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CHAPTER-15 - Kratos in Cultivation world - Chapter 15 by SolarisDagger69 full book limited free

Chapter 15: CHAPTER-15

The whole 6th floor of the Dragon Scale restaurant was very lavish. From beautiful woman working there as waitresses to the lavish furniture, 6th floor was a marvel on its own. Kratos when entered the floor his eyes started glowing with awe. He didn't show it on his face but he was seriously impressed by the decoration and such.

The old woman escorted Kratos to the biggest room of the 6th floor where her mistress was waiting for Kratos. When Kratos entered the room he saw a woman sitting at a circular table waiting for him. The woman wore a blue colour robe. And had a blue colour veil on her face. Only eyes of her were visible to Kratos. And her eyes showed elegance which made Kratos heart flutter.

Fairy Chu had disguised herself as the daughter of the city lord and was sitting at the table. When she saw Kratos for the first time, she was a little bit stunned. The skin of the warrior in front was greyish white. She cannot even tell the age of the expert in front of her. And she was not able to determine the cultivation realm of the expert.

Fairy Chu was fairly certain that her Face-changing mask will hide her identity, that is why she was confident enough to go in front of Kratos.

Kratos then sat on the table, in front of Fairy Chu. Kratos then smiled to Fairy Chu showing the delight it was for him to meet her. Fairy Chu then signalled the old woman, then the old woman closed the door and left the room.

Kratos then started the conversation

"It is nice to meet mistress. My name is Kratos and it is an honour for me to have tea with you, Madam."

"The pleasure is all mine brother Kratos. And please call me Cang Yue."

"Sister Yue I would like to extend my gratitude of giving this one free food..."...…..

Both Kratos and Cang Yue talked about little things. She asked him about his country and his reason for visiting Dong Feng country. Kratos gave the same answer that he gave to the guards of the city. After a long chat, Cang Yue made tea for both of them and gave a cup to Kratos…

When Kratos took a sip of tea, he received a message from the system..

[Host had consumed the venom of fire emitting snake.]

[Due to the skill Pure Godly Body the poison has been eliminated]

Seeing this message, Kratos frowned. He came to the city just a few hours ago. Did he offend her somehow which made her poison him?

Kratos remembered that he killed a girl named Han Yun. Was she related to her? If yes how did she found out that he killed her? He had made sure that he didn't leave any evidence back there. Then how did she found out?

'She said her name is Cang Yue. Is she related to her? I should appraise her…" Kratos thought and used appraisal on her.

[Name-Chu Yuechan

Cultivation-Spirit King, 4th level

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Cultivation Technique- Divine Snow Lotus

Description-Chu Yuechan is wearing an artefact called the face-changing mask. Currently due to demonic curse is in a weakened state. She cannot use Qi techniques or the demonic curse would start acting. She would die in a matter of 2 weeks because of the curse. She is a virgin.]

Seeing this description Kratos frowned even more. She is in a weakened state, and still was sitting in front of him. Kratos thought if she is poisoning him without knowing his full capability would mean either she is an idiot or she has a backup plan. For confirming this fact Kratos used appraisal on the room and used a map to check his surrounding. Seeing the information in front of him Kratos confronted her…

"Sister Yue. I must tell you that tea is exquisite. Can you give me some more tea?"

"Sure have some more." Fairy Chu gave him more tea. She was a little bit confused that why was poison working. 'Maybe he neutralized the poison.' She thought.

"Sister Yue, have you travelled around?"

"No, brother Kratos. I have not been outside Dong Feng country."

"Oh. So, sister Yue, have you met any spartan warriors?"

"No. In fact, it is my first time hearing about them."

"Oh. Sister Yue, the spartan warrior originates from a country called India. I also came from there. In India, there is a saying that could be translated as 'When a person visits another person abode then shouldn't do anything that could offend the host'. I broke the tablet of your restaurant. I am sincerely sorry for that. I am was willing to compensate for Sister Yue loss. But now things are different..."

"I didn't understand your words, Brother Kratos."

"Then I will be straight. Why did you invite me here?"

"To make a friendly relation with an expert like you, that was my true intention."

"So why did you poison my tea?"

Hearing this a cold smile appeared on Fairy Chu face.

"How did you found out," asked Fairy Chu.

"Since I took the first sip."

"and you dared to ask for another. You must have the balls of steel"

"Well-woman that had been with me have said so that my penis gets hard as steel. I don't know about my balls."

"Oh. Comments like this when you just step away from your death."

"Well, spartans are not afraid of death. In reality, it excites us."

"We would see when you will be killed by me…."

"How would you kill me? The poison was ineffective. Will you kill me with 6 cultivators that had surrounded the room. Or will you use the Slaughter array in the room to kill me?"

Hearing those words, the blood inside Fairy Chu froze. The array was designed but Array master Yun Che and it was made in such a way that it could not be sensed by any cultivator, until now. As for those experts that surrounded the room were experts of the Cang clan. City lord had given them to fairy Chu to help her to kill the bald expert. But the walls of the room are made of some special material from which no one can sense what was happening inside the room from outside. And no one can sense things that happening outside from inside. Fairy Chu had to use a talisman to signal the man of Cang Clan to come inside.

But the question was.

'How did this man sense all of those things. I cannot sense his cultivation. He sensed the things which no top experts of this country could sense. It could mean only one thing. She had unknowingly upset a top hidden expert'

When she was thinking about this stuff she started hearing beats of the drum from in front of her. From the sound of it, the sound was like of that of war drums of battle. This noise was coming from Kratos...

Seeing this Fairy Chu completely froze.....


SolarisDagger69 SolarisDagger69


Sorry guys I may not be able to upload tomorrow....... But I may be able to upload tomorrow's chapter today... if I could procure at least 20 power stones......

You guys know what to do......

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