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100% LILITH / Chapter 5: Something Doomed From The Start

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Chapter 5: Something Doomed From The Start

[5th Aprith, 32 A.P]

Inside one of the many rooms in the royal castle, two girls were sitting around a table. One of the girl, scrunching her hair.

"How long are you going to sulk for?" asks another girl who's calmly sitting on the chair

"Until I kill your entire family" Lilith glares sharply at Rossella

"Well, you are free to do that but leave my mother and my siblings" no anger in Rossella's voice

"Hoh? so I am free to do whatever I want with your father and the rest of them?"

"mmhmm, because of father there are so many problems inside here, infighting with uncles, showing off his power, acting greedy, civil problems, his impulsive nature, and whatnot. He knows all these things, but just ignores it and indulges in himself, he's the opposite of what a king should be. You can even call him a disgrace to our family"

"Well, that's quite a praise"

"I can write an entire book filled with nothing but his praises. Mother has to endure so much because of him..." Rossella eyes turning a little sad

"What about your siblings?"

"They are good people, but they don't have what it takes to become the next ruler. Brother Nathan isn't interested in becoming king, Brother Dany is only interested in army and fighting—"

"Your sister Claudie wants to be an explorer"

"Yeah, but she's confined within this castle. She can't go out"

"Hmm...poor soul, well maybe she will do something about this matter"

"mhm, I think she has already started doing something, but I can't figure out what"

"You can tell?"

"She's a lot more energetic lately but putting aside my stuff, what are you going to do now?"

"That's what I have been thinking for the past hour. I can't deny him, as that would hurt my image. Can ask Scarlet to assassinate him though, hahaha♥"

"Is that why you bought a slave? to raise a murderer?"

"Don't call my possesions slave! I won't forgive anyone, even if it's you!" Lilith's voice becoming louder

"Yes, yes, Sorry, Sorry. No need to get loud, but back to the topic, what do you know about Duke Nate?"

"I have never met him but doesn't he rule over 'Sylva'? the second-largest piece of land after 'Chuti', also he's the king's close aid, thats all"

"Hmm, your information is quite limited. What happened? slacking off recently?"

"No, just haven't visited 'Sylva' yet"

"Strange... anyway! He has a wife, but they don't have a nice relationship, the reason, I couldn't find out. They have only one son, so obviously he's highly doted upon, his name's Jorris"

"Jorris Nate?"

"Obviously! they run 'Nate Mining House' which is this country's largest supplier of mineral ores and other raw materials"

"No wonder they earned the title of 'Duke'..." Lilith suddenly getting immersed in her mind

"Thier son is attending an Academy here, so you may have seen him in the past, he was quite popular when you were attending, well he still is. I really wanna kick his balls whenever I see him at Academy though—"


"Eeeekkk!!! what!? get down from there!"

Lilith suddenly smashed the table and jumped on top of it

"He's a 'DUKE' Rossella, A 'D.U.K.E'!!"

"So what!? Firstly, get off of the table"

"Oh to hell with your table! If I marry him, then I will also become a 'DUKE'!!!"

"I Already Know! Now, get off the table!"

"Shut up! then you should have told me that! what are you here for? be useful!!"

"It's a common knowledge you dumbass! AHHHH! Stop jumping on the table!"

"Shit! my mind just stopped working then. Rossella, if I become a duke and control Jorris Nate, just imagine how much more power and standing I will have!"

"My table! My table!"

"Jeez! I have been telling you such good news! and here you are going 'Table, Table'! have some delicacy!"



"So get off! it would get dirty! it would get scratched! it would get whatnot!"

"Haaaaah should have told Scarlet first" Lilith gets off from the table

"Thank you, so now that you are not sad anymore, get out"

"Hm? Sad? Who?"

"What who? You!"

"WHA!? No, I am never sad. It was a ghost" Lilith lied as naturally as she breathed.

"..." Rossella didn't speak anything

"Now, gotta tell the good news to Scarlet and then inform the king. Also, That information you gave me about Brother Sam was accurate"

"Your brother was going to tell father about your rather peculiar hobbies. It would be trouble for me if you suddenly got thrown in jai...l"

"Hm? Why would I be thrown to jail?" Lilith's voice suddenly becoming chilly

"UH!? Yo-you wouldn't! You wouldn't!" Rossella voice becoming filled with panic

"Right!" bright smile returning on Lilith's Face

"Well anyway, I will keep on helping you. In return, you will keep your promise."

"Yup! If the world's only Healing Magic-user supports someone, there are a lot of advantages one can get. In your case, the support to become the 'King'.

Looking into Lilith's crazy eyes, Rossella felt a sharp pain in her fake left eye, remembering her eye which was taken by Lilith when they first met.




At the same time, inside 'Restaurant Fresh' in one of the private rooms, Five people were sitting around a table.

There was a 23-year-old guy, wearing purple robes, his black hair messy. There were three women stealing glances at him, but he didn't seem to notice them. The last person was also a guy aged 18, he was wearing an elegant looking blue jacket along with black pants, his brown hair swept back. He noticed the three women stealing glances at his best friend, but didn't say anything and just smiled.

'He has to figure it out himself' the guy thought.

"Thank you, everyone, for coming" the robe-wearing guy bowed his head to everyone

"No, No, please raise your head, thomson"

"Thomson, don't speak like that"

"Thomson, you are being too humble"

The three girls spoke, with a slight blush. 'Thomson's such a nice guy' thought those girls

"Yeah, it's just that I am so busy with all the work, that I can't find the time to go out will all of you guys" Thomson's head getting a bit hung

"It's not your fault, Thomson. You are a royal mage, and you also invent such unique things, there's no helping it, right?" the other guy spoke.

"Y-yes, thank you. Jorris"

"No-no needs for thank you, we are best friends" Jorris Nate becoming embarrassed.

The three girls chuckling, to complement the atmosphere.

'He worries way too much' thought Jorris

"So, I got good news for you, Jorris" spoke Thomson

"what? finally getting married?"

"hahaha, no, no, I requested the king to ask Miss Lilith for your marriage proposal!"

"Huh?! Really!!" Jorris face getting filed with happiness

"Yes, and he asked Miss Lilith a few hours ago, a reply should be coming by tommorow"

"Wow, congrats! Jorris"

"Jorris, your wish is finally coming true"

"You have always dreamed of this, right?"

spoke the three girls, their faces filled with delight for Jorris.

"Bu-but Miss Lilith hasn't said ye-ye-yes! yet..."

"Don't worry, you are a great guy. Miss Lilith is also a great person, I am sure she will be impressed by you when you two meet"

"Mee-m-m-meeting!? Miss Lilith?"

"Of Course! Miss Lilith definitely won't make a decision before meeting the guy right? she's a good person, everyone says so"

The three girls slightly happy that Thomson didn't lay his eyes on Lilith if he did, then they would also have to include Lilith into their girl group, as they can't just monopolize him.

For these girls, Thomson was their hero, their savior. He helped them when everyone was treating them like dirt. He helped them get back to their feet and comes to their rescue whenever there is any trouble. Every day, they throw hints at him, that they love him, but for some reason, Thomson just doesn't notice it and if he does then he misunderstands the intention.

The girls know that he's isn't doing this out of an ill will, he helps everyone, he saves everyone, his mind is just filled with all these great things, that he doesn't think about romance. All three of the girls are ready to marry and share him, but they also can't just come out and say it directly. It's too embarrassing for them, and they feel like this would be selfish of them as there are many girls who like him, so he has chosen for himself. Also, they know that if they do say it directly, then Thomson would just accept their proposal as his heart is filled with kindness, he can't stand seeing someone get hurt.

"Ye-yes let's hope so. I will impress her when we meet tomorrow!" Jorris raising a fist into the air Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

The three girls started cheering him, and they started talking about random things.

During their conversation, Thomson's face and heart were filled with warmth. 'I have good people around me' he thought. Seeing his friends and people around him happy makes his 'will to help' others even stronger.

Thomson was born a prodigy in a count's noble house, at an early age he started speaking fluently. His mind was way ahead of his age, his veins flowing with extraordinary magic Liquid. He was able to master, many magic techniques and spells in a very short amount of time. It was like he knew all of these beforehand.

His family noticed his brilliance and helped him reach great heights, he got the top scores in the academy, was helpful to everyone, didn't have ill will towards his people. The king noticed his talent, and hired him as a novice mage. Through his years of hard work, determination, and unique inventions, the likes of no one have ever seen before like pen, glass, electricity, etc. Even right now, he's working towards growing this thing called electricity.

Thomson has reached heights, many don't reach in their entire lifetime, but still after all that he has remained humble and kind. He always is on the side of justice. It's like something deep inside him tells him to do all this stuff.

'I always wanted to be a hero, this time I will definitely become one' he always speaks these words in his mind, as if reminiscing a holy text.

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