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Chapter 8: Meeting Cai Yinong (5)

"How would you like to sign with us?"

Hearing this sentence, Jiang Cheng sighed in his heart.

Recalling a time of when he had just graduated in his previous life, he was full of dreams and applied to all the major companies. He did everything to promote himself in hope of getting a place.

Unfortunately, reality was cruel, with no outstanding accolades, no background and being a newcomer, it was undoubtedly difficult to make a name for yourself in the entertainment circle.

How much he had wanted to hear such a sentence at that time! Even a small company would have done!

But no. It wasn't until a few years later when he had became famous in the industry, after several successful TV scripts that he was hired by MGM, who ended up closing shop anyway.

But when signing the contract, he remembered that he was in tears, thinking that his suffering for so long was worth it. People who had not experienced that kind of happiness wouldn't understand it.

Unexpectedly, one move in this life was all it took to achieve what took him a previous lifetime and it was from Shanghai Tangren as well, who would play a decisive role in the entertainment circle in the future! Although not as exaggerated as in his previous life, Jiang Cheng still felt excited.

But calming down, Jiang Cheng felt that it was better to ask clearly: "You want to sign me as a screenwriter for Shanghai Tangren?"

Cai Yinong shook her head and said sincerely: "I want to sign you as an artist of Shanghai Tangren! Of course, you can also be a screenwriter during this period. After all, you have such great talent, it would be a pity to waste it! "

"But I just got into college now, I don't have any acting skills."

"No one is born an actor. You're talented so as long as you train properly and stay dedicated, I'm sure it won't be difficult for you to become a famous actor in the future. Combining that with your ability to write so well! Such a talent, I'm sure every entertainment company would be eager to get their hands on you. But since we found you first, we might as well take the lead! "Cai Yinong said with a smile.

"Besides, the earlier you get signed the earlier you get famous."

"Or do you want to wait till after graduation and go job hunting for a company?"

That was certainly not a possibility. In his previous life he had suffered a great loss, so how could he repeat the same mistakes? In fact, Jiang Cheng's plan was to find an entertainment company to sign with, within a few months, but he didn't expect Cai Yinong to propose it now.

Jiang Cheng thought for a while and said, "Well there's no rush. I can't just make a decision randomly. Plus this matter can't be decided by me alone. I have to discuss it with my parents. It's better I go back and think it over."

"Of course," Cai Yinong nodded. "Go back and think about it. After all, this is a matter concerning your future. However, I honestly hope you'll consider our company. Although our company is relatively new it has a lot of potential. Just look at Sun Li alone. Plus because we only have a few signed artists, there are a lot of resources to go around and more opportunities to act. As long as you worked hard, with your potential, you would be famous! "

Jiang Cheng nodded and said, "Relax, I will definitely consider it!"

Although Jiang Cheng did not directly agree, he was already partial to signing with Shanghai Tangren.

If you wanted to mix in the entertainment world, you had to have backing, otherwise you could only sit on the sidelines waiting for scraps.

Unless you were already a king-grade actor with great popularity, millions of fans and strong connections, being without a company or backer was devastating. It would be difficult to receive a single role, let alone a leading part.

Therefore, it was necessary to select a camp in the entertainment circle. Although some benefits would be swallowed by the company, it allowed you to gain access to their network and capital channels, all things vital while growing.

Gaining help from a company would save him a lot of energy plus the advantages seemed to outweigh the disadvantages.

But there were a plethora of companies on the mainland, which gave him plenty of options without even considering those firms in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Europe and America.

Which one should he choose? If you were to ask which company was the most powerful on the Mainland, Huayi Brothers was the first choice of course. After all, there was an official background behind them, and they could be said to be amongst one of the largest in the industry. But Jiang Cheng was first to exclude this company. Although they were a very large company, they were overbearing. Even popular artists had run into disagreements with them.

Jiang Cheng didn't want such a one-sided relationship, heck this was one of the reasons, he went to the United States in his previous life. Although it wasn't easy, he still had more opportunities there than he would have had domestically.

Someone who, Jiang Cheng appreciated in this regard was Jay Chou. Achieving kingship in a small company was the way to go! Of course, this process would be longer and the road more difficult, but Jiang Cheng wasn't afraid. He had accumulated enough capital in his previous life. In this life, as long as he was given the opportunity, he believed that he would succeed!

The two sides chatted a bit more, swapping contact information before the meeting ended.


Back in the company car, Cai Yinong suddenly asked Milan: "What do you think of Jiang Cheng?"

Milan thought for a while and said, "In general he's okay, talented, good looking and very elegant. But he's a little frivolous." Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"Frivolous? Why do you say that?" Cai Yinong asked with interest.

"Well, our company just bought his script and at a very high price at that. The average newcomer would say a few words of thanks! But what about him? Nothing, absolutely nothing! It makes it seem like we are begging to buy his script!

Also, Sister Cai wanted to sign him but he brushed it off. Although it's normal to take time to think over it, he should at least show some appreciation for the offer, even if it's just saying he'll give priority to our company and convince his parents when he gets back.

But what did he say: "Relax, I will definitely consider it!"

What is there to consider? Such a generous offer for a newcomer, there's no better than this. Didn't he just write some scripts, what's with the attitude?" Milan's tone was full of complaints. It seemed that she couldn't get used to Jiang Cheng's cool and nonchalant attitude.

"Hahaha!" Cai Yinong smiled and shook her head. "Milan, you only saw the surface. Whilst he's young and confident, it's not frivolousness. He's different. "


"You didn't observe his eyes, from beginning to end, except when I offered to sign him, where there was a hint of excitement, the rest of the time, he was as calm as still water. At such a young age, there's someone like him in this city, He's not a simple person! "Cai Yinong said with a smile.


Cai Yinong smiled but didn't speak again. She didn't say it but her intuition told her: Jiang Cheng was full of the same amount of ambition as her. Even if he signed, Shanghai Tangren could probably only hold him for a while. His vision couldn't be confined to a corner at all, as for how big it was, only he himself knew.

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