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60% Limitless Infinity in MHA / Chapter 1: Awakening

Awakening - Limitless Infinity in MHA - Chapter 1 by Sanguinewhisper full book limited free

Chapter 1: Awakening

Age 4

            Every child brews with excitement on their fourth birthday as it is when they can start expecting their quirk to appear. Most children gain their quirks on or after their fourth birthday. Of course, it is possible to get it before or a while after the fourth birthday, but a majority get it around that age.

This includes Satoru Gojo.

Today is Satoru's fourth birthday, and he is excited about possibly gaining his quirk today!

However, not everything goes to plan.

When Satoru wakes up and opens his eyes, he is immediately overwhelmed. He can see so much. Every little thing he looks at just gets smaller and smaller, and that applies for everything he looks at. Anything that is moving, such as light shining through his window or his slightest movements are worse. All within a few seconds. He has to close his eyes. He can feel tears roll down his cheeks.

"Mom! Dad!" Satoru screams as he tightly grips his bed sheets.

He can hear a couple of people running down the hallway. Then, the door bursting open.

"Sweetie? Sweetheart, what's wrong? You have to talk to us," His mom gently tells him as she takes his small hands to comfort him.

Satoru stutters, "I see so much!"

"That must mean his quirk has come in," His dad points out, "What do you see, kid?"

Satoru hesitantly opens his eyes once more to describe it, but he cannot keep them open. He slams them shut and puts his hands over them to protect himself.

When Satoru had opened his eyes, his parents noticed how his eye color is different. Rather than the dark blue they were used to, shining light blue eyes look back at them for a couple of seconds before being hidden by their son again.

Satoru struggles to describe it, "It's a lot. Like, I see everything, but it's also in little orbs? Please make it stop!" He nearly cries at the end.

"We need to get him to a quirk specialist. I'll drive," Satoru's dad says he rushes out of the room. Meanwhile, his mom picks him up and carries him to the car, murmuring small comforts to the boy.

After Satoru's parents pressured the lady at the front desk, who kept going on about them needing an appointment (but they aren't going to wait for that when their son is suffering), they find themselves in the doctor's office. A few minutes go by until the quirk specialist comes in. A young woman came in with a long white jacket that a scientist would wear and a soft smile. Not that Satoru can see it.

"Hi, I'm Doctor Ishi, and I will be taking care of your son today. Can you tell me what happened?" Dr. Ishi asked as she sits down in front of them.

Satoru's mom explains, "Well, we were in the kitchen when we heard Satoru scream for us. When we came in, he had his eyes closed. We asked him to describe we he was seeing, and he tried to open his eyes, but it was just too much for the dear. However, his eye color changed from dark blue to light. He hasn't tried to look since."

"Definitely a sign of a quirk. Satoru-kun, did you experience anything odd besides that? Strange feelings maybe?" Satoru shakes his head no, "Alright. I have a quirk that tells me what your quirk is. However, I need to touch you to activate it. Do you mind?"  Another no, "Okay, Satoru-kun. You won't feel pain or anything like that. I'm just touching you."

Dr. Ishi scoots forward, touches Satoru's hand gently, and activates her quirk. For a moment, there is silence. Then, she withdraws with a shocked looked.

"What is it? Is there something wrong?" Satoru's mom asks, clearly worried. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Dr. Ishi waves her hands, "No, absolutely not! Here, let me grab something for Satoru-kun so he can see first, then I will discuss with you what his quirk is."

Dr. Ishi leaves the room, but it does not take long for her to return with a small black cloth.

She hands it to Satoru's mom, "Here, wrap this around his eyes. It should help him be able to see."

The Mom looks at her confused, "This would make him not be able to see though?"

"With his quirk, no. He should be able to see through it with no issues, and it will be less than what he would see otherwise."

Satoru's mom decides to trust her advice and wraps the cloth around Satoru's eyes.

"Alright, Satoru-kun, open your eyes and tell us if it is okay. If so, you can bring that home for now, and we will customize one for you to fit better," Dr. Ishi requests Satoru.

Satoru hesitantly opens his eyes but is surprised that he can see! It's not overwhelming anymore! A huge grin appears on his face.

"I assume it works?" Dr. Ishi asks.

Satoru nods quickly, "Uh-huh! Thank you!"

"It's not a problem. Now, would you like to hear what your quirk is?"

"Yes, please!"

"Alright," Dr. Ishi says as she sits down again, "You are extra special because you actually have two quirks. Two very powerful quirks, might I add."

"Oh my," Satoru's mom gasps. His dad nods, following. Satoru is extra excited.

"Your first quirk is what you woke up to. It gives you fantastic eyesight not only far-sight but close-sight as well. You can see things down to the molecular level, so I assume that is what overwhelmed you. It also allows you to see how things move such as electricity, sound, and maybe even quirk energy! I believe it pairs well with your second quirk. That one is a bit more complicated to explain. I actually had to think about it for a moment to understand it. It pairs very well with your first quirk as it allows you to see what you are doing with this quirk.

Your second quirk allows you to control the space around you down to the molecular level. It's certainly a powerful quirk if utilized correctly, though it will need a lot of work in order to achieve it. However, with your first quirk, it should make the process much easier as you can see what is going on. Doing research could help as well, though that probably won't happen until you are older given how complex that sort of science is. I can give you a packet of everything you need to know about your quirk. That way, even if you can't read it now, you can read it later and apply what you learn, okay?"

Satoru sits shocked at his new abilities, "Okay!"

"Alright! I will give it to your mom and dad, discuss a few things with them, and you are free to go!"

"Thank you!" Satoru grins.

"No problem! Now, Mom and Dad-"

At that point, Satoru zones out the boring adult talk.

Little do they know that he figures out how to apply his quirks in different ways in such little time.

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