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48% Knowledgeable Tamer / Chapter 12: Chapter 12 - Private Room

Chapter 12 - Private Room - Knowledgeable Tamer - Chapter 12 by SweetRambutan full book limited free

Chapter 12: Chapter 12 - Private Room

Chapter 12 – Private Room

Glen checked his notification and there were two unread notifications. He clicked on the first notification.

[Mission – New Power (Complete)

Description – Bubbly's new upgrade is a huge success. Instead of a small upgrade in a certain area, Bubbly gains a big upgrade in many things. Even so, having the new power without using it is a waste. Go to the wild area and test Bubbly's new power. Defeat at least ten Colorless stage beasts

Completion – 10/10

Reward – Bubbly's advancement point increased by 30 points]

It was the notification for Glen's second mission which was to defeat ten Colorless stage beasts. He had finished this mission on the first day when he got it but only now checked it.

Glen got the reward which increased Bubbly's advancement point by 30. With these 30 points, Bubbly got 0.6 stat points. Glen decided to put all of them at Bubbly's Defense which raised it to 3.0 points.

Since Bubbly's defense had a high limit, Glen prioritized his defense. Why invest in a useless stat when the other was more important? So, Glen decided to ignore the attack stat.

Bubbly was now halfway through Rank 1. With 50 more advancement points, he would advance to Rank 2. Now that out of the way, the system issued a new mission.

[Mission – Advancement

Description – Bubbly's advancement point is halfway through Rank 1. With a bit more effort, he will soon advance to Rank 2. If following the normal progression, Bubbly will be able to advance in 50 days. However, that is too long for someone with high potential like Player Glen.

Help Bubbly reach Rank 2 faster.

Time Limit – 30 Days

Reward – 50 pieces of 50ml beakers, 1000G + Additional reward if completing the mission earlier

Failure – Lose 10% of the data recorded in Data Saver]

"What?!" Glen was shocked when he read the new mission. The reward was not that amazing but the failure was too much. He got cheap 50 ml beakers and 1000G for a hard mission like this.

To Glen, this mission was hard but the reward was not equivalent to the difficulty of the mission. Not only that but the punishment was too much. It was not easy for him to collect the data and he would lose 10% of them. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Glen wanted to change the mission but then, an inspiration came to mind. He got an idea on how to help Bubbly advance faster. So, he accepted the mission.

Now that that was out of the way, Glen checked the next notification which was about the achievement of him being the first person in the game to figure out the method to upgrade skills.

Glen clicked the notification and then, he got the reward which was the Private Room. Glen had no idea what the Private Room was. He got this as a reward.

Usually, there was the stats menu for both the player and beasts, storage, notification, and option. However, a new option was added and it was the Private Room Glen got as the reward. He clicked on it and a new screen appeared.

[Private Room is a separate secret space that is accessible by the owner everywhere and anywhere in the game. As long as the player has a Private Room, they will be able to sleep comfortably and safely even in the wild.

The player can also decorate and design the layout of the Private Room using the game menu. Only the owner of the Private Room can access the room. Other players can only access the room with the owner's permission.

Private Room can only be obtained through the best achievement. The room can also be expanded with money. 1 cubic meter for 100 thousand G]

The explanation about the Private Room appeared once Glen clicked on it. He was shocked when he read what it was. He was not shocked about the secret space mechanism but because of the cost needed to upgrade the room.

For a secret space to appear in a game was not new. The three legendary games and many other games did the same. It was nothing amazing because many games in the past even before VR used something similar to the secret space.

"100 thousand G… isn't that equivalent to one hundred Baz?" Glen was shocked. He thought for a bit and gulped. "There is no way anyone will want to spend that much money for this. Game money is fine but using real money… tsk, tsk," Glen shook his head but he was happy to be able to receive this reward.

Glen knew that 100 Baz was a small amount for the riches but he was not rich and thus, that amount was quite high.

"So, only the achievement will unlock the room but not super hard mission? My storyline mission is quite hard for my profession if I don't have Data Saver. Shouldn't the game reward the player with Private Room for this kind of hard mission?" Glen wondered.

Speaking of the storyline mission, for the past few days (in-game time) there was a lot of update to the mission. Glen's mission remained the same but the participants added to the storyline had increased a lot. There were also many new roles added to the mission.

Even so, Glen was still the only player who took the path of the Upgrade Specialist. Other professions such as Engineer, Merchant, and many more had two or more participants. From this, Glen knew that the Upgrade Specialist was the hardest profession in Beast Life.

Be that as it may, Glen was glad that he was the only player choosing this profession in the village because he could monopolize the customers.

Glen closed the explanation about the Private room and tried to activate the room. He wondered what the difference was between Private Room and storage. Both of them used the same concept in the game but their upgrade price differed from each other.

"Ah, I cannot enter the storage space but I can enter the Private Room," Glen mumbled.

A new screen appeared in front of Glen and ten 3D cubes with each had the size of 1 cubic meter appeared on the screen.

"So, all I need to do is line up the cube?" Glen touched the cube and stacked them into a big cube with each side were 2 meters. He had two leftover cubes but did not know where to put them and decided to keep them first.

Glen did not end there as he added a door and three windows on each side of the room. It was a simple room as there was nothing he could do. The add-on provided by the system was limited to only the door and window. Their design was lame too.

There was an explanation about the add-on. Glen could add the add-on himself from anything he had. If he wanted the add-on to be unlimited, he needed to pay for it. Based on the type of item he used as the add-on, the price would differ.

Glen closed the design screen and decided to enter the Private Room. A door with the same design as he used earlier appeared in front of him. Only the door but there was no presence in the room.

Glen opened the door and he saw the small, cramped room behind the door. Since it was a Private Room, the room used a separate space.

"The room is small but I can use this as a bedroom. I can save on inn money too," Glen nodded. He tried to see through the window and he could see the inn room through the window. He thought that it would be an empty space but the window was connected to the place he entered the room.

Glen opened the window and the window appeared floating in the room. When he closed the Private Room's door, only the levitating window appeared in the inn room.

If he closed the window and door, the room would be completely separated from the outside. Others could not see the room but Glen could see outside through the window.

"Nice~" Glen liked the Private Room a lot. Although it was costly to expand the room, he saw a lot of potential with the room. He could make it as his house and he could also use them as his secret lab where he did experiments to keep his upgrade formula a secret from others.

Since there was nothing in the Private Room, Glen got out of it. Once he had enough money, he would buy a bed and decorate the room better. He could live there with Bubbly.

There was nothing else Glen would do that night and then, he went to sleep. Glen woke up in the morning and went to the dining area for breakfast.

"Glen, when are you going to do it?" Bertha asked while she served the breakfast to Glen.

"How about after this?" Glen replied.

"Okay," Bertha nodded. The other player looked at Glen weirdly. They all needed to self-service but Bertha served the breakfast for Glen.

After looking at Glen for a bit, they continued eating their breakfast.

"Anyway, do you guys encounter any problem in the wild?" Suddenly, Glen heard one of the players speak.

SweetRambutan SweetRambutan

thank you~

I am back and I have changed a few things in the story. I thought there will be a lot of changes but luckily, not. The ones that changed a lot are on my datasheet.

I only change a few stuff in chapter 1, 2, 6, and 11. Other chapters have some small changes but the story remain the same.

Note: This story is fiction. It is not real.

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