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81.81% Lady Emperor / Chapter 18: 18-Executing the Base Creation

18-Executing the Base Creation - Lady Emperor - Chapter 18 by OrdinaryHuman full book limited free

Chapter 18: 18-Executing the Base Creation

The Preservation Shuttle slowly transform into One Gigantic Structure that looked like a Factory. It was time for them to be building and destroying things within the Planet. The Monster Forge also got completed in construction. Ten Monster Forges were waiting for the Monster Deployment. Rogue looked around and noticed that all of the structures she needed were completed. She smiled and began ordering Typhon about the Base Creation. Creating a Base would be hard but, they needed their own fortifications before Rogue begins roaming around the Planet.

"Typhon, Prepare the Worker Droids to build the Road Network around our Base. Our First Base should have complete Road Work for about 100 Kilometers in Radius around the Preservation Shuttle or Factory." Rogue began ordering Typhon about building a Road Network. A Road Network was important as it was the bloodline of each working base. Rogue wanted to build it before building more structures.

"Order accepted, Efficient Road Network Design has been completed." Typhon's monotone Voice echoed within her head. Rogue nodded in satisfaction as she looked at the next structure. There were Ten of them All around the Factory. It was the Monster Forge. They looked like Lump of Meat that had the same outline as the Factory. It was Smaller, but they were ten of them. While Rogue was looking at the Monster Forge, She noticed the great design in the Factory.

Jet-Black in Color with a Smooth and Slick Metal Walls. It has many Mechanical Arms within it and was powered by a Fusion Reactor. The Factory was currently building Worker Droids of the Road Network. They looked like Small Cars, but they had many mechanical arms that were for construction. There were also different Worker Droids Types, The Light Worker Droid, The Main Worker Droid, and the Heavy Worker Droid. They had Yellow and Black Color, which was the Typical Color of Construction.

50 Light Worker Droids, 25 Main Worker Droids, and 10 Heavy Worker Droids were quickly built by Typhon. They had many resources within the Factory, but they also need to consider their consumption of Materials. The Blueprint and Layout of the Road Network were already within Typhon. The Factory would be the Center of the New Base, and Rogue would begin more construction for other structures. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

The Worker Droids began moving and heading towards every part of the forest around them. Rogue looked at them with a proud look as the Worker Droids began building the Layout of the Roads. Rogue wanted the Roads Wide in case the Base get's big. She also wondered about the current condition of the Planet Exodus. She wanted to know more, but she needed to focus on establishing the Base.

The Trees around the Factory and Monster Forges got cut down. There was no need to keep Trees other than for their Biomass. The Base Rogue wanted to build was slowly forming. She created a 10 Kilometer Radius Clear Area. Before Rogue could think about the structures she could make, Typhon's voice echoed within her mind. "Master, Our Worker Droids are under attack."

"That was fast... It seemed that the Wildlife this Planet is thriving." Rogue mumbled to herself. She expected an attack, but that was too fast. That would mean that there were Creatures near them. She wanted to ask Typhon an Important Question. "How far did they go?" Rogue asked with her soft voice. It would be a Problem if there were unwanted creatures near them.

"The Attack began in 20 Kilometers away from the Factory." Hearing Typhon's answer, Rogue was plunged into Deep Thought. The Enemy was near them, and they didn't have any military strength. While thinking about her Military Strength, Rogue remembered the Attack Drones that flew in the skies. She was curious if they still had the Drones in their Storage as they were useful for Defensive Purposes.

"Typhon, Is the Attack Drones in the Storage?" Rogue asked as Typhon immediately answered. "Yes, Does Master wish to activate them?" Rogue nodded and spoke. "Correct, Let them protect the Worker Droids." Rogue then noticed the Attack Drones slowly flying from the Storage. They were quite large and had many Guns. It was expected as they were the ones that were defending the Preservation Shuttle.

They hovered above the Factory and had Coal-Black Color as their Paint. Typhon was commanding all of the Droids without any problem. It was expected for an Artificial Intelligence like her to have a good commanding ability upon the Droids. The Attack Drones then slowly head towards the Forest to protect the Droids in the Forest and Terminate the Threats. As the Attack Drones disappeared in the distance, Rogue sighed.

"Machines are really better," Rogue mumbled as the Machines would accept the Orders without any problems. They would follow every part of her will and were better subordinates. The Clearing Operation in the Forest has started, but before she could continue her job in the Command. It would be time for her to design her Monster Force. With such a thing in mind, Rogue walked back into the Factory and started the Designing process.

Within the Factory, Rogue entered her Own luxurious Room. It was bigger and better, but Rogue didn't care about that. She calmly took off her Uniform and laid on her Bed. She slowly closed her Eyelids that covered her Golden Amber Eyes. She opened her Eyelids back and found herself back in the Wasteland. She looked around and saw Billion of Monsters waiting for her command.

She stood upon a Gigantic Stage that got created by Typhon. The Monster could see her even from afar. All of them looked at their Emperor and began bowing towards her. Rogue nodded in satisfaction as she began talking about her Plan to the Monster Army. "It is time for us to start the designing process of the Monsters. We will divide all of you into specifies ranks and groups in the Army."

"Now, Do you want to get stronger?" All of the Monsters below her nodded. They wanted to get stronger. The Monsters mainly relied upon Mass Attacks and overwhelmed their Enemies, but Rogue didn't want anything about that. She wanted all of her Army to be strong that one part could easily crush continents before their feet. "Well, It is time for the Monster Race to integrate with Technology."

Rogue then gave the Monsters a look at their New Design. Their Former Monster Bodies relied on Claws and Teeth. It was a Problem as it was inefficient. But with the new design, the Monster Race could have it all. It was a Simple Design that made all of the Monsters Insectoids. They were better at organizing armies, but the problem with the Insectoids Design would be their Weight.

The Weight Problem got solved by Typhon and Rogue after putting some Genes or deleting some Genes. They were massed editing the Genes of the Monsters for better group coordination and attack power. The Monsters looked at their New Bodies and noticed that it was different than the last one. It cost more than their Former Bodies, but it was stronger, faster, and better.

Rogue then began explanation every part of their new Body. "This will be the First Type of the New Monster Race. They are the infantry and the Monsters in charge of the Battlefield. The First Type will be called VanMonsters. They have Six Limbs and looked Similar to an Ant. The Head is quite different as it has Normal Vision and Enhanced Sensory Organs. They are also quite fast and have thick Claws and Good Natural Armors."

"The VanMonsters will be the Footsoldiers of the Monster Army. I have edited to make them Faster, Stronger, Agile, and Armored. It would be hard for the normal beast to penetrate their Natural Armor. The Size of the VanMonster is 15 Meters in Length and 4 Meters in Height." Rogue said with a smile as the VanMonster was bigger than normal vehicles. It was also stronger and better.

The Monster's weight wasn't a problem as the Monster Race had good control over their Biomass. There was a reason why Gigantic Monster like Exodus existed in the Cosmos. There was even a Planet Size Monster, but all of the Monsters outside her Personal Army were probably dead. After explaining the First Type of Monster in their Army, The Monster's voice echoed in Rogue's mind. They were cheering for her *Yeah!!! For the Emperor!!!*

"We will begin the Monster Forged in this Day. All of you will have Electromagnetic Guns and, Electromagnetic Cannon strapped on your back. You will also have additional Armor for the Increase of your Survival. This will be the First Day of our Awakening in the Cosmos!!!" Rogue said as the cheering got louder and louder. Having Billion of Voices made it hard to focus, but Rogue considered it as training.

Rogue then woke up and found herself in her Bed. She sighed and wore back her Clothes. She exited the room and walked out of the Factory all by herself. The Road Network was slowly forming but surely. She then walked towards the Ten Monster Forge and Comanded All of them to produce One VanMonster. The Monster Forges produced strange colors as their begin squirming around.

The Genes were detailed and establish within the Gene Pool of the Monster Forges. There was no Problem with Defects or anything bad that could happen. As time passes by within the Monster Forge, A VanMonster exited one of the Monster Forge. It looked around as it found itself in a New World. It saw Rogue and bowed in front of it. *My Emperor...* Many Other VanMonsters followed after the bowing Monsters.

"Rise, It is time for all of you to be upgraded with Technology. Follow me..." Rogue said as they walked towards the Factory. She already gave Typhon orders about the Weapons they would use for the Monsters. Rogue found herself looking at the Giant Metal Gate. It was the Monster Armoring Room. It was where Monsters would get their Armors and Weapons to increase their Firepower and Survivability.

The VanMonsters entered the Monster Armoring Room without any questions. They trusted their Emperor with their Bodies. The Sound of Metal Screeching echoed from the Monster Armoring Room. Rogue was quite serious as she wanted to see if her Design and Looked were good. She wanted her Army to look good while being Powerful. It was, After all, Her Personal Army.

Rogue waited calmly in front of the Gate. The Sound of Metal Screeching Stopped, and the Armoring Process was complete. The VanMonster was quite Big as it looked bigger than a Tank. They could easily be Tanks on their Own and could destroy any Army in front of them. She also applied them a Good Armor with Shock Absorption and Low Penetration Effects. She was making her Monster Army complex. It would be hard to manage such complex things, but Rogue had Typhon behind her.

The Metal Gates slowly opened and revealed the VanMonsters outfitted with armors. Rogue looked at them with surprise while smiling in satisfaction. The VanMonsters had Four Artificial Intelligence-controlled Electromagnetic Machine Guns and One Manually Controlled 150mm Electromagnetic Cannon. They had Jet-Black Armors plastered on every part of their bodies. The Armors didn't hinder movements. They also had one most important defense system.

"The Small Force Field Generator," Rogue said as such defense system would save most of the Monsters under her. She was quite paranoid that using the monsters as Mass Body Attack Waves was quite inefficient and bad. She looked at the Monsters as they bowed in front of her. She smiled while looking at them and spoke in her soft voice.

"Begin your First Operation. Wipeout any Creatures that get within 50 Kilometers in Radius from our Base." Rogue ordered as the Monsters spoke in unison. *The Emperor's Orders shall be Covenant.* The VanMonsters began their First Operation. The Main Army of Rogue got finally built.

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