price is a bit steep but it will be worth it." Shu Yidan said.

"…I won't ask about the price. But I will definitely compensate you for it. However, tell me the truth: why are you willing to sacrifice so much for my sake?" Xiahou Shangyue looked Shu Yidan in the eyes, and it seemed that it could pierce through all falsehoods.

"Naturally, it because you can live. I wish for you to live a long life, an immortal life. If I don't help you, you won't be able to do so. So I don't have any other options, do I?" Shu Yidan said with utmost sincerity.


"Anyway, do you want to ask me something?" Shu Yidan asked with a genial smile.

After another moment of silence, Xiahou Shangyue began speaking. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href="!_11772678805522105/strange-questions_35418848932982433">!_11772678805522105/strange-questions_35418848932982433</a> for visiting.

"Where is your hometown? How are your parents doing? Do you have any siblings? Do you have any other wives? Any concubines, maids and lovers? Have you thought of an auspicious date for marriage? What are your ancestral requirements for dowry?"

Shu Yidan didn't know whether to laugh or cry. What was with these questions?

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