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Chapter 2: The Lewd System

Zen was an average looking 18-year old with no many accomplishments nor anything to his name other than just being alive, being really good at video games, and going to college to study for a pointless degree. He had two sisters one younger one who was 16 her name Crystal and another older one called Lera who was 20 years old these girls were already gifted and had many things going for them. They were both in the same campus of Zen.

"Ah shit don't tell me I am late for class," Zen said with a sigh as rubbed his long messy dark brown hair back and runs out the door of his room.

"Whatever it's not like matters anyway..." He snags up a can of red bull and starts chugging it down. His whole dorm room was a mess, it was litter red bull cans and a bunch of broken game controllers and junk. He somehow had one super Gaming Computer that was linked up to a V.R headset.

Zen starts off his day like any normal day. He goes for a nice jog at the local park while looking at running gorgeous woman in their tight black compression shorts.

'Nothing beats a fine looking woman." He grinned as he took all the running beautiful young fair maidens at the college campus park.

"Hey, it's that fucking freak who was talking to my girlfriends! Let's go beat this punk ass!" Says Red as bolts towards Zen with a bunch of his jock friends.

Red was the most popular and handsome student in Zen's college which was called Yaleton. He had flawless long spiky ruby red hair and eyes. Every girl wanted to be with him, he the looks, wealth, and power that Zen would never have in million years.

Red also had his own harem of anime girls that every boy would ever dream. He had about ten different girls. Saeko Busujima, Shizuka Marikawa, Nico Robin, Hirastuka Shizuka, Irina Jelavic were standing right behind and giggling at Zen. They are looked beyond sexy, they were all wearing skimpy green uniform skirts, black pantyhose stockings, and tight white school dress shirts

Zen was furious and angered that such sexy girls were with an asshole like Red who was probably using them.

In a flash Red punched Zen in the stomach. "Gaaah!" Zen coughs out blood. Red goes in for another punch, but Zen blocked his punch with his elbow and then swiftly punched back Gary with his free.

"You bastard! Now you're gonna get it!" Red stumbled back and spit blood from his mouth. Red and his hooligan friends join in to beat up Zen.

Zen was obviously outnumbered and beaten up a bloody pulp, he gripped at his broken ribs and punch eyes, he even got a scar in his eye from being punched so hard. He coughs out blood and tries to get up and fight, but he could barely move. "You cheating bastard!!! Fight me like a fucking man!" Zen thunders out as more blood spits from his mouth. Red's harem of girls all laugh at Zen and stick their tounges out and mock him.

"What a fucking loser." Chuckled Irina Jelavic. "Yeah so worthless," Added in Hirastuka with a cold glare from her piercing light purple eyes as swishes back her long shiny raven hair.

"Tch. Never show your face around here again! And don't ever talk to any of my girls!" Red roars out with a sly sinister grin as he puffs up his school uniform and grabs both Hirastuka and Irina's slim well-toned waist, there huge supple breasts jiggle everywhere. Red soon walked away towards the Yaleton brick college building and left Zen bleed out in the park.

'Is this really how I am going to die!? I am tired of being so fucking weak! I swear I will fucking make you pay Red! I fucking make everyone pay! " Zen barley gets up and goes to his room.

"Goddammit! Fuck everyone! Fuck this world!" He punches a hole in his dorm room wall and goes over to his room to play video games.

"Hey what the fuck man!?" Yelled out Satou Kazuma, he was Zen's roommate.

Zen turned on his Super Computer and plugged in his V.R Oculus headset and starts to play League of Legends while at the same time he played some random RPG.

Suddenly a *Ding!* noise is heard and a line of golden color code appears on his V.R headset.

[Would you like to activate the Lewd System? Yes/No]

'I don't if this some stupid prank or a virus, but whatever what else do I have to lose!' Zen presses yes. A spark of neon blue lightning blast into Zen's eyes, "Aaaaaah! What the fuck is happening!?"

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[Name: Zen]

Level: 100

Race: [Chose 1 or fuse 2 races]:

Class: [Chose 1 or fuse two classes]:

Powers: [Choose 8]:


[DC or Marvel]:



Summon: Summon five anime characters to follow you in your journey to be the most Lewdest God.

Skills: This will be filled once you chose your powers.


[You have 100,000,000 points to boost attributes]








[STR- Strength,DEF- Defensive, AGI- Agility, STM- Stamina, INTEL- Intillegence, CRT- Critical, KAM- Karma]

"HAHAHA! I WILL END EVERYONE! I WILL BECOME A LEWD GOD!" Zen roars out as his punches his fist in the air.

GhostyZisGod GhostyZisGod

This chapter needs to be edited.

For the system, I thought I would leave it empty so I can choose your guys decisions. This story is fast paced and gets right to the R-18. I made the system simple. I would like to hear some cool cultivation powers beside dual cultivation. I will be writing daily chapters for this story. Also chose which world he should go first.


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