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42.47% Life Drain System / Chapter 48: A Trial

A Trial - Life Drain System - Chapter 48 by Yueliang_Haizi full book limited free

Chapter 48: A Trial

"It is as you say, although, the thing is, I do not even know where to begin looking. Also, as you said, she may go through something terrible or be spelled in any number of ways to change. I really hate to think about her going through such filthy and cruel means, but at least there is a chance." Yue said with a small glimmer of hope. What is keeping him from being sad and unfocused is mainly the fact that he has responsibilities, and there are more than just one person he has to take care of.

Yin understanding how he felt, just stayed silent, as in the world he came from such things were quite common. Well kidnapping that is, among various other vicious activities.

A few hours later, after such thoughts had passed Yueliang got up and beckoned Yin to follow him back to the others now that it was sun rise. The two left Yue's house, and told the first Orc they came across. "Please let everyone know there will be a meeting in the town square (is actually a circle with a fountain in the middle)."

The sky orc child nodded and started letting everyone know, whilst Yin and Yue waited for everyone to arrive.

A few minutes after everyone had arrived, they quieted down, and Yue began to speak. "I want to start this off by saying, thank you to all those who worked hard to defend our new home. You all did great, however there will be some changes now that I have experienced this new event with you all. First off like usual, you all will work one day, the next you can research or whatever, however the day after you will now either be practicing archery, or some martial art, or you will be cultivating or doing magic. This will not only ensure our safety as a whole but as individuals as well.

I know that you are all stronger than the average human, even on this planet. However there are exceptions, and once the ship is ready we will face more lethal threats at every turn. Also, I noticed some of you were only aiming at the enemy group, not individuals, thus making it dangerous for myself and anyone who would have joined us. I do not blame you as I know you focus more on developing new things rather than fighting.

Now aside from that, as I have promised, I have provided the capability to buy what is in my shop. Well at least the basics, anything more advanced you will have to come to me. Thus once you have enough just visit one of the shops in our lovely town, and you should be able to get what you want, or the bank if you want to trade for money, it is up to you. Either way, clearly I need to work more on the defense of this town lest we risk our lives. So before I conclude this meeting, is there anything you would like to ask of me?" Yue announced quite seriously.

Rei stepped forward and said. "I would like to ask about the ship, where are we to build it? There are not many safe and hidden places for us to do so."

Yue replied. "Ah yes, thank you. First off, I am going to blow up part of the mountain, then you should be able to build it in there, after I make it wider and taller in every direction. Remember this needs to be large enough to hold not just our current number but those who may join in the future, as well as all the rooms for building, eating, and everything else. In other words a flying city."

Rei nodded in acceptance, and Orslaine stepped forth asking. "I was just wondering when we will get the rest of the materials, as we only have enough to start building some of the engines and what not."

"Of course, do not worry, that will be soon. In the mean time, please work on what you can. We will have a lot more money coming in soon. Also, I will be taking some of you on missions soon, so we can keep our progress steady. Is that all?" Yue replied.

Seeing that the place was silent, and no one had anything more to say Yue continued. "Please go back to whatever you have to do today. This meeting is now over. I hope you all are doing well, and if you are uncomfortable please let me know so I can make this place better." He said as he started walking off the stage back to his house.

Everyone in the crowd dispersed each going in their own way to get done whatever it was they were to do prior. However one particular individual ran up to Yue, and called out. "My king, please wait a moment."

Hearing this Yue turned around to see who was calling him. He saw Rei, with a big burlap sack over his shoulder and Yue asked curiously. "Yes, what is it?"

"We were told to loot everything of the enemies by Yin last night after the battle. This is all the money, and miscellaneous items. All the armor and weapons have been brought to a blacksmith shop to repair then be brought to the garrisons, unless there is anything you wanted? Here you are." Rei said.

Yue received the bag from Rei and felt it was lighter than he thought because of his stats, and threw it into his inventory. Yue then replied. "Thank you, is there anything else?"

"No, please have a nice day." Rei replied and ran off back to work, as there is still much to be done.

Yue having thought of his stats then remembered he needed to check his notifications, then thought. 'Notifications'

{Due to circumstances of exerting yourself on the battlefield points have been added accordingly.}

[+ 20 Endurance

+ 20 Strength

+ 25 Intelligence

+ 30 Agility

+ 50 Aura

+ 5 Mana]

{Hidden Quest: Win Against A Small Army - Completed}

(Due to your exceptional performance of leading your troops in your first battle your rewards have been doubled.)


+ 50 intelligence

+ 30 Strength

+ 30 Agility

+ 50 Endurance

+ 50 Aura

+ 20 Mana]

{Hidden Mission: Give your people a mission and succeed - Completed}


+ 20 Soul

+ 20 Luck

+ 30 Charm

+ 10,000 experience]

{Due to your stats hitting a certain point it is now time for your first trial, prepare yourself, you have fifteen minutes until you bein.}

Yue seeing this last message immediately thought to himself. 'Nice rewards, I really need to earn more soon. Sadly there is not much prep time, either way, status.'

[Character Sheet

Name: Yueliang Haizi

Title: Dark Horse

Class: None

Race: Draconic Human

Age: 21

Life Expectancy: 8 -> 2,200 More years

Level: 17 {4,000 / 25,600 next level}

Health: 28,400/28,400

Strength: 100 -> 150

Agility: 100 ->160

Endurance: 100 -> 170

Intelligence: 100 -> 175

Soul: 150 -> 180


Luck: 100 -> 120

Charm: 78 -> 108

Mana: 90 -> 115

Chi: 100 -> 110

Aura: 25 -> 125

Customizable stat points: 15 -> 20]

[Shop Coins: 9,400]

As Yue viewed his stats he wondered. 'What is this new stat class? I thought I already had a few. Yang could you explain this to me?'

"Master, what you called classes back on earth were more like fields of practice of sorts. You can have multiple classes, just as you do fields of practice, however a class sort of determines certain aspects of your life. Normally you would not have this appear until level 20, and having all your stats at 180. However you have managed to unlock it earlier somehow, thus it will be more difficult for you to pass.

Also, I should probably explain before you begin. First off you have trials intermittently after hitting level 5. You have not had this because of your current beginner protection, this also protected you from being punished for not doing your daily exercise. To the main point, because you unlocked classes early, your beginner protection will no longer have effect. At the same time this trial will decide your future path in a way, thus make every choice carefully." Yang replied.

"This is not some glitch in the system right?" Yue asked just in case.

"Hahaha, you are hilarious, for one the system was created by a being far more advanced than you or anyone you know. Either way, no it is not a glitch, a hidden loop hole created by your ancestor yes. He probably made it incase there was someone talented and quick at growing stronger like you. Thus, do not doubt the system, I analyze myself constantly to search for errors, therefore you need not worry. However you should be trying to prepare for your trial." Yang swiftly replied.

"May I have more hints aside from choices?" Yue asked.

Yang replied kind of surprised. "I thought you would like it to be a surprise like usual, although I guess since it affects your future you are probably curious. Here is one and your final hint. Your life will be tested, to see what class best suits you." Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

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