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16.27% Lightning and Fire given form.(DxD) / Chapter 11: First Mission and Intresting Girl

First Mission and Intresting Girl - Lightning and Fire given form.(DxD) - Chapter 11 by BlackSwordman1234 full book limited free

Chapter 11: First Mission and Intresting Girl

It had been 2 months since they got their familiars and in that time Tyrant had been feeding on his holy fire and lightning which resulted in the young creature growing stronger and bigger. Azazel had given their familiars special training to maximize their power and for Raynare's Dulahand he recommended she practice fighting with him which she had begun to do so.

At the moment Tyrant had managed to reach a meter long and his overall presence was far greater than when he was first got him and now Azazel had called Raynare and Kurayami to his office where Shemhazai was waiting. "Well, I decided on what your first mission will be. You two interested." Kurayami and Raynare nodded. "I am ready. Pure training won't allow us to reach our full potential." Raynare agreed. "He is right. Even I know that no experience will dull our sense."

Azazel smiled. "Well, your first mission is in the heart of Siberia. Monster sitings are becoming too common and humans could start to ask questions. Plus a few villages in the area have been wiped out, so wipe out the creatures." Both Raynare and Kurayami were interested as they mostly were in the Underworld or Japan.

"Ok. So Shemhazai will be our guardian this time around." The silver-haired man nodded. "As Azazel said, I will only intervene if you have no chance, so don't expect my help." Kurayami and Raynare were fine with that. She asked the important question. "How do we get there?" Azazel grinned. "Magic." Kurayami rolled his eyes. "Good."

First things first they had to get better gear for the cold. The good thing is that both of them can use flames to keep the cold at bay, but you can never have too much warmth in Siberia. Kurayami dressed in a trench coat and some insulated clothes. (Kirie's Priest Clothes.) Raynare got a totally black outfit for the cold.

When Azazel saw Kurayami he actually began to chuckle. "You look like a cosplaying priest. Wait I got something for that." He went back and pulled out a black cross made of Stygian Iron. Kurayami was confused. "What's that for?" Azazel smiled. "Not only is it holy it also can protect your soul. Take it." Kurayami put the cross on and felt a strange feeling, but he liked it.

Raynare pouted. "Don't I get a cool cross?" Azazel thought about it and got her something better. "Here. It's not across, but it's still as good." What he gave her was a dog tag with her name on it. However, what made her blush is that the name he put on it was Raynare Himejima. 'We aren't married yet.' She looked at him like he was evil. "Why?" He just shrugged. "I heard Shuri made it official and when you two turn 16 your marrying."

Kurayami's hollow eyes showed a bit of a surprise. "I wouldn't mind. Although I heard that some get harems. Is that true?" Azazel showed a proud expression. "Yup. I have had hundreds of harems through the millennia. Do you want one too?" Kurayami shook his head. "It's not about wanting one, but I am not against having one."

Raynare looked at him with a weird look. "You're saying that in front of me." He shrugged. "You never know. Anyway, let's go." Azazel opened a magic circle under them and afterward the three of them were gone. When they arrived it was freezing and their breath turned to mist. Shemhazai spread his wings and looked at them. "This is where we split. I will be watching, but I will not intervene."

He flew off and left the two of them alone in the freezing snow. Kurayami summoned Tyrant and Raynare summoned Kane. She got on the horse in front of her familiar while Kurayami stood on the back of his. While Tyrant was only a little more than a meter long he was very physically strong and Kurayami was not that big anyway as he was only 6.

"Raynare. How cold do you think it is at the moment?" She thought about it and took a breath. "About minus 50 degrees Celsius(-58 F). While it was cold neither of them were normal humans and had much better resistance to the cold. He looked at the map and pointed North. "One of the villages that were wiped out is about 16 kilometers. Let's go."

Their mounts moved across the frozen landscape with ease especially Tyrant who mere presence just melted the snow and ice. Kurayami was immune to the heat he produced and his clothes as well. Raynare was not as warm, as Undead don't give off warmth. However, they got to the village in about 10 minutes.

When they got their dead bodies and wolf and bear-like beasts were feeding on the remains. When the beats saw them they roared and attacked. Raynare snapped her finger and suddenly a cracking sound and the tearing of flesh was heard. Kane had swung his bone whip at such a speed it sliced the beats in half.

Kurayami looked down to his own mount. "Go wild." He jumped off and Tyrant roared while white lightning was crossing on his back spikes which discharged in all directions killing the bests that were charging. Kurayami raised his hand and created 20 spears of light of lightning. The rest were killed which made this rather easy. "Well, that's done. Tyrant. Anyone alive?"

He began to look in all directions and while he could not see in the traditional sense his species could use sound, heat, and electrical radar to see. It felt no life and shook his head. Raynare saw that and shrugged. "Not our problem." He nodded and jumped back on Tyrant. "Next one should be to the west about 30 kilometers." Raynare sighed. "Should we fly there?"

He thought about it and while it be easier this was a good opportunity. "No. It be too simple, but we can run into more beasts that way." She nodded and they went toward the next Village. When they got there what they saw was not what they expected. Many beasts were impelled by ice and were cut to pieces. "Well seems someone got here before us."

Raynare nodded. As they checked the place they saw dead villagers and beasts. They saw a set of footprints that looked like a child's. They went out of the village, but they also saw a blood trail following. "Seems who ever did this is our age and injured. What do we do?"

Raynare got off her horse while Kane also jumped off his mount to guard her. Tyrant began to sniff the blood and got the scent. Raynare stepped in the print and was a little surprised. "Seems it was a girl or a really small boy. Should we follow and see if they are alive?" He nodded and they got on their mounts and followed the prints and blood trail.

They followed it for about 40 minutes until they found who was injured. It was a small blue-haired girl about their age who was passed out in the snow. When they approached her Kurayami touched her neck and found she was barely alive. "She is alive, but barely."

He picked her up and found why she was bleeding so much. On the right side of her stomach was a huge gash that would have caused her organs to fall out of her body. The only thing stopping that was the ice the had formed a type of guard for her. "Well. I know a little healing magic, but it is not enough." He placed his hands on her wound and began to do some basic first aid.

Raynare knew the basics, as well as both of them, wanted to have no weak spot, so they trained in all manner of abilities. Healing magic was just one of them as you never know when it will save your, or each other's lives. It took about ten minutes to do some basic help, but if nothing was done she would die.

"Do we use the phoenix tears? Seems she was the one who killed the beasts and even at this age she managed to move despite this type of wound." Raynare and Kurayami didn't care that she was a child, but that she was strong. To them, the strong were to be respected and the weak didn't matter. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

As Fallen Angels their mindset was built for battle and even Kurayami who grew up as an assassin already didn't have much sympathy for the weak. However this girl seemed she was worth using them. Raynare nodded. "Maybe we can recruit her for Grigori." He grabbed the vile and dropped them on her wound.

The wound began to heal quickly, and soon her pale face began to regain some of its colors. Her skin was really pale, but that was more of her environment and her hair was a light aqua blue. Kurayami picked her up and held her while he held her close to Tyrant. Around his was a dry patch as the snow melted and evaporated.

She was deeply asleep and seems she was relaxing in the warmth of the heat. Raynare looked at her with a little curiosity. "How long will she stay asleep for?" He lifted her shirt a bit to check her wound and as it was closed he placed his hand on her neck to feel her pulse. It was steady and she was out of danger. "With the blood loss and the healing we gave her I say she should stay like this for a few hours."

Raynare was always impressed with his knowledge of the body and he began to teach her his knowledge on pressure points and how striking them could leave your foe vulnerable to you. He removed her torn shirt that was covered in blood and placed a new one on her. She was a kid and was flat as a board, but she had an interesting black mark on her chest.

Once she was dressed her stood up and picked her up and was going to get on Tyrant. "Lower the heat can you." He nodded and his burning body began to dim until he looked less like a magma beast and more like a rock creature with a small red aura. He got on his back and Raynare got back on her horse with Kane. "So any more villages?"

Raynare checked the map and nodded. "There is one more, but it is about 30 kilometers east." The girl was sitting on his lap as he had to avoid her touching Tyrrant directly. As Tyrant was familiar he was immune to his heat. She was sleeping soundly and he was thinking if this is what it's like to be a dad. 'In the future will I be doing this?'

When they arrived at the last village it was like the others, but what was there was even worse. A type of yeti was there and it was over 5 meters tall and covered in dense white fur, huge muscles, and was shoving the bodies of people into its bloody mouth. When it saw them it grinned and approached slowly as it was confident.

He threw the girl to Raynare who caught her and jumped off Tyrant and approached slowly. When it saw that a small child was going towards it, it felt that a small meal was moving towards it. Kurayami spread his 2 pairs of wings and covered his wings in white lightning and swung them in the direction of the beast and his feathers moved at blinding speed.

Before it could react its head, chest, heart, lungs, were completely pierced and turn to cinders from the lightning coursing in his feathers. Those feather were easily replaceable and the yeti was dead. He retracted his wings and yawned. "I guess we are done." From the sky landed Shemhazai who confirmed it. "Correct. That was the last village and seems you got an interesting find." He referred to the small girl in Raynare hands.

"She was quite strong and seems she has a high pain threshold, so we helped her. Let's take her back and see why she is so strong." He nodded and teleported them back to Grigori where Azazel was going to have a field day when he found out why she was this strong.

BlackSwordman1234 BlackSwordman1234

I think it is obvious who this girl is and I will just say it if you have no clue. Her name is Esdeath from Akame Ga Kill and I just had to include her.

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