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66.66% Life Requiem: He is already dead right! / Chapter 26: Chapter 26 Mizuha is my sister

Chapter 26 Mizuha is my sister - Life Requiem: He is already dead right! - Chapter 26 by GamerX_226699 full book limited free

Chapter 26: Chapter 26 Mizuha is my sister

After sitting down in the hall room, Hayato and Allen, were talking about all the things which had happen to Mizuha family which made all the three of them a little sympathy for that girl.

After which Mikan took Mizuha with her to her room, Where Mikan was sharing her clothes with Mizuha.

Rito walked out as he was able to see that both Grandfather and Grandson duo wanted to have some personal time, where Allen was asked " Do you believe the story of Mizuha giving I think it was a fake one, since the way all those protectors look at her was different than a human."

"What do you mean by that old man, say it clearly what does that truly mean." Allen asked Hayato, where his blood was chilling out since That thing even creeped him up to the highest limit, of his sanity and faith.

"Yes artificial human modification Being, in short you can say Mb, in short term."

"I knew this world was not simple, Succubus running rampant at night but still no one noticing any anomaly, as if everything was just as normal as it get, but asking normal people about succubus it would only lead to fairy tail with no real evidence and clue."

" I thought I was prepared for it, but facing it like this even my body was crawling in fear since he was once a part of the fools who didn't know anything about this world, then grandpa when will be able to get all the truth related to this world."

Allen was shocked as he asked his grandfather, sitting in front of him. " For know remember this and after you reach at the age of 15, I will tell you everything you wished to know, Or you can go outside and find it for yourself and don't worry about the aftermath, I will handle it all for you would that be alright with you."

"Hmm! I'm getting more and more fired up about this, from where shall I start is there something you can recommend for me Grandfather since the world is so big."

"How about, the death game, Since you can have five lives every month and don't have to worry about being dying in the period if you were killed five times."

"Hmm! That game again, but I'm more than happy to take a look at it."

Mikan came with Mizuha in tow, where she looked really cute, given the dress she wore was a bit hot but her shy temperament was completely Opposite of the way she was acting. Allen couldn't help but chuckle add the side while others also nodded in affirmation.

Mikan was also smiling looking ta the shy girl, at which Alan also felt that he had to protect Mizuha from those sly hands of the clan elders.

"Good to know that you're ready to help her out after all even I was a little helpless in this case, thank you Allen since I never told you that her parents were great friend of mine from the old time."

"But make sure not to have weird order since she is a personal made of yours, given I will not be able to face their parents in the future above the mortal life, you know what I mean young man." Hayato spoke while deliberately speaking in deep tone on the Young Man part deeper then the rest of the sentence.

"Old man why are you trying To make me look like a pervert, On that part I would like to commend that I had never thought about it to begin with, since she looked like a little sister to me and I will treat him in the same manner add you can take this as my words."

Allen smiled as he sipped the tea in an extremely calm manner, given he was thinking about the Death Game, Mizuha expression through which she looked at Allen had a slight change since she couldn't bring herself to believe Allen but for some reason she felt a little weird and uncomfortable due to her lack of believe in Allen.

" Don't worry this guy here will protect you and you have to try your best to serve him, I am sure you will come to understand it in the near future, after all he is my grandson I'm proud about from the moment he was born."

Hayato lit his Cigar up as he breathed out the smoke as a kind smile emerged on his face which was plastered with a proud look as his eyes linger on Allen with undisguised proudness.

He smirked into a sneer as he looked at Allen and spoke in contempt "As for others you have to believe in me and the person I believe, giving only by believing on someone one can become brave enough to face this world. You are an intelligent girl and I knew will be fine with him."

As he stood and kissed her forehead like a real grandpa and spoke in an silent voice "Such a good girl."

Mizuha felt warm feeling clouding her heart as he looked at Hayato as her grandfather figure, a smile broke out which untainted by the other wordly thing's.

After which old man walked out of the home, where aluminous car was parked waiting for his arrival, at which a Butler came out and open the door while inviting him inside with a polite gesture.

The car speed up as it started moving further and further away from there I range.

Entering Mizuha was snuzle like an cat standing behind her master looking around the home, Allen patted as he spoke in quite voice " Mizuha, don't worry from now on this is your home too, and we will be family who will stay with you forever and ever."

"Will you stay with me forever." Mizuha spoke as she look at Allen's eyes with a pitiful looks, while the final ice in her heart crumbled as she cried a little hugging Allen, Allen looked at Mizuha since a normal person would cry a lot but she didn't.

Back inside his room, where Mizuha was given the room beside Allen's which was similar to Mikan and they decided both of them will live together in the same room.

Opening his system

[Hope System]

Character Profession Lv. 1[++--------] (20/100)

Acquired Profession

Psion Engineering Lv. 1 [+---------] (10/100)

Martial Artist Lv.1 [+----------] (10/100)

Middle school Student Lv.1 [++---------] (20/100)

Love Guru Profession (No Lv. Up)

Mikan + 10 Exp -> Memo on her current heart.

+ 20 Exp -> Memo on her favourites.

+ 50 Exp -> Open heart Quest.

Total Experience: 0.


Strength: 4

Agility: 5

Vitality: 3

Dexterity: 4

Intelligence: 5

Psion: 20

In Biotic Stimulation

Explosive Burst (Str+Agi/2): 4.5

Constitutional Health (Vit+Str/2): 3.5

Responsive Acceleration (Agi+Dex/2): 4.5

Intellectual Neuromuscular (Dex+Int/2):4.5

Middle School Student Experience Resources:-

[Attend classes for an hour + 3 Exp] (Repeatable)

[Library study for an hour + 5 Exp] (Repeatable)

[Learn Extra Curriculum Activities + 100 Exp] <Repeatable under certain conditions>

[Story Writing + 10 Exp / 1000 words]

[Article writing + 5 Exp per articles]

Martial Art Experience Resources:-

[Morning Jog and Dash + 10 Exp]

[Sit Ups, Push Ups, Squatting and Stretching + 10 Exp]

[Kendo/ Judo/ Etc. Which will provide new Profession practice to certain period + 100 Exp per profession]

Academic Status [5 Proficiency are given to every professional Lv. up.]

English Lv. 1. Proficiency (2/10). [++--------]

Maths Lv. 1. Proficiency (1/10). [+---------]

Social Studies Lv. 1. Proficiency (2/10) [++--------]

Science Lv. 1. Proficiency (1/10) [+----------]

Martial Status Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href="!_20542916606503805/chapter-26-mizuha-is-my-sister_55502327821430688">!_20542916606503805/chapter-26-mizuha-is-my-sister_55502327821430688</a> for visiting.

Punching Lv. 1. Proficiency (5/100) [±---------]

Kicking Lv. 1. Proficiency (5/100). [±---------]

In Martial, Arts Proficiency can also be increased by regular practice every time.

Shop > Drag right to buy equipment, and enhancement to...


Drag down to buy Proficiency and exp stuff.

::::: One Sp equal to 10 Exp (1Sp = 10Exp)

After reading carefully bhe realised that any article would not work so he had to be careful plus exp will be deducted after certain amount of mistakes Allen make.

Writing down everything he knows about the thing he had learn from the history add geography, which can be defined as articles he will get certain amount of EXP which will range from low 8 point too high 20 points.

Where 10 points were average defined by the system, since most of the article will lay around 10 to 12 points at average.

After he had written 3 articles and 5000 words of light novel he has chosen to work on, which took him around 2 to 3 hour had tired him and time on clock displayed 10.25 PM at night.

Allen closed his eyes and sleep deeply.

opening his eyes he was greeted to the same world of dream as he walked out of the the room and greeted with the green world of flowers and trees with grassland covering around him, he worked his way to word river and drink the water which refreshed him.

A sword materialized in his hand asi started swinging to and fro with great momentum which was carried by the wait of his entire upper body,

The sword was something he had made inside this world with the blacksmith usable portable scroll which was given as a gift by the system when he first entered this world of dream.

Or so he thought given this was not an dream world but a real world which told by Red Spectra named Amanda, since she was also integrated into system as his part and the reason system was able to update to this limit was Amanda, which he was very thankful for.

Swinging his sword continuously he felt tired after an hour with which he sat down on the rock while books and notes came in front of him, as he read it silently when a smell caught his attention and his body hairs stood in excitement, because it smell like Iron, or more properly as in blood.

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