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Chapter 38: Chapter Thirty

Changling pleased him so many times already and he only pleased Changling once. What's worse was the fact that he was being attended by his fifteen-year-old sister while the fourteen-year-old was attending to him.

Changling left them while taking two cups of tea with him. Yuhua stayed behind and helped with Youxian. He looked at the two beautiful sisters and asked, "Where'd he go?"

"Ah-Ling is probably outside by the pavilion, I prepared food for the two of you," Rucheng answered.

He looked at the younger one, "Why are the two of you serving him when you're his sisters?"

"Because we choose to," Yuhua answered with a smile.

'These sisters are as weird as their brother,' he thought. Getting out of the bath with Rucheng's help he let them dry him and winced when Yuhua wiped at his front. He came three times today and it hurt touching it.

She said sorry with a giggle then walked off as Rucheng brought the red robe for him to wear. His eyes widened when he laid his eyes on it. "Why can I see through it?" he asked aghast.

Rucheng shrugged, "It's either you wear this or nothing, you choose," she said nonchalantly.

Youxian fought against his urge to curse. He turned around and held his arms out. She slid the robe off and handed him the slippers. He fastened a silk belt around his waist to hold it close and accepted the tea from Yuhua who secretly, poured in some of the laxative in it.

He accepted it and frowned because it tasted funny but left it since Changling also drank from it. He went out to the pavilion the way he knew and found Changling sitting there with the blue robe basically hanging off his shoulders and butt naked.

He blushed and folded his arms as he walked over since he was basically naked too. Changling turned his attention to Youxian when he heard him walk over. He smiled as his eyes surveyed his body. He nodded his head pleased with his sister's choice of clothing.

Youxian sat down before Changling with flushed cheeks. He mustered up the courage to look at Changling making sure he only looked in his eyes and nowhere else.

"Why are you out here naked? What if someone sees you?" Youxian asked with a frown.

Changling chuckled, "Don't you want anyone else besides yourself seeing me naked Ah-Xian?"

He shuddered as his name intimately rolled off Changling's tongue. Swallowing hard, "I-I told you not to call me that."

"Why?" he asked sitting forward.

Youxian shifted in his eat, "I don't like it!"

"Don't lie to yourself Ah-Xian. Every time I call you this, you blush meaning that you like it," Changling teased.

Youxian's hands cupped his cheeks. It felt warm leading to what Changling said being true. He stomped his foot frustrated making Changling laugh.

He stared at Youxian for some time then said, "I'm going to ask you something and I want you to think about it hard before answering me."

Youxian raised a brow at Changling while looking into his eyes. Changling sat back in his seat and looked at him. After a moment of silence he asked, "Are you interested in men?"

Youxian was about to give a quick response but his eyes landed on a filthy Mei Yuan walking out with dirty laundry. His eyes followed her as she walked past them. She felt that someone was looking at her and her eyes widened when she saw Youxian sitting there dressed so lewd.

Her eyes averted to Changling. The glare in his eyes told her to leave and she did just that. Youxian realized that Mei Yuan must have heard his moans and she did see him being carried in Changling's arms naked and now, sitting here in this see-through robe.

His eyes started burning as tears formed in them. His hands became sweaty and his body trembled. This horrible prince who came out of nowhere, made his walls break, made him cum, made him enjoy himself, made him want to be touched by him and made him want more than just being finger fucked by him.

Yes, he liked men! He wanted to be fucked by a man. He wanted to be loved by a man who he'd equally love. He wanted to share his heart, body and soul with a man. Changling was a possibility but what will everyone say?

The crown prince was his best friend and what would he do if he found out the boy who slept in his bed, who he trained with, who he trusted and became friends with was a gay. What would the emperor say? What would the father who he despised say? Will his father finally stop showing his affections towards him?

Changling saw panic spreading up on Youxian's face but said nothing. He knew for a fact that Youxian was interested in men just like his father. It was evident in the way he walked, spoke and held himself but as he saw it, others couldn't – could Dong Woo see it?

Youxian started crying into his hands the more he thought about it. Rucheng and Yuhua who was about to bring out the dishes stopped when they saw Youxian cry into his hands. Changling looked over at Rucheng who sent him a questioning brow.

He shook his head for them to hold on. They went back into the palace and started cleaning. Changling wasn't someone who comforted others but since he wanted to make Youxian his, he decided to comfort him.

He got up and sat next to Youxian, picking him up he hugged him, holding him tightly. Youxian fought him first but couldn't win. He was too exhausted and stopped. Crying into Changling chest like a baby forgetting that he was naked.

After he calmed down, he looked at the hems of Changling's robes that were hanging loosely. Sitting up he fixed them, closing his chest as well. He leaned his forehead against his chest and took a deep breath in of the rose scent that they both had on them from the bath they took.

"Feeling better?" Changling asked. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href="!-%5Bcomplete%5D_14376995806232505/chapter-thirty_45070797403898891">!-%5Bcomplete%5D_14376995806232505/chapter-thirty_45070797403898891</a> for visiting.

Youxian shook his head. Changling chuckled, "Do you have my answer?"

Youxian forced himself up and said while looking into his eyes, "I dislike you."

Changling chuckled, nodding his head he said, "I'm not liked by many, I know that."

Sighing Youxian rested his head against his chest listening to Changling's heartbeat, "I don't want to be named a disgrace," he said.

Changling nodded his head asking, "So I am considered a disgrace?"

Youxian scoffed, "They will especially, the Hwabake, they probably will not accept you as a prince and ask the emperor to kick you out."

Changling scoffed, "Let them try, they'll be dead within the hour."

Youxian frowned. Sitting up on Changling he looked at his bored expression, "Are you serious?" he asked confused.

Changling nodded his head, "Now answer my question."

Sighing he nodded his head, "Yes, I'm interested in men."

Changling smiled smugly, "Is there anyone you are interested in?"

He shook his head, "No."

"And Qiang Wu?" Changling asked unconvinced.

Youxian looked at him surprised, could he have been jealous? "The Crown Prince and I are best friends, brothers and master and servant. I'm not interested in him," he said with a roll of his eyes.

Pleased with his answer Changling smiled, "What about me?"

"What do you mean what about you?" Youxian asked with a frown.

Changling rolled his eyes, "What are your thoughts about me?"

"Oh…" Youxian trailed. Without a second thought he answered, "You're crazy, abusive and a Lecherous person, I can't believe you are related to the other princes and princesses."

Changling looked at him unamused, "I can't believe I'm related to these people too."

Youxian burst out laughing at this simple remark. Changling was an oddball.

Changling smiled and asked, "What do you think of being my consort?"

Youxian's laughter stopped midway. He looked into Changling's eyes to see if he was joking but couldn't see anything. "Are you serious?" he asked after a while.

"Do I look like I'm joking?" Changling asked and pushed Youxian off him. Youxian glared at Changling who got up and sat back opposite to him.

Grinning Changling stated, "You'll be my consort no matter if you accept it or not. I've made up my mind!"

VanessaNicole VanessaNicole

And we are done! Thank you for completing this story with me :)

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