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79.54% Legend of the Silver Fang / Chapter 35: Chapter 35: The More the Merrier (1)

Chapter 35: The More the Merrier (1) - Legend of the Silver Fang - Chapter 35 by VermillionAce full book limited free

Chapter 35: Chapter 35: The More the Merrier (1)

3rd POV:

After Tsunade defeated Kakuzu, Team One went back to the village. There they saw many bandits tied towards each other. Various things around them can be seen which were used to throw at the bandits for what they have done to the village.

Tsunade then summoned a falcon and gave it a scroll. The falcon is the fastest bird known and so the information will be sent to the Hokage much faster.

They then went to the house of Aki to rest for a bit and relax. After a few hours, Team One got out of the house and was now in front of the villagers. The falcon also arrived and a scroll is attached to its feet.

"Now that we have defeated the bandits, you are now all safe for the time being. But we are not sure when the next bandit groups will come so the Hokage has decided to give out missions for our genin teams to monitor you and make sure that no bandit will come."

All the villagers were shocked by what they heard. They felt both happy and nervous at the same time. Suddenly, Aki steeled himself and asked.

"Tsunade-sama, we could not afford to pay for your service so I believe we can't afford this..."

"Ahh, don't worry about that. Kosuke-san has brought the village a huge service during the last war so the Hokage granted his wish. That wish is to look over this village. And well, it will be a good experience for the genins to interact with other people and not just battle all the time."

When the village heard this, they were shocked and some are even crying.

"Oh and also, the Jonin instructor of the genin team will teach some basic taijutsu or even ninjutsu to all of you. And if he or she saw potential ninjas from the village, he or she may take them back to the village to be a full-fledge ninja of the leaf."

Now everyone has an unbelievable expression on their faces. One villager then asked.

"Tsunade-sama, can we know just what Kosuke-sama did for us to have this support from the Hokage?"

"Well, first of all, he held off the Ame ninjas while we fought Hanzo. The second is that he fought the Raikage's son and bought time so that the Konoha ninjas can flee. And well, he has countless contributions from the war."

When the villagers all heard this, they were in awe of what Kosuke has done. They all swore at that moment that they will train harder to be recruited by Konoha as a ninja.

After a few hours, two Konoha ninjas arrived at the village. One has a tanto at his back and long spiky white hair. The other was an old man.

"Oh, Sakumo-san, Kosuke-san, I didn't think that sensei will send you two."

Kosuke and Sakumo arrived at the village.

"Ah, Tsunade-sama, it's been months since I last saw you. How have you been?"

Kosuke asked Tsunade. Though he is injured from the last battle with the Kumo ninjas, he has been discharged early and is recovering in his home. The last time he saw Tsunade was back when they were fighting Ame ninjas during the second war.

"I have been well, Kosuke-san. Are you here to accompany us to Konoha and turn in these bandits?" Tsunade asked.

"No, no. Sakumo-sama will be the one who will accompany you. Hokage-sama gave me a mission to look over my village for three months so I am here. You can also consider this as my first long vacation since the death of Nidaime-sama." Kosuke answered. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"Kakashi, I heard what you have done during this mission. Well done." Sakumo said as he ruffled Kakashi's hair a bit.

"Well then, we must go to Konoha before the sunset. It will be quite hard to travel if it is dark. I leave these villagers to you, Kosuke-san." This time, Sakumo turned to Kosuke who is talking with Aki at the moment.

Team One, with the help of Sakumo, started their trip back to the village. The bandits on the other hand were tied to each other so that they will not be able to escape. They were also blindfolded and were being pulled by Team One.

The trip back is a bit longer because the bandits' pace is slower than the Konoha ninjas but they still arrived at the village smoothly. When they got near the village gates, a silhouette of a woman and two dogs are waiting for them. There is also a yellow flash running towards them, specifically at Kushina.

"Kushina-chan, are you okay? Are you hurt somewhere?" The yellow-haired boy asked Kushina.

"Minato-kun, I am okay. And can you loosen your hug? I can't breathe properly."

Minato then blushed and bowed a bit at Kushina.

"*Sigh* Lovers these days are really weird. I remember back in the day when Aisuru-san will jump at Sakumo-san after his mission. But now, it is the other way around."

Tsunade said but suddenly stopped talking as she remembered that someone is within the crowd.

"Tsunade-chan, can you repeat what you just said? But I also remembered that someone gave you a love letter and a proposal right? Maybe I should edit your answer a bit to my liking." Aisuru said while cracking his knuckles.

'What the, where did I saw this scene in my past life? Is this a master-disciple inheritance or something?' Kakashi thought to himself.

"I am just joking Aisuru-san," Tsunade said as she laughed nervously.

On the side, a small puppy is turning away from the group. Kakashi saw this and approached her.

[Shiro-chan, sorry for not taking you with me this time. But I promise the next mission we get out of the village, you will be with us.] Kakashi said as he combs his fingers through Shiro's fur.

[Hmph, promise me that. And well, I am recovering at that time so I guess I will just be in your way.]

Kakashi just laughed at his ninken's response. Suddenly, he remembered Pakkun and his other dog summons. In his past life, the summoning scroll for his dogs was an inheritance from the Hatake Clan. He received it after his father's death. He was about to ask but waited for the correct time. All members of Team One went their different ways.

-Hatake Compound-

Kakashi, with his parents and two dogs, went back to their house. Kakashi first took a bath and cleaned himself. The sun was about to set when they arrived at Konoha so dinner is being prepared. After a few minutes, Kakashi went to the dining room and sat on the chair. Aisuru placed the foods and they all ate.

"Dad, there is a summoned beast contracted to you right? I believe they are dogs." Kakashi asked Sakumo while they are having dinner.

"Yes, I have. It is inherited through generations of the Hatake Clan. Why do you ask?" Sakumo then stopped eating for a while as he looked at Kakashi.

"Well, I was thinking of having a summoning scroll myself and dogs are the best for me." Kakashi also stopped eating and looked at Sakumo's eyes.

"I think you don't need one though. You have Shiro who is a ninken." Sakumo replied.

"Well, I just thought that if Shiro is unavailable, I could summon another dog. One example is if we are engaging battle and I suddenly need to follow someone, I can summon a dog to track their smell." Kakashi answered Sakumo.

"That makes sense. Well then, tomorrow, I will give you the scroll. But you will accompany me to the Hatake's lands where the summoned dogs reside."

'Now that I think about it, I rarely went to that piece of land where Pakkun and the rest of the dogs live. Part of it was, I was busy as an ANBU and as a team leader in my past life.' Kakashi thought to himself

"Yes dad, I am very excited to see their home"

VermillionAce VermillionAce

I have no idea for the title so yeah... And well, Pakkun is the cutest so of course he will not be forgotten. Thanks for reading and please comment your thoughts.

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