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Let's Divorce, Ex-husband!

History 155 Chapters 670.4K Views
Author: NewEraCult

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Shu Ya had never doubted Zhuo Hao's love to her until she found a hickey on his shirt.

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    this was a horrible book. it dragged on and took to long to get to the main point . if we would have found out earlier instead of the last two chapters he was really cheating, than you could have actually added a real story too it!! I do not recommend, because it's a waste of money. just read the last two chapters. that's most of the story right there. and yes he was cheating with all those women and he had another child out there.. You are welcome.

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    i don't recommend this story because author has dragged this story too much if you want to read this story than read chapters that are unlocked and than read last 2 chapter so you would not waste your coins or fast pass that way....if you do that than also you think story is linke you don't feel like you skip any part of the story

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    just a warning, this comment will contain spoilers... overall, the story wasn't too bad, but it is overly drawn out, so unless you want to read more about how gaslighting works, then you can read all of it...but if you don't want to waste your money, then just know that the story abruptly ends when she finally finds out that he has indeed been cheating on her, has a child from before he married her, she gives him the divorce papers only for him to tear them up and storms out of the room (that is exactly how it ends, I'm not joking), and it doesn't look like there is a sequel to continue with if she gets divorced and is able to get a happily ever after...as I've said, it's not too bad, just doesn't fit well in the category of a romance genre, unless you want to learn about how a person can gaslight their significant other...so if you are curious about it, just read all the unlocked chapters, then just skip right to the last two chapters, because that's where everything finally gets wrapped up, at least the whole thing about him cheating on her... 😶😶😶

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    The story is good and I like it. Is this really the end of the story? It looks like the ending is rushed or there is part 2? Can someone send me raw link. Thanks

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    I do not recommend it. Mixed feelings. I expected the novel to be more fluid in the narrative. That she would stop patronising her husband and stop denying and forgiving his constant lies. It's a shame the author didn't finish the novel; and if that's the end, because she ran out of ideas or didn't know how to conclude, we readers could have helped.

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    The author needs to watch grammar. And know that he and she or his and her denote 2 sexes male and female. Also the author needs to research how DNA is taken. Hair cuttings is not the proper way to get DNA.

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    I liked the story, the characters were very credible. They made me feel frustrated and I felt every emotion along the wife. The end seems somewhat inconclusive, though and there isn't much character development, if any. I still hope there is a sequel or a second volume.

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    Author NewEraCult