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4.13% Lesbian But Not / Chapter 4: Chapter 4: Is this Prince charming?

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Chapter 4: Chapter 4: Is this Prince charming?

Well, I am fine...after what happened, yeah... I am DEFINITELY NOT FINE-' i thought,

as Nina broke our silence barrier and asked worriedly "Uhm, Are you Okay Lisa?"

I sighed, then answered in a tired expression "yes, I am fine."

We were in the Nurse's office, as we were doing our girl talk and stuff

"well, why won't you go outside the school?" she responded with a smile,

in disbelief, I said "wait, I CAN!?", Nina then giggled and responds "Yes,

you seem very tense. so maybe you should get some fresh air outside."

I smiled at the thought, then I noticed that I still have boy clothes on

"but, I still look like a guy though..." Nina then looked at me and smiled as she said "Pft, don't worry Lisa. you can borrow my outfits!" sighed again with the relief on being saved by my friend. "Gee thanks, Nina!" I respond

Beep, beep

My phone vibrated as I held the phone in my hand, I took a look and saw a message, it was

from my friend rose,

"Hey, gurl! we haven't seen each other in weeks, let's go to a cafe later. xoxoxo

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Miss ya, hehe!" the message that was sent, said.

I kind of cringed at the end but I didn't mind it since she's been like that, I then spoke out loud

"Well, This is a total coincidence." Nina moved next to me again as she snickered "what does it say?"

in a gossipy manner, I giggled as I said: "oh I was just going to meet up with my friend."

she then chucked me inside her dressing room as she said "well what are you waiting for! dress up and go!"

I quickly dressed up as I rush out from her dressing room, and then rushed outside to the cafe as I waved goodbye at Nina, of course, being very late. rose was staring at outside with a deep thought expression,

She then later notices me "Well you really took your time, didn't you?" she said in a fake sarcastic tone,

me being me just rushed to her and sat on the other side of the table, right in front of her as we began our small girl gossip "Sorry, but hey rose it's been a long time." she then gave me a warm smile as she gave me a cup of coffee. "yeah it has, also how's your life? are the boys flirting with you? you're lucky you know."

she said with a small giggle as she teased me with an eyebrow wiggle as we had a small laugh about it, as I respond

"ugh... well, it's 'Fine' there I guess." after my answer she then quickly asked another one, "So do you have a boyfriend now?" I then dodged the question and said "Oh, yeah. I remembered something." she then became curious

as she went slightly more near to me and asked: "what is it?" I can't help but giggle as I answer "I have to Pretend to be like a Lesbian" she then stood up and made a fuss as she smacked her cup on the table with an almost screaming the common question "Why?!" she then gasps as she noticed a lot of people around them and sat neatly once more as she crossed her arms and dotted her eyes at me as I answered quite helplessly "Well, they don't really want a 'Straight' Girl in the

University." she then sighed with a calm expression as she apologized "oh yeah, sorry. it's because the school is filled with hot Guys" she shrieked in excitement I then sighed in response as I asked "yeah... so what's happening in the school?" rose then shifted her tone to a semi bored toned

"Oh nothing really crazy, the administrator just gave the boys condoms for some odd reason..."

"condoms?!" I respond quite shocked about our old administrator's actions, rose then responded quite relaxed as I still have my jaw dropped on the floor, metaphorically. "Yeah, Because the Boys have been very Horny in our school and by horny, I meant that," she said after sipping tea. then I responded with a quite shocked tone as I sweat a little "they have?!

it's a good thing that the boys in my school are not..."

NOPE- that's a total Lie, yesterday I was chased by horny guys-

"So how's everyone?" I asked shifting our touchy subject to a better non-lewd subject as so to speak,

it took us Hours, girl chatting. we lost track of time... but then...

"Oh!" rose exclaimed "I didn't notice it's already dark outside!" she added as I look outside the cafe's window as I sighed and said "huh... I actually didn't notice it took us that long" I added a nervous chuckle after.

"well, I think I got to go," she said picking her bag as she grabbed her phone and shoved it in there like she's hiding drugs or someshit. I then calmly responded after "yeah, I better go back to the uni... the Dean wouldn't like me being this late." we both giggled from my small joke and she waved and looked at me "well... bye! it was nice to catch up with you." we made a girly cheek kiss as I then responded, "sure, just contact me whenever!" I said as we exit the coffee

shop and parted ways, I started to head back, but it's really hard walking alone in the dark...

A random dude then spoke "hey beautiful! wanna grab a drink?" one said as four of them approach me leaving me with no way of escape, I then answered with quiet fear and tension "i... Uhm... I better go!" I sprinted my way out as then thought I was free my hand got grabbed and pulled as I exclaimed "Hey! Let Go of me!" one of them said with an evil grin "We are going to have lot's of Fun.." he said with a psychopathic laugh, as one of them suggested "Let's take her to the

warehouse, Hurry!"

'well shit can't my life get any simple' i thought, the guy #3 said "Good! it's a high school Student" they began to cheer as they grunted and let out a sick laugh as guy #2 added "we're going to have a little photoshoot~." while his face is flushed

I exclaimed and resisted trying to Get loud "LET. Me. GO!" they began to strip me as I pray to God that hopefully one sane person.

notice what was going on, it was an answered prayer as a fifth stranger came and growled at the group of males "Let her go!" he then

furiously punched the first guy, as he jabbed the 3rd and kneeled the second guy making the fourth guy run first, then followed by the pack of very horny males. I think I saw a prince charming as church bells rang on the background of my mind as I saw him and asked

"Are you alright, miss?" he then glanced on the way where the pack of men gone as he said "get in the car." at this point I thought that I shouldn't probably just enter a stranger's car but, Nah YoLO!-

I then started to wear my clothes once more and let out a traumatized sigh "yes... I am fine..." I then noticed the guy's uncommon eye color as it glimmer on the night as if it's the red shade made a rich scarlet glimmer "uh how were you able to have red iris?..."

he chuckled and responded in a humble manner "Oh these just contact lenses, also my name is Charles." he said as he glanced through the mirror of the car, then focused on the road again, I then introduced like a normal person." my name is Lisa, thank you for saving me."

he then asked a pretty specific question as if he knew "do you go to Golden Crown university?" I then looked at him quite shock yet I still answered "h-how did you know?-" I asked quite anxiously as he calmed me down "don't worry I'm not a stalker, it's just that your bag.

it has the academy logo" I then meekly responded "yeah...." he then shifted our topic and neatly sat and leaned on the car seat "so let's get you home then." I made a quick nod of appreciation and then a few seconds later time sure does go fast as we were in front of our dormitory,

the door opened automatically, I then walked out and smiled a little as I waved goodbye and said my last thank "thank you very much! see you soon!" I then walked up the stairs to my room.

Beelieveinyourself Beelieveinyourself

Thank you for my friend Grace for writing this chapter for me!

Like it ? Add to library!

Have some idea about my story? Comment it and let me know.

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