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When Zhou Shu woke up, he learned that he had become a Forging Apprentice at a workshop in the Forging Division of the Great Xia empire.
[The standard long saber you forged effectively completed a kill. You are rewarded with the Dragon Elephant Prajna Technique.]
[The Holy Sword Rainbow Abyss you forged effectively completed a kill. You are rewarded with the Hundred Steps Flying Swords.]
[The halberd you forged effectively completed a kill. You are rewarded with the Talent Refreshing Pill.]
[The Large Que Bow you forged effectively completed a kill. You are rewarded with ten years of cultivation.]

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    Found the Raw, Search this online God Soldier Atlas God Soldier Atlas I hate this character limit man, cmon, I just don't want to write 150

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    I dislike how the mc reacts to the situation he’s in. Literally three generations of this dude’s family have been worked to death, to 0 benefit of any kind. Like, is starving to death better or worse than just working nonstop until your body collapses? Some slaves are treated better and exploited less. However 20 chapters in he has not yet changed his situation further than ‘basically a slave’ to ‘slightly more valuable slave’.

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    LV 12 Badge

    Best novel in this trial read by a long shot, recommend trying it out.

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    MC is a pushover well past chapter 20. Only read it if you're a fan of cucks. He walks around being a showoff and then is suprised when people take notice.

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    Legendary Armament Canon is a story about Zhou Shu, a transmigrator. Upon transmigrating, the main character finds out he is a young blacksmith apprentice (slave) who died of overworking. He uses his system to get out of his precarious predicament and to get stronger in a world where the strong rule the weak. I enjoy the idea of this novel quite a bit. I found this novel when looking for blacksmithing novels in general, and I found the idea of creating weapons and getting stronger when someone uses said weapon to kill interesting. However, I can't help but feel like the story shifted into nonsense at some point. The translation quality okay, there's nothing good or bad about it. It's better than most, and there's no obvious mistakes. (4/5 stars) The story development ties in closely to the main character's horrid personality, but I'll get to that later. The main character, Zhou Shu, works as a blacksmith apprentice, which is basically a slave. They don't get paid enough to live, and three generation's of his family have died due to overworking. The main character uses his system to forge new weapons. This backfires on him, and he is now forced to teach other people how to make a complicated weapon. After barely completing this, he is promoted to a slightly-more-valuable slave. He then invents even more weapons, and the government, upon realizing he is a genius who will probably become a full-on blacksmith, promotes him to a administrative position? They then force him to hire a bunch of people to complete a nigh-impossible order of weapons. He has arguably downgraded from the start of the novel. The only action in this novel is essentially the main character meddling in other people's battles, and getting attacked randomly by assassins. Main character is carried by the fact he gets overpowered abilities. Aside from that, the plot is the generic xianxia hidden identity overpowered main character, with a healthy dose of random misunderstandings. Very similar to "Zero to Hero in the Martial Arts Library" in this sense. (2/5 stars) Character design is downright horrid. All the characters in this novel are one dimensional, and unlike most humans, do not have a logical thought process. Not to mention, the main character can only be described as a pushover. He is constantly hounded to do nigh-impossible task over and over again, and this never really changes. He barely has any complaints, and he is hardly using his system to his advantage. Majority of characters are unlikeable, this novel makes every character exceedingly stupid so whenever the main character shows average intellect he is shown as a genius. (1/5 stars) World background is average. The novel is hardly descriptive, and I don't think they even said the names of other countries. Not much to say here. (3/5 stars) Overall, an interesting idea but very poor execution. Author didn't put ANY effort into the characters, and the plot was sub-par as well. This is a typical cookie-cutter overpowered xianxia main character novel.

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    raw link plsss[img=fp][img=fp][img=fp][img=fp][img=fp][img=fp][img=fp][img=fp][img=fp][img=fp][img=fp][img=fp][img=fp][img=fp][img=fp][img=fp][img=fp][img=fp][img=fp][img=fp][img=fp]

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    This is basically a much more reasonable version of a sign in system. You have to actually put in work to get the benefits and there are serious potential drawbacks as well that somewhat limit you. It's an interesting take on the genre.

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    readable and acceptable. almost drop it when i see system give pact, but it really readable, mc not dumb and he super realistic. he know how to step back when you have no way out, not just put everthing in plot armor.

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    It’s an interesting concept however the MC gets annoying at times. Moments where all he had to do was speak up to clear a misunderstanding he didn’t, I don’t know if it was an attempt at humour but it gets tiring after the first. Also similar to what another reviewer said, forge apprentices are basically slaves but for some reason because of the MC they allow them to compete with other nations for important territory changing decisions (up to ch 122 so far). Like… what?

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    looking forward to this one. ...............................fmfkdifjrjisoskdjdjroekwnsjsidngkfieeksnfnjfkrirdidkckckfrkkediodfkrkoeosdkdjdowiskdkd

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    waiting for the next chapters [img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update]

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    The story is a mess. Rather than having the mc become a low level master black smith and show his importance it broke world building in order in order to show off Chinese weapons. Let me explain: From where I currently left the mc is already 7th grade in terms of power as a martial artist yet still hasn't advanced to low level master blacksmith yet. And oh by the way he became important to the kingdom. An apprentice blacksmith is a slave because mortal weapons are not really useful but for the sake of power fantasy the author made it so that mortal weapons have great importance. The author also made blacksmiths above apprentice almost nonexistent just so the mc has importance, only grandmasters have appeared. In fact the higher weapons are very very rare for some reason. When assassin went to the kingdom to assassinate a high target or targets none of them had a single weapon above mortal. Like excuse me? This isn't the end of the dumbness. For some reason the enemy kingdom just so happen to make a list of all the assassins that are going to kill the targets. Killing these targets would hurt the Xia kingdom. So why would they make a note like that? And why would they entrust that note on some low level martial artists? One of those targets have a very high rank so why? To hide it? Then why would those low ranks have a band of soldiers behind them? Because of that they were discovered. Why? So the mc could do something important even if he is weak. Why would mortal weapons not break or be inefficient against martial artist? So the mc can be important. More importantly so Chinese weapons can be praised. That's right all this world breaking is so the author can praise weapons. At least that is what I think otherwise why would the author do this?

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    Interesting novel with some clichés. The tempo of events is good and the plot and events makes you want to know what happens next. The only downside for me at least is the tendency of the author in repeating the explanations of certain issues or situations over and over again. This makes the chapters full of filler words and paragraphs.

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    It's a miracle! Webnovel actually has a promising novel now! Well, if you compare it to the other novels this will be 100 percent better, No CAP!

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    Its a generic novel. The idea of forger transmigrator is interesting, but the execution is pathetic. The mc is same old mc trait, but barely on intellectual spectrum, but the other side characters only a handful of them actually have brain. The story is boring, world building pretty much almost non-existent i can’t imagine the whole beijing (heh) and the forging division, character improvement is decent and thats it like a bean sprouting and then stagnant, the plot is mediocre, the leveling system is unclear. Meh.

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    author is stupid, mc is stupid. the story is as inconsistent as the mc with his goals. too many unnecessary plot and plotholes. author forces mc to look cool but not quite making it right.

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    best novel in trail read should definitely get picked up .......... .... . .............................................................

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    The mc is good and not stupid or arrogant, the "cheat" need him to work for the rewards and the world background isn't really original but it's really hard because a lot have already been used before. But the author like to repeat himself a lot and it's a little annoying so only 4stars.

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    The cultivation ranks is very confusing tbh, and MC character is very annoying at all. For someone who keep saying that he is a forger, he is so hotblooded and always fight. Anyway, when I first read this novel. I really thought that it will be about forging and maybe some fights but instead, what I got is 95% fighting and 5% forging 😐

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