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Chapter 10: The villain of my life

Alan whose eyes were on his plate didn't notice even a small curve of her lips. He finished his dinner first and left for his room with complicated thoughts.

Noah returned to his home which was next to Morgan estate. Rian left Aria to her room before going to the next room which was his room.

Aria took a bath and sat on the day bed looking outside. She always cried remembering her father wasn't with her anymore. She remembered an old lady who tried to convince her to stop crying in the cemetery but failed. Her lines still affected Aria.

'When someone you love dies… you never quite get over it even if you cry all your life. You just slowly learn how to go on without them by always keeping them tucked safely in your heart.'

'Move on. It doesn't mean you forget about them. It just means you have to accept what happened and continue living.'

'Child! You are very young. Accept the new beginning, learn from the past. Don't lose yourself in the process other than changing for the better.'

Lost in thoughts she didn't realize when Alan knocked and entered with an ice pack. When he kept the ice pack on her cheek, she got scared and jerked which made her fall back.

Alan was quick hence he held her in his arms at the right time. He looked at her clean and clear face. Her spotless skin was glowing and looked very delicate. Her lips were pursed, eyes were widened looking at him.

He reacted when the towel which was wrapped to her wet long hair slid down making her hair roll down touching the floor. He made her sit and again held the ice pack.

Aira spoke, "Thank you, President Morgan. I will do it."

Alan furrowed his brows and gave the ice pack.

Aira's stiff body relaxed seeing him leave. She numerous times heard about Alan Morgan in school, Rian, Amelia, Rowan, and Oliver speaking about him.

It was about how good he was with studies and business. If it was about personality, she heard him as Cold, unapproachable, Isolated, and Misogyny1 (dislikes being around women).

So she thought he was doing everything because of Amelia and he dislikes to even stay around her seeing his grim face.

Her habit of keeping her room door open in the Cooper villa also followed in the Morgan mansion which made him enter to check on her.

She doesn't like to cry in front of anybody other than her father who was no more. Hence she had quickly stopped crying and thought he would leave but her weakened body made him tend to her.

She didn't expect her to sit and cry so long in front of her parents' tomb either. After hearing Noah, she understood from the hour she left, the trio was panicked with the whole class and Alan searched her everywhere before reaching the cemetery and bringing her to the Morgan mansion at seven.

She turned around when she heard the hairdryer switched on. She bit her lip seeing Alan with a blank face whose hand was in the air due to her sudden movement.

She couldn't understand why she couldn't read anything on his face or eyes. "President Morgan, I will do it. I'm sorry I have delayed your whole day's work. You should rest."

She stretched her hand to receive the hairdryer but saw his gaze turned sharp. She felt like his light brown iris were turning dark.

She didn't know what she said made him angered hence she lowered her gaze. Since he was misogyny, she thought he didn't like her talking and turned outside.

After a few seconds, he blasted the hot air on her hair making her clutch her fist tight. Her hair was tangling and the heat setting was on high which made her want him to stop but thinking he would get angry, she bit her lip hard and squeezed her eyes which were moistened thinking how Oliver took care of her.

Rian who wanted to check on her, entered her room seeing the door open. He turned off the switch of the hairdryer before reprimanding Alan. "Bro, if you don't know, don't do it."

He snatched the hairdryer and touched her hair which was very hot. "Crap! Bro, are you crazy?... Arrie! What the hell is wrong with you? Why didn't you stop him?"

Aria quickly wiped the corner of her eye, "I will do it. You two should rest." Even though she tried to sound normal, Rian understood she was on the verge of tears.

Alan furrowed his brow not really understanding what happened. He saw Rian flicking on her head and turned her head to make her face outside before changing the setting to cold and cooling her hair carefully upside down motion as his finger gently combed her silky long brown hair.

Then Rian changed the setting to a little warm and went over again lightly before turning it off. "Little Devil, were you planning to get your hair burnt by my brother?"

Aria didn't reply and stood up. "Thank you, President Morgan." Then she faintly smiled at Rian, "Go to bed, it's late."

Alan's expression was stony.

Rian sighed, "Little Devil, I wanted to break your leg hearing you say thank you to me. Missed it. Anyway, Mom told me to make sure you sleep before I go to bed… Bro! Good night."

Rian pushed her towards the bed and asked her to lay down first then, "Hey, are you expecting me to stand and wait? shift, shift..."

Aria was about to speak, the housekeeper brought her milk entering after a knock, "Young miss, your milk."

Aria couldn't understand how she got to know she drinks milk at night. She slowly took her glass looking at her.

The housekeeper smiled as she spoke, "We didn't know you drink milk before sleeping. Young master told us a few minutes back. Starting tomorrow, I will get it regularly. Young miss, let us know if anything as such is there, we will do it."

She lightly nodded at the housekeeper and looked at Alan whose face was dark. She didn't know the reason for it but she still thanked him for it, "Thank you, President Morgan."

She turned to Rian who was sitting next to her. He was giving a distasteful look to the milk glass. "Rian! I…"

Her mouth fell open seeing Alan holding Rian's collar and dragging him out, "If Second young master is so free, I will increase the number painting per month to be delivered to the studio."

Rian tried to release from his clutch all the time saying, "Brother Alan, stop being the villain of my life. Leave me, leave…."

'Do siblings behave like this?' Aria thought to herself.

The housekeeper was smiling looking at them as if it was normal.

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Aria didn't hear anything and drank milk quickly to give the glass to the housekeeper who was waiting. She was leaving wishing her goodnight when Alan entered inside confusing Aria.

Alan turned off bright lights and turned on lamps before sitting on the daybed in poise checking his mails.

Aria didn't hear a word from him to her.

'How can anybody hate the opposite gender so much?' She thought to herself and slid under the duvet. She was physically exhausted walking too much and crying long hence she soon dozed off holding a pillow.

Alan left after seeing her asleep.

  1. Alan just dislikes being around women. He doesn't hold any prejudice against women.

Munchkin_2 Munchkin_2

Easter egg:

Rian Morgan and Aria Cooper messed Alan's mind.

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