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Chapter 284: Crow's Future

A few days passed. I visited Crow regularly, and made sure everything was alright. Besides that, we also trained with the poles. Crow was improving with each day, and his senses became more acute. Almost a week has passed, and I finally took off the bandages from Crows eyes. Before Crow opened his eyes, I said "Wait a minute, before you open your eyes". Crow nodded his head, while I retrieved some skins, to block the windows. I wanted to make the room dark, so that Crow's new eyes could adjust better. Of course provided they worked.

When I made the place darker, I said "You can now open your eyes". Crow opened them, and said "I can't see anything". I replied "Maybe give it a while, they might need to adjust". Crow nodded, and we waited. After a few minutes, Crow exclaimed "I can see something! You were right, my eyes are adjusting slowly". I smiled, and said "That is great. We still don't know to what extent your new eyes will work, but it's already a proof, that the procedure did work". Crow commented every time, as he saw more and more. "I can see your shape, but everything is black, grey or white. There are no colours". I nodded, and said "It may be a side effect. Besides, these are not your eyes. Let's wait a bit longer, and check how it's going to develop".

We waited for about an hour, and Crow replied "Still no colours. I can see your shape, and some features, but not as much as I could in the past. All the stuff around us, seems to be blending in, it's hard to see properly because of that. No wonder, since I can't see any colours, besides black, white and grey". I said "I can take down one of the skins, that I used to block the window". Crow nodded, and said "It's worth a try".

I took down one of the skins, and the room became a bit brighter. Crow said "Now I can see even less". I replied "Just let them adjust. Don't be so impatient". Crow nodded, and said "You are right. It's still something, even if I can only see in black, white and grey, I can still see. This alone, is a lot". We waited for a few minutes, and Crow said "I can see a bit better now. No change of colours, but you are a bit more defined, then previously. Unblock all the windows, and we will see what will that bring". I nodded, and took down all the animal skins, blocking the windows.

More light filled the room. We waited for a while, until Crow said "I will have to get used to it. Although I can't see colours, I can see… You did so much for me, how can I repay you? Even if you tell me to become the enemy of Shades, I will have no problem with that". I smiled, and said "My plans are a bit different. I don't want you to become an enemy of Shades. I want you to become their ruler". Crow was visibly taken aback. He smiled after a while, and said "You always had crazy ideas, but I'm fine with that. I don't know if I can become a ruler, but for that, I will need to at least break through to my Inner Limits".

I replied "You will break through your limits. I will make it happen. This doesn't change the fact, that I will leave the North soon. This will give you plenty of time to develop yourself, and break through your Inner Limits". I then took out 25 milliliters of Prime Blood Yarn Extract, and gave it to Crow. He took it, and said "Is that the blood purifying medicine of yours?". I nodded, and said "Yes. I'm giving you this much, because I will help you myself. Otherwise, you might not be able to ingest that type of amount. I will also give you an Extract later, provided I get my hands on that distillery. With its use, I will be able to create much stronger stuff, than I currently am".

Crow nodded, and asked "Should I take this now?". I shook my head, and replied "No. We will wait for your eyes to adjust properly. Besides that, your arm needs to heal properly. When that happens, we will go through the process of purifying your blood again". Crow said "Alright. What should I do now?". I said "We will train. Improving your senses, will bring you a lot of benefits. Not only in combat, but in stealth as well. By the way, what weapons do you use?".

Crow laughed, and said "Right, I never showed you my weapon. I can't anymore, I don't have it, but it was a rapier. A sort of sword, that can be used for quick attacks". I took out a bag, handed it to him, then said "These are all the things, that Teron owned. Take them, and use them as you wish". Crow opened the bag, and said "Yes, most of my stuff is here, but there are also other things. Are you sure, you don't want any of that? I mean, there is loads of money inside too". I replied "Keep them. I will be leaving the North, so I will have no need for that anymore".

Crow nodded, and took the whole bag. He then took out the rapier, and said "I had it for a very long time. It's not that great, but it was always by my side". I took it from him, and examined it. "It has some Flexium inside, and mostly Purified Steel. It's not that great, but we can improve it". Crow asked "You can forge weapons as well?". I said "I can forge ingots. My weapons though, are quite rubbish to say the least. There is a blacksmith here, who is very good. We can use his services".

Crow nodded, and said "Great, I don't have to worry about money either. Teron had loads of money on him. Judging by his status, they all should be Black Hals. This should be more than enough, to improve my rapier". I said "I will take the rapier to the blacksmith, while you rest. Get adjusted to your new eyes. I will also try to get something, which will help you train your senses". Crow nodded, and I left the house. I headed towards the blacksmith, where I talked with the old Lizard.

He asked "Back so soon? Is there a problem with the tools?". I shook my head, and replied "No, not at all. Here, have a look at this". I handed him Crow's rapier, and waited. He examined the rapier for a while, and said "It's quite basic. Not that great, although the design seems old. Is this your new weapon?". I replied "No. I need to upgrade this. I want it to be very good, if not the best that you can make".

The old Lizard thought about it, and said "The best materials, would be Azurite, Flexium and Obsidian, which can be found here. The materials will not be cheap, and I can't give you any Azurite, as you know. Obsidian, is even more expensive. This place is called Obsidian Mountains, but Obsidians can only be found in active volcanoes. Arangard, should have them, but the price may be even in excess of 50 Black Hals, per decently sized rock".

I nodded, and said "I will take care of the materials then. Someone will get them for me, but can you work with that. Can you improve this weapon, and make it great?". The old Lizard nodded, and exclaimed "I can! It's been so long since I created something exceptional. I'm willing to do it for free, as long as you provide all the materials". I replied "Then it's a deal. I will get the materials, as soon as possible. When I have them, I will return". He nodded his head, and we said farewell to each other.

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