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52.38% Kuroneko Diaries by Riri-sensei / Chapter 22: Wanderer of the Galaxies Space Pirate Romance by Riri-sensei

Wanderer of the Galaxies Space Pirate Romance by Riri-sensei - Kuroneko Diaries by Riri-sensei - Chapter 22 by Ririsensei full book limited free

Chapter 22: Wanderer of the Galaxies Space Pirate Romance by Riri-sensei

"I wanted to conquer the moon, the stars, the eternity."


The stars guide me to you every night,

even if we are galaxies apart my heart knows the way.

How could I love you any more than I already do?

Even if I picked every star from the sky, and admired the beauty you could not compare.

My heart is yours, the moon revolves around you and only with love.

How could I love anyone more than you?

Show me the skies, the stars, the moon and seas and I will search the world for you dearly.

Not space left unturned.

The fire in heart, blazing magnanimously.

Lay my body to only you.

You are my moonlight.

My precious moonlight.

In the darkness that surrounds, you are pure ecstasy.

How I could love another the way I love you?

When our eyes met it felt like two world collided?

Must I die now?

My forlorn lover...

Oh, my heart.

My soul yearns for you.

I cherish your presence.

To the point where I can only cry.

Even if we drown in a sea of tears,

I will sink to the bottom of ocean,

to cradle your heart against mine.

Even if the stars fade away,

the light from your heart to mine will guide me back to you.

In this world, torn between galaxies

that make us drift so far away.

Everything is but trivialness when it comes to loving you.

Star gazing eyes lay upon,

your tears light crystal gems ignite me.

And I want to whisk your away.

How could I love you more than this?

Yet, you give me so many reasons to move this heart of mine.

What is this love meant to be?

A torn in my side that makes me bleed happily.

Vines that wrapped against me,

it pains me only we part.

How could I have fall so in love?

Let the blood that stains us fall into place.

Life is but a short moment in time.

Our souls belong in another dimension,

a universe entirely of our own.

Yours and mine.

Dancing on the moon and holding me tightly.

I will feel more enticed by you.

For my love is growing more.

How can you speak of love so fragilely?

How can see what the future holds?

So confidently that it won't fade away

Even the stars burst into tears.

My heart travels the seas amongst the star dusts in search of my eternal lovers.

I wander the heavens and search on this barren hell for the one that calls out to me.

My love, how could I convince you with simple words?

When my love isn't such a simple thing.

I already love you more than words can say.

Skies might tear apart for you and me.

Clearing the way so that you can see me.

Ocean waves may part to save your tears,

to reach out and saving a drowning soul.

My world revolves around you my moon.

For the moonlight is you.

And how you shine so beautifully.

Show me the world again,

lies and sins surround me.

Are you the only pure thing left?

Tame my wild heart.

It aches deeply.

Sorrowfully yearning for your moonlight to heal me.

Enraptured by the love I feel so deeply for what is just beyond my reach.

What a trivial mater...

My love, where do you look?

Don't turn away~

Should I hold your face, and point you towards me?

Can't you see me?

If I fade away and become a star then what?

Even if this life disappears,

Even when the lights fade away,

your beautiful face will never be less than enough.

How could I love you as much as I do?

You seized my heart and then it became love.

My reason for living, my galactic search,

I'm not better than pirate of seas aimlessly traveling in search of my treasured heart.

But it is you who stole my heart.

Must I ask for you to return it?

Or should I beg for yours?

How I wish to seize your heart.

Because I already love you too much.

These eyes with passion fill my entire body.

If this is love I never wish for hatred.

My dark world,

you light it up.

You give life to a dying ragdoll.

If nothing else, these are all trivial matters.

My journey to your heart is an endless abyss.

One that I have committed to since long ago.

Should me the world in your wonderful eyes.

Steal me away~

Take me to hell and back,

I'm willing to burn alive.

Lay down my sword,

unsheathe my heart and shield nothing from you.

My beautiful star, my lust fill me as I lay before you surrendering completely.

Oh, how could I love you any more than I already do?

If such a feat where possible, would you still be alive?

For love would consume you.

If love cannot be tamed,

it engulfs you whole.

If the stars all burned, we would all cease to exist.

But my world is you. And only you.

Because no one else can compare to my love.

For you the skies are yours, the oceans kneel to you upon command.

My heart is filled with the riches of your presence and your existence.

For everything else is but a trivial inexistence.

Don't look at me so tearfully,

do cry in my arms but not when we are apart.

My heart aches when we're apart.

Longing for my missing soul.

You seize my entirely with a love so strong fire is meek in comparison.

My heart is singing this lullaby every night,

because I cannot love you any less than I already do.

Tears that one can call gems,

a soul so beautiful it stirs me entirely.

I will kneel before you,

my proud is but an obstacle of the heart.

I see no flaws,

My eyes see with pure intentions to love you completely.

I only wish to love you entirely.

Don't follow a sinner's spell.

Don't beg me.

Just hold me close, and never let go.

Don't run to far away.

Even if I must hunt for your soul...

My heart calls out your name.

Effortlessly, it choses your over all else.

Marked and scarred by love, you haunt my soul with yours.

I summon thy with love and honesty.

I chant a spell that may only seem foolish to thy.

But to me, you are my world.

The light that embraces my darkness.

The moonlight, so gentle and warm.

To a cold hearted rock like me,

I envy your warmth above all else.

Tearfully, I search the empty plains,

in fruitless attempts to conquer your heart once more.

The universe binds us yet I chase you, searching endlessly.

Show me the way to your heart.

The stars, the planets, the gods, all beckon us to love each other.

Must I plunge my heart out and offer it to you?

Tell me who am I to you?

Is my love a vain and foolish attempt?

I think not.

How could I love you any more than I already do?

Fears and doubt surround me but your presence dispels this horrid trap of devilish sin.

Your voice paralyzes me.

My mind yields to your commands,

to your summoning of my presence.

My heart yearns for its lover.

Far away or nearby.

I don't know, when will we meet again?

In my dreams I search.

In my wake I sail.

In my heart, the thumping is proof that I am still alive.

But my dearest love,

how long must I await your arrival?

Shall I search the entire galaxy?

Should I become a fallen star?

Shall I crash into Earth mightily?


burning as passionately as my love for you?

Will you see my soaring blaze of love at I paint the skies with my body for you?

Perhaps, I already love you too much.

Even if the skies part and the Heavens opens before you will you embrace as lovers do?

Tears, smiles I don't care.

Hold me in your arms lovingly.

Bind me to your soul.

Ravish me.

Take me.

Love me as only you could do.

My heart wanders in the abyss searching for my home in you.

Perhaps, I love you too dearly.

How could I love anyone more than you?

In this entire world, there is no one like you.

There is no one better than you.

You set aflame my cold wounded heart.

You make love to my soul.

My eyes are on you,

perhaps I am purely insane

Selfish and in love.

But these are all trivial matter of the heart.

In the end, you seize me with love so mightily.

My heart is yours to claim,

I belong solely to you.

No matter where or when I'm yours.

No one else matters to me as much as you do.

Show me the world in your eyes.

Take me on a journey through the skies.

The night's sky or the cloudy days.

I am always yours.

Being with you is timeless.

Oh, how did I come to love you so much?

What curse is this to love you so immensely?

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I would travel the world and another dimension to love you all over again.


Ririsensei Ririsensei

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