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25.58% Lightning and Fire given form.(DxD) / Chapter 10: Special Young.

Special Young. - Lightning and Fire given form.(DxD) - Chapter 10 by BlackSwordman1234 full book limited free

Chapter 10: Special Young.

When they looked around Baraqiel spotted one of them that was basking in a lava pool. Lightning struck its back and was directed towards its mouth where it absorbed it. The creature's back was perfect for drawing in lightning. This one was only three meters long so it was young.

"Ignore that. We need to get to the top of the mountain. The young are up the mountain. Put on your bracelets." They put on the purple bracelets made by Azazel that could block a few blows. They all followed Baraqiel who avoided the big ones when he could. Evetanuly one of them saw him and was going to sound out the alarm, but its head was detached from its body.

"Great sword." They ascended while Raynare and Kurayami killed the weaker ones to help Baraqiel. Even though they fed on lightning Baraqiels lightning was just too strong for them to feed on and was more like trying to power your phone with a lightning bolt. The higher they went the hotter and more stormy it got. The big ones were out basking and eating, but they were still weaker than Baraqiel.

They found a small lava pool with a few young in it, but none of them were good enough. Baraqiel kept killing the ones that found them, but when they got to a very high part of the mountain they found one young they had to have. Its shell was totally black with lightning coursing through its body.

Near it was about 4 mutated ones who protected it. Seems this was a young mutated and it was perfect. However, how do they get it? "Kids. I will go cause a distraction while you two try to get it. Akeno hide here. Don't come out unless I say so." She was going to argue, but Baraqiel was going to take no for an answer. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

He left and attacked the adults with his lightning and when it hit one of them it roared in rage. The other 4 roared and charged at him while the weaker one stayed to guard the young one. They attacked him with streams of fire and lightning strikes. The mutated ones didn't only feed on lighting, but could also use it to attack.

Raynare and Kurayami took out their weapons and got ready to rush in to get the young one as soon as the more dangerous ones left to face Baraqiel. Once they were gone it was time and they charged into the group of adults. Their weapons were made of Stygian Iron which could hurt the soul, so even monsters like the Saber Tooth Fiends were made simple.

Both of them made countless spears of light that attacked the adults and as they both used special fire it could affect even the fire-based creatures. As they rushed in the adults charged at them with no fear for their own safety, but their weapons tore through them like tofu.

Both Raynare and Kurayami caused a slaughter as they killed most of them in the most efficient method. She started to coat her body in the death energy and it terrified the adults, but she could focus it only affect her foes. Some of them began to die every time her scythe even lightly cut them.

Unknowingly while they were fighting a middle-aged-looking man with 16 black wings was looking at Raynare with a small smile. "Your daughter looks just like you Andres." His aged face showed loss at the death of his son. He could do nothing as he had a vow to avoid everyone.

"Looks like she found a nice kid. The kid of Baraqiel and my granddaughter. What a union. Let me give you a little help young ones." While Raynare and Kurayami could feel nothing the Sabor Tooth Fiends began to flee in terror. He left soon after and it gave them the time to grab the young one.

It struggled in his hands, but he activated the pact and began to give it small amounts of his lightning and fire and it began to enjoy it. They were not mindless and it found out it had this kind of food, so the pact was finished. He placed it on his shoulders and thought of a name.

"What gender is it? Does it even have a gender?" He looked around it and was confused. He read the book about it and found a way to tell if it was male or female was to look at the tail. If it was covered in razor barbs it was male. If it didn't it was female. "Looks like it's a male."

"Your name shall be Tyrant." It liked the name and it nudged him that it wanted more. He began to give it fire and lightning until it was full. It disappeared into the pact and he could feel his connection to it. "How do we tell dad we are finished?" Raynare and he retreated to where Akeno was, but Baraqiel came back anyway. "Let's go."

He took them in his hands and flew off while he had a few burns, but nothing major. Suddenly about 10 more mutated ones arrived and they were even bigger and roared out in rage. They chased them until the edge of the lava fields, and a little further, but it was not worth it.

He was just too fast they gave up and returned to their lave fields. He landed to rest a bit and he also brought out a lantern with the soul of one. "You can change the soul later, but this one will be good for yours." He took it and the soul entered his chest and he felt the beast roar in agony as it was crucified on the cross of the sacred gear.

When he achieved his balance breaker it will be affected by the thing crucified on it and it was not the best, but for now, it was perfect. "Thanks, dad now we just need Akeno's and Raynare's." On his shoulder appeared Tyrant who while not having eyes could see just fine.

Akeno really thought it was ugly, but Raynare thought it was cool. "Wow. Let's hope I find something just as cool. What undead can we find?" Baraqiel took some medicine to recover from his wounds and his stamina. "This place is the graveyard of billions so the death fields are just as common. There you can find many types of undead."

Akeno was a little afraid as she looked at the book and the kinds of undead they could find. "Raynare. How about a cat type, or some bird. Please not some undead." Raynare was determined. "Never. I must get something as cool as Tyrant." The little beast looked prideful and raised his head high.

They all rolled their eyes at his antics and arrived at the death fields. It was totally shadowy and all around you could see miasma and weak undead and zombies. "Put your masks on." They put their gas even Raynare. While she was Azrealms grandaughter she might not be immune to this so better safe than sorry.

Luckily they all could use light and holy power to fight here the bane of undead. Any zombies, skeletons, or even wraiths that attacked were killed easily by holy lightning. "What are you looking for?" She looked at the whole book until she saw one she wanted. "A Dulahand. They are strong and as long as their master is good enough it will be great,"

Baraqiel nodded. They were quite strong and unlike the myths were not the result of someone losing their head and looking for it. They were just undead that became that way and do not need their heads. Their horses were bound to the Dulahand and if she tamed the rider the mount would be as well.

"They inhabit the area with even more death miasma. Let's go." Akeno was hugging him tightly in fear, but Raynare and Kuyayami just thought this place was really cool. Little did he know, but as Azreal had acknowledged him his connection to death was closer. When they got to the place where Dualahands were common they were surprised to see about 10 Dulahands and their riders locked in deadly combat.

Raynare somehow knew what they were doing and explained. "They are fighting over who will be my familiar." They all looked at her and after 20 minutes of the battle to the undeath the remaining one and raised wrapped his whip blade around his waist while his horse stood on its back legs while neighing

The rider got off his mount and bowed in front of Raynare. He had a helmet on bolted to his neck and she looked at him like he was so cool. "You will be my familiar?" He nodded and she placed her hand on its chest and finished the contract. When that was done a black miasma covered him and his horse while the souls o the others entered him.

She thought of a name and found one that was perfect. "Kane. Your name is Kane." He nodded and he and his horse vanished into her contract space. Akeno was not really looking forward to the future as both of their familiars were not cute at all.

When it was time for her Baraqiel took her to a place where it was safer and less battle-oriented. Kurayami and Raynare tried to get her to change her mind. "Akeno. It's better if you choose one that can fight. Being cute won't save your life." She was adamant.

"No. I can't have an undead or whatever Tyrant is, follow me everywhere." They both sighed but gave up. "Fine." They took her to a lightning place and they looked for one she would like. What they found actually made them surprised. "A Sprite dragon? Cool." Baraqiel caught it and found out it was female. "You want this one Akeno?"

She nodded and the dragon tried to shock Baraqiel, but its little lightning couldn't hurt him who used one that was far stronger. Akeno took it in her hands and the little dragon liked her and snuggled in her embrace. She got the contract and named it Elektra. Raynare and Kurayami thought theirs were cooler and even Tyrant scoffed at it.

Elecktra tried to shock him, but the little glutton ate it. The dragon was mad while Kane was just looking at that while shaking his helmet. They put them away and returned to Grigori and when they arrived Azazel came out to greet them. "So what kind of creatures did you get?"

They brought out their familiars and he was impressed. "A mutant Sabor Tooth Fiend, a Dullahand, and a baby Sprite Dragon. Not bad all of you. Raise them well and they will be a good asset to the three of you." They all nodded and they're familiar all were put away again. He looked at Vali and was interested.

"How about you? You interested in getting a familiar." Vali was kind of interested. "Any strong ones." Azazel nodded. "Some types of dragons, some like Kurayami's and Raynares are quite strong. Well, that's for another time. As for you two, I got a mission for you very soon."

Baraqiel was going to go with them, but he as denied."By the way, Baraqiel will not be the one to go with you. I will leave it to Shemhazai as if you get too used to Baraqiel protection. It will work against you in the future." Baraqiel nodded. He trusted Shemhazai would not endanger them. "Fine, but if something happens it's your head Azazel."

Azazel smiled. "I thought we were friends. I am hurt, but all jokes aside you can count I will no allow a thing to happen to the both of them. They are too valuable to lose." They all went home soon after in a good moose as they got cool familiars. Shuri was impressed and a little annoyed with Raynare as undead are quite hard to control, but seems she had no issue with it.

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