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32.35% Kingdom Wars: Goblin Uprising / Chapter 11: His eyes open

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Chapter 11: His eyes open

Gcina and Palesa make the way to the Blood Fist camp the collection of tents look like a small Bazaar especially since. There is a small crowd gathering outside the main red tent. The murmurs and shoving typical of a market. Some gobos are murmuring about what has just happened between Tau and A blood Fist Gobo. They are thirsty to see Raul Blood fight. The stories about make him out to be a seriously dangerous Goblin.

Gcina is pulling Palesa along forcing her through the gobo mass gathering around the main tent. Most gobos are already forming a ring around the entrance of the tent. Some have moved up closer trying to follow close behind Tau. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Gcina makes her way to a table to the side its in front of the food tent. Gcina needs it so that they can stand on it. This will allow the to see over the gobos and observe the fight proper. Gcina goes up first using Palesa a prop up to her balance. She sees a familiar figure of a Goblin go into the tent.

Tau pushes the tent flap aside, the blood flushes from his green skin. His hands ripping the flap as he enters. He bares his teeth. The sword humming in his grip. His scent is venomous. Several people in the tent fall to the ground cowering in fear. Even Raul takes a few steps back at the scent of the Goblin before him.

Palesa steps up onto the table, holding onto Gcina's hand. They both are looking at the torn flap of the tent. The light makes them unable to see inside. Then several of the gobos that had gathered around the tent. Start falling backwards and start crawling away in fear from the tent flap.

Tau scent exploded throughout the gathered mob. Even a hob is attracted. The scent is one of the main ways goblins express emotional, Communicate and share their thoughts.

Palesa tenses trying to make out the shadow. Her whole body trembling with tremendous excitement. The scent is incredible and familiar to her. Gcina manoeuvres herself behind Palesa feeling under her top touching her breast with her left hand. She kisses Palesa on the neck licking the nape too and says.

"Don't look away from that tent," Gcina uses her right hand slowly tease Palesa who is breathing heavily already. Gcina's hand moves slowly building up the anticipation.

Raul gathers what courage he has. Going for his sword that is sitting by his chair next to a bag of blood he keeps nearby and says.

"Your suppose to be dead. How did you kill all of my men?" Raul grabs his sword his balancing on his chair. Pointing the sword at Tau.

Tau walks into the tent, going to Diana who sits up looking at him. Almost as if unphased by his scent to her it is his rage mixed with love for her but coated in bloodthirst aimed at Raul. Not quite aimed he is going to kill him that much she knows. That scent is the most powerful one but the source or reason for it to be so pungent is because of the underlying scent for her.

She holds her hand at him her big eyes looking at him lovingly. He lifts her up carrying her in his arms. He says every so softly as if his words might wound her.

"Aright?" Diana smiles he knows she all kinds of gangster and he said that in an English accent. Diana tries to lift her to kiss his cheek but Raul had really been trying to crush her windpipe so winces in pain.

Raul says, "She is mine you weak bastard. I won't let you take her. She is supposed to be mine I knew before you I lov..." He doesn't sound as forceful as before but any sane gobo would hesitate in this scent.

Also, he is the only one who knows why he wants Tau dead. Before coming here, Raul had been talking to Diana on a regular basis. He was laying the groundwork for their future relationship. He had even planted a few ideas of them being together and she ha responded positively.

The day before they were summoned he had chickened out of asking her out. He had spent most of that horrible morning planning what he was going to say to her. Then they came and less than a day later she is a mob. Raul couldn't believe that she is mob especially after the Witch doctor explained the difference between bands, mobs and hordes.

Diana unable to kiss him, holding her throat says with a bruised voice, "Yea." It pained her even to say this. Tau grips her arm tightly. Waking to the entrance of the tent. He says without looking back.

"Outside now!" Palesa's heart jumps into her throat when she sees Diana. Which it settles as she sees Tau holding Diana in his arms. She tries to move.

Gcina says, "Are you not watching?" Palesa puts it together. The scent that just filled the air belongs to none other than Tau. Her man Tau with her lover in his arms. Her races again beating in fury, and excitement. Tau scent is intoxicating like neve before. Gcina bites her neck. Gcina turning up a little, her valley going moist.

Tau gently puts Diana on the down, she sits on a random stool that had been tipped over. Raul steps out of his tent. His skin covered in fresh blood dripping from him.

The blood is intoxicating to Raul boosting his confidence. He says, "I see you brought yours follows? Good, they can all watch you die Tau. I'm going to kill you and take her." The boasting boost Raul's followers who filter into the cheering.

"Blood! Blood! Blood!" The sycophants cheer on their leader bumping the other away, their distinctive red blood coating easily separates them from all the other gobos. Tau assumes the proper position. His eyes do not look away for a moment. The same eyes that in the bright morning are shining bright red.

The proper position is the blade in front of his right leg with his head presented. Basically telling your opponent you are willing to lose your head. Body posture is a great way to communicate.

Raul says in response to the gesture, "Fine I will do it your way. I GoboWar of the Blood Fists challenge Tau Mobo of Kano. Today I will kill..." Tau Interrupts the Warband leader and says the words. Each one a call to the death Gododread.

"I accept your challenge!" Tau the traditional two-step forward drawing a line behind him. It marks the edge of the arena thou It is symbolic. This is a fight to the death a ring out will stop this fight from continuing.

Raul does the same, his face twisting because he is pissed he didn't get to finish what he was saying. It was probably the best one-liner the has ever thought of yet. The massive hob in the background opens his huge mouth.

Hobs like these are about as tall as humans stronger but not always faster. They also tend to be solo hunters their strength makes them very confrontational. They are taken is t upon themselves to keep the peace as gobos tend to loud and hobs also have better hearing than your standard gobo.

"Roar!!" This particular grunt signals not only the begin of the fight but that there is one. So far since the new blood arrived there have only been two other Hob roared fights. It's an important indicator when a higher Goblin is involved.

Those within hearing distances all start making their way towards the fight. Cheering is exploding. Gobos are piling in filling in every nook and cranny available. Bodies shoving against one another.

Almost the entire Get is coming trying to get a view of Raul Blood Fist in an action. The word quickly spreads through all the gobos present. The frever in the air is palpable. The gobos are most powerful when doing something as a group. Strange resonances occur in chanting and celebrating. This is an instinctual expression of goblin unity.

The Witch Doctor works from his seat at the ruins to tap into this energy, the gobos all start to feel happier the anticipation of battle stirring the small banner.

Just outside the Get, a small red sparrow perches itself on a tree observing the small banner. A crystal orb shows what the red sparrow sees, to four figures. They are all familiar faces who have Also been summoned but not by the Goblin.

Injabulo says, "this won't even be a contest. Why the hell where we summoned to kill goblins? Just look at the filthy creatures they are about fuck each other I can't even tell which ones are the females."

Evelyn wails loudly, she does everything loudly. Her shrieking voice travel throughout the hall of flames." Indeed they will be no problem at for the likes of you especially since you are in their height group. "

Injabulo frowns intensely, Calvin and Evelyn laugh. Only Neo sits quietly looking deeply into the orb watching to see what happens. As the first sword is swung. The orb explodes...

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