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100% Let it Blossom, Let it Grow / Chapter 8: Karma

Karma - Let it Blossom, Let it Grow - Chapter 8 by Sun23 full book limited free

Chapter 8: Karma

The next day in the Wu Estate loud laughter could be heard in the first concubine courtyard. Wu Yiliang and Madam Chen were laughing at Wu Lian's misfortune. " Mother, now that sister is going to marry that dumb prince. I feel assured that the sixth prince will only belong to me."

" Of course, nobody can beat my beautiful daughter," said Madam Chen. All these years of tricking Wu Lian their hard work was finally coming to its end. It's almost time for her daughter to reap what should have been hers. Everything! Everything should all belong to her daughters! By status, no one holds a higher status than her daughter, even if Wu Lian's mother is the daughter of a great general, Madam Chen herself is not just someone ordinary.

As both of them were gleaming with happiness and laughter they were unaware that someone was listening to their chatter. Inside the room, not far from the door a shadowy figure threw a small bottle and disappeared. The small bottle hit Madam Chen on the side of her shoulder catching her attention. She looked down on the ground and saw the bottle.

Madam Chen looked at the bottle weirdly, " that's strange, where did this bottle fall from?" The bottle was plain looking with no inscription or decoration on it. The top was a bit chipped off and poorly made. There was nothing extraordinary about it. All there was is a piece of paper rolled up inside.

" What is it mother?" said Wu Yiliang curiously

" I don't kn-" stopping her sentence Madam Chen suddenly stood up and ran outside. Wu Yiliang watched her mother run out. She was going to follow, but before she could take a step out of the door she was pulled right back inside by some force.

Inside the garden next to the pond, Madam Chen suddenly jumps in. No one was there. If anyone were to see Madam Chen jumping into the pond they'll all think she has gone crazy. She followed the directions of what's written on the paper and found the pond which she doubts is connected to the location on the paper. Yet, she didn't question it. No matter what, she has to meet this person.

True to the directions, the pond was not shallow; there was a deep hole that connects the pond to a lake near the capitol border.

Madam Chen swam without any difficulty as she made her way out of the water. She didn't need to wait and dry herself as a cultivator doing something of this level; she didn't even need to lift her finger.

"Kneel!" shout an angry voice. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

The sudden booming anger made Madam Chen kneel with fear. She didn't need to look at the person who told her to kneel, just from the powerful presence that was released she already knew who it was. In front of her was her master Shen Xi!

" Master!" cried Madam Chen. Her face ashen in fear. The tone that her master used, she had only experienced it once. And it's not a tone that she wants to hear ever again!

" Chen Li! What have you done!" said Immortal Cultivator Shen Xi. She stood with anger as she looked down on her disciple. Her clothes flutter along with the wind.

Madam Chen slowly raises her head to look at her master. After so many years her master suddenly shows up. And she still looks the same as when they first met. Young and full of wisdom.

Her master, Shen Xi is an immortal, a high official in heaven. When she descended, she happened to come upon Madam Chen, who was able to become one of her students seeing that she had the aptitude for cultivation. But when Immortal Cultivator Shen Xi decided to go back she didn't expect this student of hers to change so much.

Madam Chen looked at her master, feeling wrong. When her master disappeared, she decided to venture out on her own. She met many people of different characters. But she has never met someone as handsome as General Wu. Her admiration for him turns into love. She pursued after him with the hope of getting married just to be broken hearted to hear that he was already married to someone else.

Instead of letting go, she shamelessly did everything she could to marry him. How could she not when he is the only person she loves. When she saw his wife she thought she was her master. But no matter how much she tested her, there was no spark of cultivation. General Wu's wife was too weak to be her master. But why was her master so angry? Is it because she took someone else's husband?

" Chen Li, do you know karma will come for those that deserve it." said Shen Xi

" I'm not sure what master is implying," said Madam Chen. She didn't do anything wrong. If her master is talking about the matter between her and Wu Lian's Mother then all she can say is that she did everything out of love. She didn't see anything wrong with that!

" Chen Li, you are one of my pupils. I gave you the opportunity to cultivate, not so that you could ruin someone else. And now you are planning to teach your daughter your dirty ways!" shout Shen Xi.

" Master! I..I..I didn't!" cried Madam Chen. She didn't know what her master was declaring about. She teaching her daughter her dirty ways?! She never taught Wu Yiliang anything other than to take whatever is her even if she had to use force. How is that dirty!?

" If you still consider me your master then you should know what you need to do. Chen Li, will you correct your way?" said Shen Xi. Her eyes affectionately stare at Madam Chen, but her words said otherwise. She cares deeply for all her disciples. She believes that each and every one of them will do something great, but she didn't expect to be met with such disappointment. Of all her three disciples, Chen Li was the youngest and the slowest at learning. But she strived and was able to cultivate to the early stage of core formation. As of now she was still trying to reach the middle stage. She has the aptitude, but not the heart to move on any more. Her lack of interest made Shen Xi despondent. Did she pick the wrong words of encouragement? Or was it the way she taught that made this student of hers lose interest?

There was a time where she felt that it was her fault, but her other disciples opened her eyes to the differences of each and every human being. She realized that it wasn't her fault because the young Chen Li then was no longer the same energetic girl who loved to cultivate and dream of being an immortal. It seems that not all dreams are reality. Some humans allow their dream to come and go while others hold on to it tightly, for hope that it can be turned into a reality.

Shen Xi couldn't but sighs with regret. Such fleeting dreams….if only Chen Li could grasp it without letting go then now she would have been close to reaching her dream.

Madam Chen looked at her master, and didn't say anything.

Shen Xi continued on staring at her. Neither of them said anything. Shen Xi gave a last warning before leaving. She warns Madam Chen that if she doesn't open her eyes to correct her wrong then one day it will catch up to her. On that day, no matter how much she beg, no one will help her.

Shen Xi left with a heavy heart knowing that her disciple will never understand the consequence of her actions. Madam Chen stood up as her master's presence disappeared. She looks at the sky and stares blankly. Her face was devoid of emotion as if the warning her master warned her was nothing, but a joke.

" Master, you have never been in love. You wouldn't know the pain of losing the person you love. I did this because I love him! I didn't do anything wrong. My daughter did not do anything wrong!" mumbled Madam Chen to herself.

Instead of taking the same route she took, Madam Chen turned toward a dirty road leading to the city. But when she took no more than three steps the sky darkened. Loud rumbles of thunder resonate throughout the sky. Small droplet of water gently fell down. Madam Chen frowned as she felt the rain hit her. She hurried forward, but she stopped when she heard a sniffling cry. A cold sensation engulfed her as she slowly turned her back. And there she saw, her daughter laying in a pool of blood reaching out to her under the rain.

" MOTHER! Help me! mother....PLEASE" seeing her daughter cried out to her Madam Chen immediately cried out, " YILIANG!" Madam Chen reach out her hand, but no matter how much she tried to reach her the further her daughter was.


" MOTHER! STOP STop's hurting me! It hurts my mother!" cried Wu Yiliang as blades after blades rained down on her.

Madam Chen stopped moving. Her face pale with terror as she watches her daughter calling for her. There was so much blood. The blood mixed with the rainwater and trail down like a river. Madam Chen rushed forward again as she tried to reach Wu Yiliang. She didn't see the blades that kept on raining down, stabbing her daughter.

Wu Yiliang kept on crying for her to stop as she used all her strength to raise her head to look at her mother. Her eyes water with fear. Her bloody hands kept on reaching for her mother's touch. But each time she tried to reach for her mother's help, all she could grab was the sharp blade-like grass.

" YILIANG! what do you want mother to stop!" cried Madam Chen. She fell to her knees and cried out to her.

Then as if she heard her master voice again, Madam Chen remembered her master words: correct your wrong before they catch up to you! Her master words ring in her head. Her wrong?! Wrong? HER WRONG!!

Madam Chen mustered with all her strength as she looked up to the dark cloudy sky. She raised her shaking hands in a praying position, her mouth refusing to form any words of accepting her wrong and understanding. But the voice of her daughter crying for her to stop made her swallow all her pride and selfishness as she called out toward the sky. " Heaven! Master! I know what to do! I know what I must do! PLEASE, PLEASE, save my daughter!" she cried.

Her cries vibrated through the whole lake. A devastating cry pleading for forgiveness, and for redemption.


The loud booming sound of thunder reverberate as lightning crackles throughout the sky. Another final boom hits as a tree near Madam Chen lights up in flames. She continued to beg for redemption again and again. The sky lets out a gush of rain lighting out the flaming trees. And as if it had heard her call, the sky cleared all at once. The sun brightly beaming its light toward Madam Chen as if accepting her cries.

Madam Chen felt the warm sunlight hit her face. She saw the clear blue sky and quickly turned, but didn't find Wu Yiliang anywhere.

"Yiliang!" she cried out, then she heard her master voice.

" Chen Li, your daughter is fine. Since you already gave your answer you should know what to do. Things can still be changed. If you haven't wronged anyone then no wrong would come back to haunt you."

Shen Xi's revelation of Madam Chen's future wasn't to be taken lightly. She knew that if she didn't do something her disciple will never think about the consequences of her actions.

" Yes, master. I'm sorry...I'm sorry" said Madam Chen as she cried. The only person she had wronged so far was Wu Lian's mother, but how was she supposed to fix her wrong if she was already dead?

Wait, if I can't do anything for Shen Xi ( Wu Lian's mother) then I'll just have to take care of Wu Lian!

Madam Chen clench her hands into a fist making a promise to herself that from today forward she will change! The thought of seeing her daughter in the same situation again scared her enough!

Back at the General Wu estate, the misfortune's Wu Lian was still sleeping soundly without any care. Apparently, Su Mei and Su Hua has made her bed too comfortable that she can no longer wake up on time as before. After her rebirth, she promise herself to get as much sleep as she could! In her past life, after she die she didn't even get to rest. Instead she became a ghost! She almost lost her way if not for the attachment she have for the people she love. She would forever lived on as a ghost! A wandering ghost!!!

" Wu Lian, Wu Lian…"

Feeling something pecking her head " Stop it. What is it?" assuming that it was Su Hua again she didn't even bother raising her voice.

" Wu Lian, you got another name for yourself, this time it's not as bad as being called dumb!"

"Uh, someone gave me another name? Who?" she mumbled. Her hand brushing upon her face wiping the stain of saliva.

" Who else if it isn't your meimei and her mother"

Rubbing her eyes, Wu Lian raises her arms up with a sluggish tiring face.


With a loud Yawn, Wu Lian opened her eyes. Her eyes widened with shock when she saw who she was talking to.

Wu Lian: "..."

"Uhh ...hello"

" Hello what! You gotta hurry up and do something. Now that you're going to marry Wang Zheng you can't add another disgrace to your name," the bird chirped as it flapped its wing.

" Wait, wait. Are you talking to me?" she said as he rubbed her eyes. Did she not get enough rest?

"Of course I am, Who else would I talk to too!"

Heaven! What's going on with me? Did I die again? She pinch her cheek, feeling the pain. She was glad that she's still alive, but what now! She can talk to animals! What is going on? Is this a side effect of her rebirth?

" Wu Lian, Listen! The Emperor nephew is not dumb like you. He is the most handsome and kind person in the whole world. If you are going to marry him you better be good. At first I was not okay with you marrying him, but seeing how you are not as hateful as the others I will allow it."

" Wait a minute, who the heck are you? Wang Zheng, a good person? That I already know." looking at the bird in front of her Wu Lian feels like slapping its face. She already has so many haters, and now not only does humans hate her, even animals too! This was too much!

" I'm no one, and someone. Well its great that Wang Zheng is not dumb like you or else how are you going to survive. But I do feel a bit sad for him. He's too good for you. Ah, so sad, " said the bird while flapping its wings.

" Why would you care?" asked Wu Lian with annoyance. She was sleeping peacefully, and now she was being mocked by a bird! She did not ask for it! Where were her maids when she needed them!?

" Oh, I don't." said the bird while shaking its head, " I'm interested in you, not him."

Wu Lian cocked her head to one side, huh? Interested in me? She narrows her eyes as she stares at the bird, " why would you be interested in me?

Wu Lian: "..."

WAIT! How can I talk to you?!

Wu Lian: "..."

Then an idea came to her. " It can't be! Is this my power! Does this mean I have a martial root!" shout Wu Lian happily

" I knew it, I knew it!"

" Dream on! " The bird chirped maddly " You could only hear me because I wanted you to. Stop dreaming!"

Her happiness left her as fast as it came.

" then...then.." mumbled Wu Lian. The bird looked at Wu Lian and sang," Well I got to now. but remember me!" he chirped as he blew a kiss at her.

Looking up, Wu Lian saw the bird fly away." Why would I want to remember you!"

" You have too!!" sing the bird again before finally flying off into the sky.

She got up and looked out of her window. Wu Lian looked toward the afternoon sky. Her face filled with confusion as she looked at the fleeting bird.

Who are you?

Sun23 Sun23

It has been a long time...pretty long, but finally a chapter! Thank you for all reader that are still interested! *CRY CRY CRY

P.S maybe I'll able to add one or two more chapters within this weekend or next week! Life have hit many of us pretty hard last and this year, and many more years to come. I almost couldn't breath with how horrible the world is coming to be, but we all preseve and strive, so never give up!

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