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CHAPTER-6 - Kratos in Cultivation world - Chapter 6 by SolarisDagger69 full book limited free

Chapter 6: CHAPTER-6

Screaming was not adequate enough to release all the anger that Kratos had is his body. He desperately needed to kill something to quell his anger. He thought that he would get some sort of Qi cultivation manual with different poses and such but instead, he got One Punch man training routine. He was pissed off.

Kratos decided to go hunting. Kratos took his spear and shield and walked deeper into the jungle. Because of the anger, he didn't forget that he was within a jungle. As he was moving towards an uncharted territory he didn't let his guard down.

Soon Kratos found some rabbits track. He was excited about the hunt. Following these track led Kratos deeper into the jungle and then finally he saw another one the horned rabbit. He hunted one of those just yesterday. And during the hunting, the system didn't give him any eXp or K.P. Remembering that the fire in the heart of Kratos rose even higher.

Kratos threw his spear straight towards the rabbit. The rabbit was at a distance of approximately 150m from him. When Kratos threw the spear, the spear accelerated towards the rabbit-like it was an arrow shot from a bow. It pierced the head and passed through his head. And then it got stuck at the tree next to the rabbit. After murdering the rabbit Kratos wanted to retrieve the spear and head towards his next target but was stopped by a message by the system.

[Host had killed 9 rabbits and 2 horned rabbits]

[Host had earned 1 eXp and ½ K.P] Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

[As a future God of War, the host should be ashamed to hunt weak animale]

[To find the animals worth hunting visit the map]

Seeing this message, Kratos stopped at his tracks for a moment. He thought that killing those rabbits didn't give him any credit. But now it was proved wrong. Kratos thinking about what had happened just started walking towards his spear.

Then it finally hit him. The purpose of the system and the things within it was to help him in getting stronger. Now whatever the system had done until now became very clear to him. Things became clear to him because of two things. The sentence 'As a future God of War, the host should be ashamed to hunt weak animals' gave him a crucial clue. As well as cultivation manual stage-1 also helped in getting that clue.

Back on earth, he used to read all these wuxia novels. Some of the novels categorized cultivators in two ways. Body cultivator and Qi cultivator. And Kratos of the God of War franchise can be settled in the category of a body cultivator.

The basic difference between both of them was that the Qi cultivator will there Qi to detory a mountain, on the other hand, Body Cultivator will destroy a mountain by simply punching it. In God of War game, Kratos was never one who would attack solely base on magic. He would use his brute strength too.

All the magic power that Kratos had ever used was either provided to him by something or someone. He was at the end of the day a simple martial artist.

The system was designed such that it can convert an Indian to a Greek God of War. For that, he would first need to train his body. Here the crucial role of cultivating the body will be done by manual. Then comes the fighting experience of Kratos which would come after either defeating powerful foes or some beast 10 to 15 times larger than him. After all of this is done he would truly be called the God of War.

This makes perfect sense to Kratos. So, he decides that he would just hunt more powerful animals from now on. Thinking about this Kratos mumbled 'map'.

A square shape map appeared before him. He checked that what was the nearest strong animal so he could hunt it. Around 700 m south from his location he saw a white color triangle. He didn't saw any green color triangle on the screen. So he started running a white triangle because needed to start from somewhere.

(A.N>>Triangles represent the beast and monster of the area. If there is any confusion plz refer to chapter-3 )

Kratos was feeling the adrenaline in his veins. Yesterday he truly forgot that he had a map in his system, or else the hunt would have more smother. Kratos was running towards the mark but stopped abruptly. He looked to the right just to see another one of the horned rabbits. But he didn't stop because there was a rabbit in the vicinity. He stopped because that rabbit was not showing on the map.

Seeing this Kratos realizes one more thing. The map doesn't show those animals which Kratos can kill even during his sleep. Kratos then once more looked towards the white triangle. He started thinking that what kind of animal was the white triangle.

Kratos didn't let his guard down and decided that first he would scout the area then proceed towards killing the white triangle.

Kratos appeared what seems like a valley. It was not very deep and had a good vantage point on it. He then looked in direction of the white triangle. In that direction, there was a clearing. In between that clearing, there was a rock. On that rock, a grey colored lion was sitting majestically.

So it is a lion. But Kratos didn't get fooled by the appearance of the lion. Back on earth lions were never a lone animal. They always travel in their pride. He has to just wait and see that if there are any lions in the vicinity. And he was right. There were seven of them. And turns out none of them were showing on the map except for the biggest of them.

(A.N>>Some of you guys may be confused but the Pride is the official word group of lions)

Seeing this Kratos was relieved. If he had walked in, directly to confront the lion then God knows what would have happened.

Seeing this that he cannot trust the system completely, Kratos decided that he should head back first. Train, and then come back for the head of the lion

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