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Chapter 10 - Lewd Apocalypse - Chapter 10 by thegrandmagi full book limited free

Chapter 10: Chapter 10

At the same hour, at the temporary HQ of Anurica department of defense.

"Commander! We received report that the black mist appeared again from New Londo. It will reach here in about two hours and thirty-six minutes." The technician reported.

"Sound the alarm! All units and personnel are to head back to their quarter and lock their doors. Initiate level 4 danger and a full quarantine at base. Lastly send out the warnings ASAP!." The commander quicky gave out a list of orders.

"How many cities will fall this time?" The commander said to his longtime friend and advisor next to him.

"None" The advisor responded.


"Judging from the density of the mist according to the report, it should be weaker than the first time. The research team already hypothesized that the black mist is something that triggers evolution by mutation. Those that didn't turn into those monsters won't turn again by the same level of stimulation." The advisor then lifted his glasses and continued to explain.

"But, from the sample that was obtained, the black mist radiates strong energy that can be absorbed into the body. They said it will most likely strengthen the awakened human even more and give birth to new awakened. But this also means the number of mutated zombies will rise. Cities will not fall with the black mist at this time, but they will fall in the future from the increasing horde of evolved zombies."

"Dr. Ihlov theorized all that in such short amount of time?" The commander asked.

"Yes, we are lucky to find Dr. Ihlov alive at the outbreak. But he has been quite disgruntled lately."

"That disgruntled old man"

"Yes, a disgruntled old man"

After a short pause, the commander finally let out a sigh, crossed his hands, then rested his head in irritation.

"We already lost two teams of our best soldiers in New Londo on Dr.Ihlov's behalf. I will not order my men to go back there until we get more intel inside that damned place."

The commander then knocked his finger on the desk and turned his head to the advisor.

"What's the status on Foxtrot? They would be the perfect candidates to go."

"Not good sir. Most of the awakened men were originally civilians no long ago...and some of them have strong ego being the superior human. Long story short, Captain Varos is against sending out his team until he thinks Foxtrot is ready."

"Thats another stubborn old man, but I guess he is right."

An informant then interjected the conversation between the two.

"Sir we also received information that the mist appeared in the same location at other parts of the world as well!"

It was not just Anurica, the whole world was in a similar predicament.


Hours had passed by back at the Great Mall. The black misted had already dispersed from the roof and all wounds on the bodies of the three had healed. Sarah and the female host returned to their senses and were ready for a second round of fight. But Leo was in a strange state. His breathing was rapid and his eyes were red; his muscles bulged and contracted along his body.

Sarah remembered seeing her little brother in this state; it was when the long-headed zombie tried to mind control Leo. The sister was worried for her frenzied little brother, but something appeared on Leo's body that stopped her brain for a moment. A massive erection tore through Leo's poor pants and suddenly appeared out of blue. Sarah's mind was confused on what her reaction should be and wryly laughed with three black lines magically conjured on her head

The female host briefly looked at the monumental colossus with a blank face and focused her attention on Leo, who was now the biggest threat. With the little bit of consciousness left in his mind, Leo held the urge to jump on everything around him and directed all his bloodlust towards female host. A close quarter brawl between the two monsters began with no room for Sarah to interject. Surprisingly, Leo soon overpowered the female host and pinned her onto the ground. Within the seconds, Leo ignored the injuries from her constant struggles and inserted the gargantuan into her puffy honey well. The female host widen her eyes and mouth, let out cute sound and finally made an expression for the first time.

The female host continued to struggle with kicks and scratches, but finally gave up resisting when she reached orgasm and obediently let the comparatively small boy to ride freely on her large body. She began to enjoy the intercourse and crudely cooperated with Leo, murmuring out constant moans along with the rhythm. A small bulge could be seen on the big girl's stomach, Leo's partner in crime still managed to stretch the inside of her large body. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Sarah watched at the absurd spectacle in front of her and remained speechless. She was unsure of what to do and can only watch in awe.

"She took the whole thing so easily" Sarah was actually a little envious toward the female host. "But phew, I am glad I was first"

Leo was merciless towards the climaxing female host as he endlessly thrusted his tower deep into her. The primal intercourse lasted until both of them reached climax at the same time. After a pause, the female host returned to her senses first and kicked Leo with her slender leg, sending his body flying away. Leo then let out a cry, launched forward, pinned the female host to the ground once again and inserted his unyielding tower. But this time, Leo made a mistake. He angled the gland a little too low and it ended up in somewhere mysterious and unknown to most of the male kind beyond some cultured swine. The female host once again widen her eyes and mouth, let out another cute sound and finally made an expression for the second time.

While Leo ventured into uncharted territory, the sister was at shock and shivered on what she was seeing.

"Thí-thi-this! Is amazing!" Sarah was more excited than usual.

This time, the female host really surrendered in defeat. Leo rotated her body to piggy ride her. The female host obediently raised her rear high up in submission with thick ooze dropping from her crotch, but accidentally lifted the boy with his partner in crime stuck in her rear. Leo continued to thrust mercilessly while in acrobat, unloading his bullets without reserve. Eventually, the stomach of the female host bloated and the thick ooze started to flow out of her mouth. There was so much she couldn't contain it in her body. Gallons after gallons must had been pumped inside her.

"This is so hot!!" The sister whispered to herself. A new play had definitely been added in her book.

The primal intercourse lasted from dusk to dawn; however, the female host had already fainted hours ago on top of the pool of thick ooze, leaving Leo pounding furiously on a motionless body, until he too passed out on top of the big girl.


Back at home while Leo was taming the wild Pokémon. It was almost dinner time; Catherine was worried sick about her children. The black mist appeared when she was tending the garden and it was an irregular phenomenon she never seen before. While holding a satellite phone and waiting for any news from Leo and Sarah, knocking sounds from the door can be heard. Catherine took out her gun instead and moved to check who was outside from the windows.

The sight of a figure made Catherine rushed to the door. Beyond the door was a beautiful woman with red hair. However, her body was full of injuries with bloodstains all over her tattered cloths and battered limps. The woman moved her crippled body into the house and was embraced by Catherine, smashing the two pair of equally large breast in a grand spectacle.


"I am back home, sister" The woman wryly smiled.


Sarah looked at the two fainted figure and was conflicted on what to do. But first, she decided to separate the two bodies by pulling out Leo. Her little brother's raging boner was still stuck deep in the rear, it was quite difficult for Sarah to pull Leo out from such tight place. Thick ooze started to gush out to the sky like a hose at the stretched gap. "Oh my...My little brother is the biggest monster" Sarah thought at the amazing sight before her.

This woke up the female host. The large girl struggled to stand up while streams of thick ooze dripped out along her slender long leg. She licked off the protein from her lips then slowly approached the siblings.

"Crap!" Sarah shouted out, but immediately realized she felt no bloodlust or hostility from the female host, and her guts was telling her this cute looking big girl don't bite.

Curious as to what the big girl will do, Sarah let her approach the two. The girl rested her hand on the unconscious Leo, kneeled down and started to brush her face against his body, letting out a sweet smile. The scene looked so adorable it melted Sarah's heart.

"Awww, Leo is amazing, isn't he? I am glad you understand too." The sister let out an whole hearted smile having confirmed the big girl was now harmless.

"Who are you?"


"Can you understand me?"


"Do you have a name? Guess not.... This is it! We will call you Zomi from now out. No objection? Then it is decided"


The big girl, who is now called Zomi, tilted her head in bewilderment to all of Sarah's questions and had her name decided for her by the happy go lucky girl.

Sarah let Zomi followed her around the Great Mall while carrying Leo behind her shoulders. The hard robbing appendage at her back gave the sister an inexplicable sensation. Though her body was feeling the itch from watching the intense live action show all night long, her priority at the moment was to find a place to let Leo rest and wait for him to wake up.

Laying the little brother down on a sofa, the sister joyfully grabbed Zomi's hand and brought her to all kinds of clothing stores and shops. Given the height differences, a person looking from a distance would easily mistake Sarah as a little girl pestering her mom for new cloths.

"You can't walk around in public naked all the time. A big girl like you need to learn how to dress appropriately."


There was very little clothing that fitted the 9-feet tall amazon with a dynamite body. No matter what Sarah putted on the giantess, they all ended up being too tight, overstretched and showing off a lot of skin. Contrary to her large stature, Zomi had a gentle baby face. The big girl's over sexualized proportions were a great irony to her innocent look.

Leo woke up at midst the shopping spree of Sarah and Zomi. He noticed he had been cleaned and changed into fresh clothing. Looking at the ceiling, he faintly remembered he was fighting the host of the gore nest and had no more recollection afterwards. Zomi sensed her master was now awake and ditched Sarah while carrying myriad of shopping bags on her hands.

"Hey, wait! Zomi, what's wrong?" The sister rushed out of the store and followed the giantess that carried all her loot.

Leo stared at the big girl that appeared before him. The giantess was now wearing a tight T-shirt and a simple skirt that failed to contain the curve of her rear. This was the female host of the gore nest. Why is she not aggressive? What is with this inappropriate get up? Leo's mind was at disarray and the sister behind Zomi's back watched in amusement.

"So... who is she and what happened? I can't remember a thing"

"I am not sure. You lost control like last time and managed to beat her into submission...I guess? Both of you fainted, and when she woke up, she was like this following us around. Oh, her name is Zomi, say hi~~"


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