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100% List To Fall (Not) in Love / Chapter 7: Welcome to The Earth

Welcome to The Earth - List To Fall (Not) in Love - Chapter 7 by JudyWayne full book limited free

Chapter 7: Welcome to The Earth

My entire body goes on alert. The pitch that enveloped my mind is gradually leaving me. I blink with difficulty and look at myself.

I can't believe I'm alive!

However, the people around me look at me with some surprise. The smell of flowers surrounds me and I feel a light breeze against my face, I realized then that we were on the edge of an open mountain.

Disoriented without understanding much of what was happening, I got up off the floor.

"Look who woke up? If it's not sleeping beauty" says Ryan sarcastically making kian hide a laugh.

"What? I did sleep for a long time?" I ask confused.

"No way. Just for two days straight" says with his usual irony.

"Oh my God! Really?" I blink my eyes over and over.

"You were knocked out the whole trip and Ryan had to carry you. So Eat you need strength" angel comes over to me, and hands me a piece of bread.


"For a girl you snored loudly" the little jay comments as he laughs.

"I DON'T SNOR!" I scream without realizing it.

"Yes, you snore!" arguing "Tell her angel, how much she drooled while sleeping."

"Don't worry, Jay always exaggerates" angel intervenes.

Being defeated by that boy's protests, I forget the subject. More like my existence and basically made up of curiosity. I can't stop thinking about why we're running away.

"What happened? Why are we running away?" I asked curiously.

"The neutral city has been attacked and invaded" replies ryan now sitting on a rock and cooling himself with water "Our last hope now is to find ..."

"I found!" shouts Kian jumping on the grass looking at an old book.

"What did you find?" asks Ryan.

"The map of the last secret camera and we are right on the night of the three moons" he scrapes something on the floor with a stick

"Hey! Mr. smart guy speak in a language I understand"

"Think you're talking to normal people, who need normal explanations."

"First what does the night of the night of the three moons mean?"

"Well ... in short" Taking a deep breath, replied to the boy "The night of the three moons and the moment when even the deepest secrets are discovered"

I see out of the corner of my eye the little Jay who appeared to be about six or seven years old swallowing.

"Does that mean Daddy will find out that I broke his pot of a thousand battles?" He asks with a mischievous smile.

Nobody took it and everyone laughed.

"Great! Since you found the map" says going towards the horses "Which way should we go?"

"Well, I don't know yet" he declares "The map is in an old language full of puzzles that are a little difficult to solve"

"If you want, I can try to help you, I'm great with puzzles" offer my help.

"I accept an offer, but I don't think you'll be able to read it in an old language, I don't understand it myself."

"I can try" I say taking the book out of his hands and I see it shine.

" Just Tell me where you've been and I'll tell you where to go, can you think wrong?" I read a sentence in the book and Kian looks at me in surprise.

"Where did you learn the language of the ancient guardians?"

"I don't know. I can only" shrug "Humn ... I think I understand."

"Seriously?" incredulous question "Why am I still unable"

"Well ... usually riddles have automatic answers"

"I think it means" Can you think wrong "and do everything contrary to what we have already done, because that is the way we think is right."

"That even makes some sense" agree Kian putting his finger on his chin "So you mean if you remove yourself going west do we have to go east?"

"Exactly" I reply.

"Let's not waste any time" Ryan says riding his horse and the animal neighs "Angel can you take Jay on your horse while I take the Alice" asked the to his twin sister.

"It's fine with me," says his twin.

After a long and tiring journey on horseback that lasted a few hours, we finally stopped to get some rest.

Finally, we already in the east of this world and just needed to find the portal that, as in the book described being a tree with a large door with the symbol of two hearts, the same one I saw in the tree that also transported me here.

"Wow what a hunger! I could eat anything" Jay complains about looking around looking for something to quench his stomach - "Kian help me get that mango over there?" he comments moving to the fruit at the top of a tree.

"Do I look like a monkey to climb trees?" Replied the kian.

- "No! It would be an offense to the poor monkeys" defends his favorite animal "You look more like a hippo!" step on your foot and run away.

"You little brat! Get back here!"

"Do you two never change? Stop fighting!" Angel intervenes.

"Are they always like this?" laughing I ask cupid.

"They are actually worse! I think they are even behaved" he says with a smile dancing on his lips "But you must not deny that they are great people."

"You mean cupids, no?"

"Well ... it is you humans that we call cupids but I would say beings with high levels" he boasts.

"I know ... High beings who love to meddle in the lives of others" I say "And still always bump into the person letting his precious Croissants fall to the ground."

"You can't demand anything from me" Cross your arms "Did you drop me in the middle of the new street too?" question reminding me of the scene

"Now we're even!"

"Hey! That was an accident!" I cried out in embarrassment "I was so tempted to save a crazy person from getting hit!"

Suddenly a high-pitched sound that seemed to come from not far away took over the place. Horse trotting could be heard in the distance and the sound of trumpets sounding also did not go unnoticed and when I turned back I realized that a crowd of black horsemen were getting closer and closer to us.

They saw with total fury, the horses were very uneasy with the strange noise that came from the horizon, they could not control themselves for us to ride them and we had no choice at that moment but to run as if life depended on it.

And it really depended.

Everyone looked at each other, cupid took his younger brother in his lap and ran ahead without excitement and we went after him, left everything behind in the middle of the forest, I ran so much that I felt pain in my belly.

When I saw the tree described in the book, relief washed over my body. But I no longer had air inside my lungs for so much running and I lacked even more when I got to the tree.

I couldn't take it anymore, I had to stop to breathe properly. I leaned on my knees when I saw a black knight behind me out of the corner of my eye, tried to run more stumbled and fell. I looked for something to defend myself since I did not foresee any agility to fight hand-to-hand.

The only thing I found was the crystal heart in my pocket, I picked it up quickly.

Please ... If you have any power this is the time to show it! I thought.

A light enveloped me, giving me strength to get up, I was able to manipulate the power quickly and directed the soldier who flew very far.

"I said she was the one," said angel, elbowing Kian lightly.

"I still haven't convinced myself," he said.

I couldn't believe I did something extraordinary for the first time in my life. Rising from the floor, cleaning the dirt from my pants, I accidentally found the portal door a little dusty. The door handle was missing and without it I couldn't open it at all, we were all looking desperate because every second counted, no one could forget the black army that came after us.

Ryan found the doorknob lying on the floor and quickly put it in place by turning it quickly, the door opened smoothly. Another black soldier came after us and Ryan drew his sword and they started to fight, without delay one by one we started to enter the tree.

The space inside the tree started to get very tight and we were already squeezed when Ryan finally made the situation worse.

"and now what agent does kian?" Ryan asks, holding the door tightly so the soldiers on the other side don't intrude.

"I don't know .... wait, I'm going to consult the book" nervous kian takes the book out of his bag and the sound of soldiers trying to break the door just outside did not let me concentrate on anything.

"Hurry up kian! I can't take it much longer!" shouts cupid, making too much force to hold the door.

"Calm down! Don't stress me out if it doesn't make things worse!" flips through the book again. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"Pronounce the right words to find the right way" reads "But what is it? There are only puzzles in this book?


When Ryan shouted, the old door was opened from the outside, leaving us vulnerable, but before they could attack us, kian shouted something I believe to be in Latin.

"As locum originis!"

A light smoke came from our feet trapping us in a kind of electric current and on the other shelf we were being materialized together to land, or rather saying to London and leaving that world in total chaos.

It was not my first trip between the two worlds and I already knew the sensation of being teleported well, I could even say that I got used to the sensation, but I think the others did not know, because they were afraid when the bright golden light began to consume us slowly.

I automatically put my hand on my head when I felt a thud. I felt sick, better. I couldn't quite remember what had happened, the more slowly the images formed. Venus .... Heart of crystal ... Powers.

I looked up and realized that we were transported to another place where I was also in a very tight situation, it looked like a closet because it had several fur coats and handkerchiefs, we couldn't move, I tried to get out of that place, but I had the slight impression that he heard footsteps outside.

"KIAN! YOU ARE STEPPING ON MY HAIR" says angel pulling the strands of her blue hair over the healer's muddy boots.

"If you weren't under them in my opinion, it would be easier!"

"Didn't we go anywhere?" Jay asks.

"We are certainly in another place just to get out of this situation ...." says Ryan kicking the wardrobe door hard.

Suddenly, the closet door opens abruptly, throwing us all on the dirty floor. Wait, dirty? A subway train passes right in front of us, sounding loud, so I touch that we were at a subway station, we left inside

"Where are we?" Jay asks "Did we die?"

"Calm Jay, nobody here has died and won't even go" replies Ryan.

"Here is surrounded by love magic" say kian visualizing in his device that measured love that only cupids had "Incredible! It will render a lot of reports for my research."

"Where did we end up?" Angel asks disoriented looking at that crowd of people, she looked like she had never seen a human being.

"Welcome to Earth!" I say with a sigh.

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