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9.52% Life didn't get easier, even in another world. / Chapter 2: oh, such a great day!

oh, such a great day! - Life didn't get easier, even in another world. - Chapter 2 by daniz_ full book limited free

Chapter 2: oh, such a great day!

"So, you are saying that… you are my roommate?"


"And we study it the academy to be defense hidden military something?"

"…. you can say so…"


Kairen didn't know how his conversation with this dude reached this point. He actually tried to run away a few times, but all of his heroic attempts failed because of this annoying dude in front of him. He didn't seem so, but this Reyan guy was really strong. He didn't seem to have any harmful intentions and the place wasn't that bad either.

This room was an infirmary room but it was so equipped and well-made that it seemed like an insult to call it a mere infirmary. And he even got doctors to visit him. But still, being forcefully held in an unknown place wasn't something that most of the people could enjoy.

Kairen even tried calling police, picking up the mobile phone that was on the table near the bed. He didn't know whose phone it was but anyway, he just called. Well, of course he had the ask the police number from Reyan, as the number he called didn't work….

Finally, he could somehow reach the police. He told them he was held in the infirmary of Special Forces Academy by force. Well, of course he had to ask the location from Reyan… it was strange that someone would give their hideout location straight to the police, but that didn't matter…

But, the thing is that, after hearing the location, the police employee got mad. Thinking that Kairen was just trying to make fun of them, the employee hung up the phone, leaving Kairen helpless and embarrassed.

'What is the problem with these people?'

While all these were going on, he had small chats with Reyan from time to time, who stuck to his side and didn't leave him alone even for a moment after hearing what the doctor told.

From what he learnt, Kairen was supposedly taking practical test for their midterm exams in the academy when he suddenly fainted and got hit by his opponent's attack as a result. This punk was supposed to be his roommate and according to Reyan himself, "besties" ….

And finally, the funniest thing that he had heard in 5 years… they were… cadets!

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Yes, the whole situation seemed ridiculous to Kairen.

"What academy? What cadet? You must have mistaken me with someone else! Let me go home please!"

"…Oh Kairen… my poor friend…"


And to add up to everything, after seeing and observing his intense struggles, and after examining his body, that damn doctor said that he must have lost his memories because of the shock. He then said that nothing was for sure and he had to check his condition again later and left the room.

From that moment on, Reyan had been acting like that, his face as if he would burst into tears at any moment. He would peek at him from time to time then shake his head whispering to himself "Why did something like this had to happen to him…" and other things like that. He answered to all of Kairen's questions without hesitation and did what Kairen wanted. Well, except that he didn't let him go out of this room.

While being stuck in there, Kairen though a lot about his situation. He was sure about something: this place wasn't earth. Even while being stuck in a small room for just a few hours, he could make sure of it.

First of all, no solar eclipse had happened here for a long time. He had not only asked Reyan, but also searched the internet. It was possible that they were deceiving him but he had no options other than trusting them.

Secondly, the city and the country he was in were places that didn't exist on earth. And the reverse was true as well. Here didn't exist The Great Wall of China nor the Eiffel Tower! There wasn't even a continent called Asia! He had checked every famous location he could remember with Reyan, making the boy's expression get more and more saddened, but of course Kairen didn't care.

And the last and the most important clue: people here could do magic! Kairen didn't know what exactly it was but he just called it magic.

Kairen realized it just a few hours ago. He was really confused when he saw the boy cut down the chair Kairen threw at him when he was trying to jump out of the window in one of his heroic attempts to scape.

After his mission successfully failed this time as well, he asked Reyan about what and how exactly he did that, the boy repeated what he did and ripped a piece of clothes without even moving a hand. And then, after seeing Kairen's open mouth and round eyes, he just took out a sword… from who knows where... and held it, the sword then was wrapped in a light like thing. Kairen was so shocked that he nearly fainted!

And in the end, he was sure that he had ended up in another world/planet/novel or anything that they call it. It was absurd to suddenly say "I am in another world!", But no mater how hard he thought, he couldn't think of anything else. Maybe he was just dead? Maybe the huge amount of novels that he had read were effecting his tired and aching mind right now or maybe he was really still sleep.... well, he actually wished that this all thing is just a dream.

And seemingly, people here mistook him with someone else. Someone who is also named Kairen and has the same appearance and age as him….?

'Argh, I don't know. I don't want to think anymore.'

His head was hurt and he was tired af. Not to mention that he was starving. Just when he was thinking about something to eat...

"Are you hungry? Do you want something to eat…?"

He heard Reyan's shaking voice at the moment.

'Nice timing annoying bro!'

You shouldn't get food from strangers! His mom had told him this so much! But… Kairen was starving right now… It was already evening and he had gone through a lot today. he thought he at least deserved to eat a meal at peace.


'Let's eat. I should eat food while they give it to me for free.'

Just like that, he made a wise decision:

'Let's think about it later.'

Yeah, right. He just wanted to eat and then sleep now. He didn't care if he was in another world, dead or anything else at the moment.

He chose to ignore any complicated matters till his stomach was full and his headache was gone.

daniz_ daniz_

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