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94.11% Legend of the Golden Celestial (MCU)(In Hiatus) / Chapter 16: Rise of the Emperor

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Chapter 16: Rise of the Emperor

(Irani Rael POV)

Shit! The Kree Ambassador isn't even responding! I can't even inform him about the incidents!

'When did our glorious Xandar get reduced to this?', I thought with sadness in my heart. It's all because of that one being! If it wasn't for him, I would've destroyed the whole Kree race! Now we are just a slave for that being!

And right now, some Lunatic is destroying the Krees in all of Xandar! I don't want my planet to suffer the consequences just because of a lunatic!

I'm going to kill him!

"Corps! Where is he now?! ", I yell at the Vice-Commander at the corps as I stood up from the throne.

"We are unable to track him down, Prime. He is simply faster than any of our members and he isn't anywhere in our database", he replied in the same annoying robotic voice. And in anger, I point my fist at him and cover it with energy. And before I could unleash it on him, the door was blasted open.

A man was standing at the doorway. With pure golden energy radiating from his body, he had his lower face covered with a mask but his eyes had an amusing glint. He slowly walked towards me and with every step, the whole building trembled. This kind of power.....

"Corps! Kill him!!!", I yell as my body was engulfed with the Energy of Nova.


"Fu*k you, bitch! ", yelled the Vice-captain at me as he dropped his Cosmic Nova suit. I just stare at him in shock.


(Nathan POV)

'Okay, what is happening with this kid?', I thought as I looked at the teen Nova Corps member who yelled at her. His armour was on the floor still glowing with energy.

"I don't even care for my life anymore! Just kill me already! I'm not going to kill someone who killed the Kree trash! ", he shouted at Irani and started to kneel on the ground and cry.

"Everything! I lost everything to the Kree! My family, friends, everyone! And when I joined the Corps and gained the power to kill the Kree, you had to happen! You forbid the corps from hunting and killing the Kree bastards like the animals they are! And even made us protect those fuckers! I don't need the power if I can't even avenge my family! ", he shouted at her and started walking towards me.

"Hey! Kill that bitch and kill all the Kree bastards and I'll be your slave!", he started to hug my leg and cry. I just sigh and placed my hand on his shoulder. And just like that, I teleported his crying form outside the headquarters and told him to wait there for me. I teleported back to the headquarters.

I then look at Irani whose body was trembling with anger.

"If anyone here has a family, get the hell out of here! ", I shout at the corps members. And just like that, the entire corps disappeared. Huh? No wonder they gave up half-way searching for me. It seems they wanted me to succeed.

"Fine! I'll do it myself!", finally shouted Irani in anger, as her Blue glowing form rushed at me and the throne behind her was blown to smithereens.


'Hmm? It seems the source of her's and the Corp's power is this planet itself ', I thought as I held her glowing fist in my palm. She was just using this planet's dimension as her source.

" Huh? ", she slowly lifted her head and looked at me with her eyes wide. I just smirk at her. And the next moment, I tightened my grip.

" Iyaaaaaahhhhh!!!!!!", Irani yelled in pain as her hand was crushed beyond recognition. I started to float a bit and the next moment, I lifter her body like a rag doll by her hand and threw her body to the sky.

*Boooooom* Her body flew to the sky, as the part of the building above us vaporised. I then teleport near her and see her not so damaged body healing itself with energy.

Finally, I can fight someone not so squishy. I then not wanting to destroy this entire planet, try to take us into mirror dimension.

But, surprisingly, the dimension which appeared before me was this planet's dimension. Hmmm? Let's not be picky, shall we? And I'm not sensing it being occupied by a lord. I then just dragged her body inside this dimension. It's not as if she can defeat me even in the dimension of her source.


( Inside Nova Dimension)

" Huh? ", she blinks as she recognizes the dimension we are in. She then gained a smirk.

" Fool!", she laughed and punched my face, hard. Just as she punched, dense energy rushed inside her from this dimension. This punch of her alone had the power to decimate a city.

Feeling already won, she smirked and saw in front of her fist, expecting me to be already dead.

"Huh?!" *Booooom*

"Why are you not dying?!" *Booooom*

"Die already!!!!!!!"*Booooom*


All the while, my body was not moving an inch.

(1 hour Later)

"Aaaaarrggghhhh!!!!!!", she finally yells as she felt both her hands become a useless stump just by punching my body. This woman has some serious determination to be punching me till her hands couldn't even be regenerated by energy anymore.

"Why did you let the Kree infest Xandar? ", I finally ask her barely conscious body which was lying flat on a random planet. It's about time I stopped playing.

She had an empty and hopeless look on her eyes as she stared at my body which she didn't even manage to give a scratch.

She whispered a single word, " Thanos..."


"Who is Thanos?", I ask her patiently. Seeing her not respond, I healed her hands and made her body sit upright. By this point, she has already lost all the hope of getting out of here alive.

"Why do you think I, the Nova Prime who had a legion of Corps behind me, accepted defeat to the freaking Kree?", she whispered to me with difficulty.

"The Kree had the freaking Mad Titan backing them up", she whispered and started to remove her coat.

All I saw was a long gash running wide across her stomach covering the whole width. She was impaled straight through her stomach!

"The Titan decimated me in combat when I became the Nova Prime and decided to end the Kree once and for all. He warned me to allow the Kree to do their jobs, or else he would destroy the entire Xandar! I was forced to accept it even if it made myself not even show my face outside in shame! What would you have done if you were to choose between the whole planet or a fraction of the population? ", she yelled at me with pain and anger.

It is as I thought. The Kree had someone terrifyingly strong backing them up. He must not be of this galaxy, as I couldn't sense him.

"But you came to Xandar! Did you know how much joy it brought me when you were killing the Kree? But it was overshadowed by fear on the fact that if the Kree involved the Titan, there would no more be Xandar! I didn't want my planet to be destroyed due to the actions of a lunatic!", she yelled at me and started to cough.

*Cough* *Cough* *Cough*

"But you? Thanos is just an ant in front of your power. You even defeated me in my own source dimension! *Cough* Haha! ", she laughed with happiness and I felt her body start to lose its little bit of remaining energy. She then hugged my torso to support herself and whispered.

"Will you hear my dying wish?", she whispered at me pitifully. I just nod at her, looking at her empty dark eyes.

"Kill Thanos and become the Emperor of Xandar.......", she whispered as her body fell to the ground and finally lost its life.

"Rest in Peace", I whisper at her ears and gently closed her eyelids. She at least deserves a good death. Her body was then consumed by the dimension.



(Next Day, Early Morning)

(Nova Headquarters)

"People of Xandar! ", I spoke in front of the camera as the entire world was looking at this projection. I was wearing a new mask covering my lower face, made purely by my energy and a robe suitable for an emperor.

"The Nova Prime is dead", I spoke and the next moment, the whole planet was shocked. Some were happy, some were sad. But all of them were confused at one thing.

"Some of you may know me as the one who liberated the slaves and killed the Kree yesterday ", the liberated people recognised me and were already spreading the information around. By now most of Xandar knew me as the mysterious Hero and people understood what is going to happen now.

"But right now, I'm your Emperor,

And just like the Kree in Xandar were exterminated by me, the whole Hala will be the next if they mess with us again !!!!!!", I shouted with passion and the whole Xandar boiled in patriotism for Xandar and anger at Kree. They have been the victim for so long. Not anymore.

"The entire Universe will know the power of Nova!!!!!!", just as I speak, the entire Nova Corps flew above the skies of Xandar, showing their presence and being the symbol of hope, after a long long time.

"All hail the Emperor! All hail the Emperor! All hail the Emperor!", by now the entire Xandar was chanting my name.

Yes, all hail the Emperor.


(Yondu POV) Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"He did it, Boss! He actually did it!! ", yelled scarface at my face. We too were watching the telecast live and right now, the entire Xandar was pumping with energy.

Finally, the Kree bastards will know what's it like to be the victim.

"Ai-Ai, he did it alright! , its time for celebration! , Let's go Party!!!!!!", I yell at my crew and get ready for a daylong party.

That son of a bitch really did it, didn't he?


(Nathan POV)

(Flashback, before Declaration)

"She was also just a victim wasn't she? ", said the teen Nova with sad realisation. I just nod my head.

I just told him and the entire corps the true reason for Irani not being able to do anything against the Kree. Needless to say, they were shell shocked. Especially the kid as he hated her so much. He probably feels like shit now. I just grab his shoulders and spoke.

"Well, you're a Nova now, kid! ", I say to him and ruffle his head.

"It's Sam!", suddenly shouted the teen at me.


"My name! My name is Sam Alexander! ", he said and hugged me. I just hugged him back. This kid.......

"Let's make her proud, shall we?! ", I say and smile at him.

Thanos, huh?

It's time to get serious.




And Please Don't mind me for being an Ezio fanboy. The situation was too perfect to not add the dialogue. Or can I change it to 'Requiescat in Pace'?

And about Irani, I made her have a reason. I truly didn't want a flavourless villainess.

So what do you guys think, should she be permanently dead or...... Just need your opinion.

And our MC will make plans to hide his heritage, don't worry guys!

Thanos is the next target of our MC, but don't worry, we have a long long time to reach thanos. And I plan to keep at least a semblance of the original plot.

From now on, expect the kingdom building to be present. He'll be absolutely creating a multi-galactic emperor. So It will be a tonne of help if you give some suggestions!

And can I just bring Meredith to Xandar after a few days and make Grandpa the head of SHIELD? It's just my thought. No need of baldy pirate!! And the events of Captain Marvel will probably not happen.

And guys, my fic has a pitiful number of power stones right now. let's make it a little less pitiful, shall we?


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