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50% Lewd Apocalypse / Chapter 12: Chapter 12

Chapter 12 - Lewd Apocalypse - Chapter 12 by thegrandmagi full book limited free

Chapter 12: Chapter 12

In a certain control room, the monitors were all lighted up and filled the walls, a figure can be seen sitting at the arm chair. Samantha had been monitoring the facility to find the beast that killed all the soldiers and her colleague. Without knowing the threat she was facing, she can only afford to operate in areas locked behind steel reinforced doors.

Samantha saw the trio entering the campus from the camera. She was extremely astonished by the sight of a nine feet giantess that she instinctively ignored the young boy and girl. The trio split up. Through the security camera, Samantha followed the girl and the giantess all to the way to shower. The teenage girl started to take off her clothes, revealing a matured and graceful body.

"It's good to be young, that smooth skin it's even better than mine." Samantha bit her nail at the monitor.

Then what she saw next staggered her even more. Two giant watermelons bounced out of the tight T-shirt as the big girl undressed with the help of Sarah. The simple skirt followed through, revealing a plump and round peach.

Samantha looked at her own endowment. She regularly exercised to keep up the shape of her body. It was disheartening enough that she was beat by a teenage girl in almost every aspect; but seeing the giantess, she was simply defeated in despair.

Suddenly, a loud breaking sound were heard from the door of the control room, which almost frighten the woman to death. Samantha stared at the entrance and could only watch the steel framed door easily bended into metal scrap before her very eye by a boy with just his bare hands. "This is insane" Samantha thought. It was the same type of door that stopped the unknown beast from reaching to her.

"Wow, I didn't expect to see someone was alive in this place. Uhm...excuse me for breaking the door. My name is Leo, who are you?" The boy apologized for his unruly entrance. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Seeing the boy was not some sort of monster, Samantha let out a sigh of relief and regained her composure.

"My name is Samantha, an assistant researcher in this facility. As you can see, I am the only person alive in this place. Were you guys attacked by a strong monster on your way here? That thing wiped out the remaining survivors."

The researcher looked attentively at Leo for answer, but the boy let out an indifferent response.

"A strong monster? We were only ambushed by a big cat on the way. It was black and it didn't taste very good."

"Didn't taste good? That mean it was killed?!" Signs of liveliness glittered in her eye.

"Eh? Of course, it was killed. We don't eat stuff that are alive. But maybe Zomi would." Leo was being a bit of sarcastic.

Tears fell from the researcher's eye. The monster had been haunting her within her mind for days. Watching all of the people died around her one by one was a severe trauma. Samantha's reaction bewildered him, which made him frantically apologizing for sounding too offensive. Watching Leo in panic, it brightened her mood and the researcher blurted out a laugh in smile. She had a distaste for men in general, but a young kid like Leo can be made exception. The boy was quite innocent the researcher thought in her mind; it was a thought she would soon put a one-eighty on.

The sky began to darken and the rain started to pour. Sounds of thunderous roar reverberated throughout the sky. Sarah sensed a spiky feeling every time the sky flashed. The group met up in a rotunda around the lobby. Leo introduced the researcher to the group. After exchanging stories, it took a while for Samantha to get over the fact that a 9 feet tall amazon existed and the group began dinner while chatters resumed.

"So, you were saying that you have been contacted from outside of the city and the rescue teams failed to retrieve you twice. Do you know what is it like outside of the city?" Sarah inquired the researcher in stern look. She wanted to know what happened to the rest of the country or the world.

"My grandpa is with the militaries. Civilization is barely kept alive outside of the city. Many cities fell and became restricted zones for any humans. New Londo being the center of the source, was especially more dangerous than other forbidden areas due to higher number of mutated zombies and beasts. It is also known that counties closer to New Londo have higher chance of victims turning into zombie when the black mist first appeared."

"So, we started out in the zone with highest difficulty huh...I thought we will face tougher enemies after we leave the beginner village and explore outside of the city." Leo brought parallel to the only reality he knew.

"You guys are the abnormal ones. Hearing your stories, the three of you are basically already on top of the food chain. I guess this proof my grandpa is right, exposure to higher concentration of black mist also leads to stronger awakened humans."

"Leo is the abnormal one here. I climbed alongside because I rigorously take my meal thanks to Leo. Zomi is an exception, she is not human after all." Sarah thought to herself after hearing the information from the researcher, but there is also something she wanted to know.

"Samantha, do you know if any awakened human has special power? Like this" Sarah demonstrated power to control electric current.

"You people surprised me once again. Samantha widened her eyes. "Grandpa happened to have updated me a day ago, the 2nd black mist has a small chance to cause awakened human to awakened again and obtain new powers. The percentage have been very low so far, only five confirmed cases of reawakening, as they called it, in the whole country. I suppose you have re-awakened around yesterday as well?"

"Ok, maybe I am kind of abnormal as well" Sarah did not feel the need to tell Samantha the truth and silently nodded, it was probably better for the researcher's heart.

The night finally beckoned and hailing from the storm will persist throughout the evening. Samantha led the trio to the employee quarter in the facility, where they could rest for the night. The siblings happily laid down on the sofa bed. It had been two days since they could have a proper sleep. Zomi sat on the ground hugging her legs as she was too tall to be standing in the room. Fortunately, and unfortunately, Zomi did not require sleep since she was not human, sleeping only served to conserve her energy.

Soon, the time was almost midnight and Samantha could not fall to sleep. The arrival of the trio and the death of the monster that haunted her left her too excited. She took a stroll and wondered back to the control room and recalled the past few days she spent in this cage. Then, a series of strange sounds echoed from the hallway and woke Samantha from her reminiscence.

The researcher became vigilant and tried to monitor the area through the cameras. Then she saw something on the monitor that stupefied her.

"Wait? What!? What are they doing?? How could they do?"


Sarah woke up in the middle of the night and took off her clothes. She checked to see if Leo was awake and took off his bulging pants. To this day, Sarah and Catherine never figured out why Leo will never wake up from outside disturbance when he is asleep. Sarah could only guess some kind of mutation is happening within Leo's body, but for now, that's a worry for another time.

The sister feasted her eye on the raging boner. She recalled the day when she first saw the majestic tower, it had grown bigger ever since. Sarah then took a look at Zomi. The big girl had been staring at her master all night long. She watched Sarah undressed Leo in silence and continued to remain silent.

After a short warm up with her hands on the tool, she began her fellatio in her favorite position. The little brother let out his shots earlier than usual. Sarah guessed it must had been the pent-up stress the past couple days. Having her fill, she turned his head towards Zomi, and waved her hand at the big girl, telling her to come close.

Zomi finally understood the sister and moved her head close to Sarah's head and the towering rod. With both of the girls in position, Sarah kissed the tip then gently swallowed the gland and let the gland pop out of her mouth with a sound of puff. Then under Sarah's look of encouragement, Zomi followed suit with a kiss and swallow the whole towering gland into her mouth. Sarah couldn't help to be jealous of that capability.

The big girl swallowed a mouthful of pre-cum and let the gland out. She looked at Sarah as if saying it is your turn. Sarah widened for eyes for a second and then nodded. The sister took the tip back in and give it a mouthful. The two girls inter-exchange ably serviced the veiny rod and looked at each other in the eye. The sister thought it was quite amusing and enjoyed the moment. Finally, tremor can be felt from the gland. Sarah let out the rod and gave the honor to Zomi and lowered her head to service the bulging twin orb. Zomi had finally had her long await meal and the hunger in her stomach had satiated.

The night was long and Sarah had just gotten started. She stood up and spread her plump rear cheeks and angled the gaping hole to the towering rod under Zomi's gaze. The sister started off with inserting the tip and sensation was already strong with just the grith stretching her rear gap. Judging from the size, her rear gap won't be able to close for a while.

"I hope I won't need lube" The sister told herself as she pressed herself down. It was at such strength that the sofa bed crumbled in compression. If Sarah had done what she did to Leo as a normal human, it would have been a 100% mortality rate. Nonetheless, the penetration was fatal to the sister as seen from the obscene bulge reaching deep in her abdomen. Yet, the extreme pleasure and ecstasy almost fragmented Sarah's mind as she let out a broken expression in tears.

Sarah took her time to regain her composure and stopped climaxing. Compared to having the entire rod in her honey well, the feeling of having it in the rear was much tighter and more extreme. When she tried to lift herself up, the sister had to press onto Leo's abdomen to separate herself from the boy.

Banging sound between two bodies continued to echo throughout the room. The tightness from Sarah's rear prevented Leo from having a quick ejaculation and hence, stored extra amount of thick ooze in the bloated twin orbs. When the pressure was finally too high, the thick streams of ooze blasted out from the widen tip inside Sarah. It quickly traveled through the intestines and inflated the stomach, and finally, thick white ooze started to pour out from Sarah's mouth. Zomi still had an appetite and did not want the food to go waste. She covered Sarah's mouth with her own and swallowed the heavy yogurt while kissing Sarah. Leo's ejaculation had been forceful this time around and lasted minutes.

Sammatha watched the whole live action from the monitor in shock, but could not bring herself to shift her gaze away. She was wrong about Leo, not a chance in the world that kid was innocent when he was walking around with that monstrous class calamity in his pants. Then there was the equally monstrous volume of sperm. She watched Sarah's inflated stomach and couldn't believe it was all thick ooze inside the sister from a single load. By the end of the show, Samantha almost fainted from watching the inhuman level of sex the trio can display. Especially Leo, watching him dominated two female superhuman in his sleep, Samantha couldn't help but to imagine what would've happened if the boy had set his eyes on her.

It was Zomi's turn to feast on the meaty rod. Samantha continued to watch in awe and fear but did not notice that Sarah had already left the room. A few moments later, knocking sounds were heard from the broken door behind Samantha. The researcher startled and looked back. Sarah was naked with thick ooze dripping down of her rear, leaving a trail of white spots on the hallway.

"Do you want to join us?" Sarah smiled gently at the woman.

"No! Thank you. I think I will die from that" Samantha responded in panic.

"No, you won't. Leo never wakes up in middle of his sleep. You can go at your own pace and control the rhythm. And you can go as deep as you want. I like to take the whole thing, but that's because my body can handle it. For a normal human, maybe one-third? Or half? If you are feeling brave."

Sarah was very excited in sharing her sexual experience with the women.

"But on a serious note, do you want to know what it is like to awaken?"

Sarah's word brought light to Samantha's eye

"What do you mean!? I can be awakened as well?"

Sarah took out some crimson jelly placed on her hand. The sister was currently naked, where she pulled out those things was a questioned to be answered by the heaven.

"These are stuff you find from the brains of stronger zombies"

"Yes, they are called cerebrum concentrate according to grandpa."

"Well, eating these things will increase our strength, not sure if it can let a human awaken. Does your grandpa know? But anyway, my little brother's cum can also do the same thing. It also worked on normal humans with no one turning so far. Don't ask me how and why, it's your call."

Samantha was conflicted on hearing this information. The military knew about the cerebrum concentrate, they had tested on live subjects and all of them turned into zombies without exception. Her grandpa, Dr. Ihlov and his research team had been working on the mysterious phenomena behind human awakening and had been trying to duplicate the effect on other humans. All of the experiments ended in failure and they were stuck at a wall.

"You mean if I eat his white stuff I can awaken too? Is that really true"

Awakening was definitely something every survivor aimed to obtain and it was not an exception for Samantha. Rather, the desire ran deeper in her for being trapped inside the research facility and powerless to do anything.

"I told you, it's your call...whether to believe it or not" A small hidden grin was on Sarah's face.

The researcher was tempted by the desire to awaken. After some lengthy discussion about awakened humans in general, the researcher was convinced and followed the sister back to the employee resting area. Zomi was still going ham on Leo's colossus, she seemed to enjoy having it in her rear as well. Judging from the swelled stomach, Zomi was reaching her maximum capacity as she took another blast from the tip. Seeing the sister back in the room, the big docile girl got up from Leo and relinquished the turn for Sarah.

"Well, Ms. Ihlov. Enjoy your meal. Is this your first time doing this kind of thing?"

It was indeed the researcher's first time. She approached the throbbing monster and leveled her head to the tip.

"What do I need to do" Samantha revealed her inexperience and turned her head to Sarah.

"Maybe use your hands. If you are feeling the heat, you can put it in your mouth as well. I believe your two holes on the bottom work better. But I doubt you would try"

Seeing the giant mammoth up close, Samantha couldn't quite bring herself to touch the rod due to her aversion for men. Even when she finally mustered up the encourage to service the rod, the half-assed attempt would not yield any result.

Sarah shook her head at the struggle before her and thought of a mischievous idea.

"Fine, there is another alternative to get what you need"

The sister politely helped Zomi bend down against the wall and raised the giantess's hip up in the air. Sarah then placed her cheek against Zomi's huge and plump buttock and spread the rear cheeks with her hands to reveal a fistful size of gaping hole. The amount of cheese from Leo was too much for Zomi to absorb; a river of thick ooze still flowed out from her rear as the gap collapsed and expanded from her breathing.

The sight alone almost gave Samantha a nose bleed and her pantie started to become moist. She gulped down her saliva; this option was certainly more acceptable than sucking off that monstrosity. Even though it was a rear hole, it also was a rear hole from a goddess.

The female researcher had quite a short stature, she approached in front of Zomi's rear and the gaping hole was in level to her height. Samantha sticked out her tongue to service the pink spots. The original goal probably already slipped from her mind as she cleaned off the thick ooze off of Zomi's rear. Sarah pressed down Zomi's slightly inflated stomach and forced the female researcher to gulp down a torrent of thick ooze, which also spoiled her face.

As the female researcher cleaned up after Zomi and herself, Sarah went to play with Leo for the rest of the night. The ecstasy brought by consuming Leo's thick ooze already made Samantha addicted to it without her realizing.

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