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100% Life of dreams / Chapter 3: Chapter 1- New day with life changing event

Chapter 1- New day with life changing event - Life of dreams - Chapter 3 by Halfhusky full book limited free

Chapter 3: Chapter 1- New day with life changing event

Ring! Ring! Ring! ...

"Ugh…Fucking alarm…."

Chris got up put on glasses as his eyes focused on small messy room.

"Looking at this nobody would guess thaty name is Rothschild." He smiled.

"Now let me see how long can I still have such blissful and cozy life" said Chris while stretching his back with sounds of joints popping. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

He than turned on his phone and then banking app.

"210'139.39 not bad.

Assuming my minimalistic needs I can still not work for next 5 years and then some which means including next week and (also) last week of attending university I can be free for long time and find something interesting"

Chris sighed as he got dressed and then he started his daily exercise morning routine, 300 push-ups, 400 sit-ups and 10km run. After returning to the flat he took a refreshing bath.

"15 years of this kind of training and I'm still not getting bald."

said Chris while looking in the mirror, Where he could see quite handsome muscular young white man with short hair in color somewhere between brown and dark gray, but still his most striking feature was color of his Phoenix eyes namely left eye was dark brown and right one was bright blue.

After getting out of the bathroom Chris started eating his usual and favorite breakfast – cereal with milk (fast, light and tasty).

But surprising this day was the most special, life changing day, person could encounter.

"Ding! Sign in system is starting! Calculating… Calculating!"

"Wtf, after being reborn in one of the richest family in the world I can still have a Goldfinger!" Explained shocked Chris while spurting mouthful of milk.

"Calculating, Calculating…. Error! ….. Error! ...Sign-in System...Raise a Girlfriend system activated!"

"Halo host! Before systems start in view of your unusual situation you can ask some questions, please start." Said mechanical voice.

"I have a system?" Asked stunned Young man.

"Not a system but two"

"Why two…eghhh… sorry….don't misunderstand I prefer to have two, but isn't there any limitation on the number of systems one person can have, cuz in novels protagonist usually have only one system?"

"Normally, yes but host, you are exception since sign-in system traveled with you from the previous life and second one was bound since day you were born in this world."

"So why my first system wasn't activated on earth?"asked bewildered Chris.

He instantly thought of many possibilities such as someones scheme, god's intervention, lack of having experience being humiliated by his exgirlfriend and her new rich second generation boyfriend, not being to reckless, prideful, arrogant or stupid enough.

"Host, this is normal, beings on earth are blocked from using any kind of system" replied voice with overflow of bitterness.

"So, I can use both system at the same time?"asked Young man.

"Yes, since one system is typical daily check-in system with host's attribute panel, and the other is kind of dating system."

"Ok, next question, who are you?" Asked Chris

"I am customer service, a special kind of back program which is activated in case of error." Said voice with pride.

"And won't i be forced to some kind of stupid things or missions by you?" Asked worried Chris. Again he thought about various routines like system forcing protagonist to work nonstop, doing some stupid things, scumming or even creating some bullshit 100 beauties harem. And in case of any resistance protagonist will experience various cruel punishments.

"No, host is absolutely free. Neither I nor any of two systems can force host to do things against his will" answered mechanical voice.

"Can I ask if this world is normal? I mean will there be remnants of immortals, hidden martial artis, dimensional monster invasions, alien's attacks, foreshadows of aura recovery or near future apocalypse?" Asked Chris.

"No, this is perfectly normal world only with some historical and other minor changes, and also there won't be any exaggerated black technology since year 2010 on Azel is corresponding to year 2010 on Earth in terms of science and social sytuation. So please don't worry host." Said system customer service while giving Chris reassuring answer.

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