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12.5% Life as Angel Gremory von Lucifer / Chapter 2: Chapter 2

Chapter 2 - Life as Angel Gremory von Lucifer - Chapter 2 by LordAngel888 full book limited free

Chapter 2: Chapter 2

I started to wake up and when I opened my eyes with some trouble I saw an unfamiliar ceiling and was laying down on a very comfortable bed, the most comfortable bed I had ever had the luxury to be on.

After a couple of minutes of enjoying the god like bed I stood up with some difficulty since I didn't want to be separated from this wonderful bed I looked around the room and I was absolutely surprised at what I was seeing the room was huge it was at least as big as two big living rooms and it had so many expensive looking furniture and it even had a balcony and there was a sliding door that led to a huge bathroom if you can even call it one

Because it looked like a rich man's pool, there were showers, tubs, hot tubs, and even a sauna in here. It totally blew my mind. The room that I woke up in was just to fantastic I immediately fell in love with it the theme color of the room was amazing as well it was mainly black with a mixture of silver and red, which I strangely loved it was strange since I'm my past life I loved the color black but that wasn't the strange thing I was feeling towards the color,

It was the color red and silver that I seemingly loved, now don't get me wrong I like the color red and silver but I never liked it this much. Whatever it must be something that was a part of this body, anyways speaking of bodies I need to see how I look now. I thought as I looked for a mirror as I went to the full body mirror near the closet that I found early that it was arguably the largest walk-in closet ever. It can even be called a large room.

Anyways as I arrived at the mirror I couldn't believe what I saw, in the mirror I saw a tall man that looked to be 6 foot 1, very handsome so handsome that it will put all the male models in my previous life to shame, he had long hair that reached his shoulders, he had silver hair with red streaks, he has heterochromatic eyes his left eye is silver with a crimson red pupil and his right eye is crimson red with a silver pupil

The man in the mirror had a very lean and toned body. His body looks like an athlete who has been training for years. Needless to say, the handsome man in the mirror is well me. I'm that handsome man, I am so happy I'm so good looking in my past life I was just average looking and really skinny.

As I was admiring my new body like a narcissist, a sudden rush of memories and pain hit me like a train, I immediately clutched my head and kneeled on the ground due to the pain, I was gritting my teeth so hard that it sounded like it was going to break any second now.

7 hours later

After god knows how long the pain has finally stopped and the memories that I had received had sorted themselves and I know who body I am in or rather who my other half was and what he did. I have found out that my name is Angel Gremory Von Lucifer. I am the grandson of the original Lucifer. My father was the former head of the Gremory clan before he died and my mother is the daughter of the original Lucifer; she had passed away two years after I was born.

I have a half brother who is Zeoticus Gremory

and he is the temporary head of the Gremory clan since I have gone into seclusion to train since I had awakened my Lucifer clan trait and my hair and eye color changed. After going through my memories again, I went to put some clothes on since I was just in black shorts.


I left the walk-in clothes with some new clothes. I was wearing black and red shoes with black long pants with a black shirt on, and headed towards the door to my room to finally get out and leave my seclusion.

I went to open the door but then I remembered the system I wished for and decide to check my status so I called my system in my head 'hey system you up' (Hello host) the system said after i called it then a sound of a sweet voice said in my head 'Hey umm do you have a name' I asked the system ( no host but you can give me one) the system said

I thought for a bit until I had found a perfect name for my system so I told her "your name is going to be Somali. What do you think of it" I asked after telling her the name I came up with. ( I love it host. From now on I'll go by Somali) Somali said with a tone that sounded like she just won the lottery.

" Glad you like it Somali but can you please not call me host, you can just call me Master or Angel" I told Somali as begin called host seems kinda weird to me. I rather be called Master or just by my name.

(Understood Master I will call you Master from now on please take care of me) Somali said. " Take care of me too, Somali. Now Somali, can you pull up my status so I can see what level I am currently at" I asked with excitement, since the one thing I have always wanted was to be strong, to be an unparalleled existence. ( right away Master) Somali said as a black screen with red words appeared in front of me.

Before I looked at my stats I asked Somali a very important question "Somali can anyone see this screen or is it just me?" I asked Somali with curiosity ( No Master only you can see the system screen) Somali said clearing my curiosity.

Now I can focus on my stats



Name: Angel Gremory von Lucifer

Race: Pure-blooded Devil

Bloodline: Gremory, Lucifer

Clan traits: Gremory- Jūryoku no ō (gravity magic)

Lucifer- Dark light Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Physique: immortal devils physic

Total Power Level: Pinnacle of Ultimate-Class

Physical level: Pinnacle of High-Class

Magic level: Pinnacle of Ultimate-Class

Anos Voldigaod Power/Abilities (Sealed)


"Ehh" I said as I was surprised at my power level since in my memories before I secluded myself I was at the mid High-Class level but now I'm at the pinnacle of the Ultimate-Class

I ain't saying I'm complaining though I'm just surprised, now I should get a pretty important position in the Great War and raise my name and Status among the devil's.

Since I'm done with checking my stats I finally opened the door and left my room for the first time in decades.

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