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61.53% Living in the Future ABO / Chapter 48: A ferocious secret guard

A ferocious secret guard - Living in the Future ABO - Chapter 48 by Take_the_Moon full book limited free

Chapter 48: A ferocious secret guard

This information was known only to Emperor Ada, the imperial advisers, and the Supreme Commander. The rest of the people only knew that Gyasi had marked Mu Liang and brought him to the Diablo Empire to make the marriage legally official.

And that while mating the vampires began an attack on the Zatrara Empire, which is Mu Liang's maternal support. In this way, the Diablo Empire to show support to Prince Gyasi, sent the Fire Battalion to help in the resistance to the vampire's attacks.

Mainly because there was the possibility that Mu Liang was already pregnant with Gyasi, which meant that Prince Mu was carrying the Crown Prince of the Diablo Empire.

That wasn't trivial!

The Duke of Adowa thought Mu Liang wouldn't be pregnant so quickly, no more than an attempt to get the omegas pregnant?

"So thank you for your kindness, Marshal," said Gyasi in such a cold voice, that Mu Liang's followers felt their scalp goosebumps.

Followers of Mu Liang: (...)

Our young master's husband is very scary!

Marshal Iyasu ignored Prince Gyasi and only waited for Emperor Ada's answer on the matter.

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"Anyway, Marshal. You are relieved of your duty as a guide and must return to your post. Also, as something happened with Prince Mu under your direct supervision, you must compensate Prince Mu and my third brother. Compensation can be decided later between the three of you," said Emperor Ada with his solemn voice.

Marshal Iyasu was relieved that Emperor Ada didn't punish him severely, even giving some gifts to the third Prince Gyasi and his companion wasn't too heavy.

"This humble servant obeys the orders of the Emperor," said Marshal Iyasu, bowing politely and then retiring with a confident walk. 

Gyasi had a gloomy expression on his pretty face, but he only brought Mu Liang closer to his chest, he could talk about his discontent after he took Mu Liang to see the imperial doctor.

"Duke Adowa, what is your reason for guiding my third sister-in-law?" Emperor Ada asked with an ironic look. He didn't believe Marshal Iyasu's words 100%, but he still let the Marshal go with a lesser punishment.

At least it's a minor punishment.

"In answer to the Emperor, I was only curious about Prince Mu, who is known for his beauty and also for his high mental power. I couldn't resist my curiosity and sent a mental power to probe Prince Mu. However, I think I surprised Prince Mu. He thought it was an attack and ended up attacking me using strong mental power. I didn't know Prince Mu's body was so weak that he would collapse after attacking me," said Duke Adowa, clearly twisting the truth here and there.

The Duke Adowa, who had the stature of an educated nobleman, was surprised when he felt something cold around his neck this was a silver dagger made of crystals of the Seitan Moon, which is considered one of the rarest crystals and which can contain Elemental Power. This was one of the many territories that belonged exclusively to the Tang-Kai Empire and only the imperial guards and trusted servants of the Mu imperial family could take with them.

"Chen Qian, what are you doing?" the leader of Zatrara's imperial guards asked urgently. It's not that they weren't angry about Duke Adowa's lie, but attacking a nobleman from another empire can become an intergalactic crisis!

Chen Qian not only had the appearance of a tiger, but she was also as strong as a tiger and showed her prey to anyone who dared to slander Prince Mu.

Chen Qian was Extreme Alpha, she was Mu Liang's secret guard, besides her, three other secret guards were among Mu Liang's followers. 

Previously Chen Qian had already felt guilty about Mu Liang's near-kidnapping, as they were in the cafeteria after a break from the care and watch of Prince Mu. As the guards of the Zatrara empire would watch the hall and the hospital room was practically impenetrable.

These hidden guards and Mu Liang's servants felt at ease to go and take a break and eat properly, as it had been many days since they had eaten properly. Besides, how could there be any attack on the Zerg's territory? Who didn't know how ferocious the Zerg Diablos are? Unfortunately, vampires are not anything to be underestimated.

Probably because the peacetime in the galaxy was too long, so they thought nothing could happen to Prince Mu. Prince Mu eating an egg from a soul-eating parasite may have been considered an accident, at least it hadn't yet been proven that such a "friend" of Prince Mu had done this deliberately or if he was ordered to do this kind of thing.

Anyway, the worst happened and Prince Mu was almost kidnapped. The worst they don't know until now how the vampires infiltrated the hospital and arrived in Prince Mu's room. This was a disgrace to the secret guards.

Chen Qian and the other shadow guards were terrified and resolved in their hearts to be the best guards and always protect Prince Mu, even if they fought against the great Diablo Empire!

Chen Qian wore her noble clothes, which consisted of pants that stuck to the skin, a blouse with a V-shaped neckline showing her full bust, and a long wine-colored jacket that was fastened at the waist by a large belt with the Tang-Kai Empire symbol, which is a large and beautiful golden crow.

She now had a Crystal Dagger of the Moon S. in her beautiful hands, inside the dagger it was possible to feel the ray element shaking deeply, which made Duke Adowa feel fearful for his life.

"I'm just making sure the Duke speaks correctly about what happened here," said Chen Qian in her icy voice. What matters if Emperor Ada was there, she was a citizen of the Tang-Kai Empire and wasn't suppressed by the Zerg Demon genetics issue.

Emperor's aura? The only emperor she feared was her Emperor Mu. The only person who can get her to kneel and obey now is Prince Mu. If she wants to kill Duke Adowa, she will kill Duke Adowa. If she wants to make Duke Adowa kneel down and ask his young master for forgiveness, she will make it happen. This was her duty as a guard for her young master.

Emperor Ada was surprised by the ferocity of Chen Qian and wondered how the imperial guards let anyone bring weapons into the imperial garden!

Of course, Emperor Ada didn't know that Mu Family imperial guards have special tattoos on their bodies that serve to store smaller weapons such as Swords, hunting knives, daggers, laser weapons, among others. The great weapons are considered the armor Mechas, swords for Mechas, Quantum Cannons, and the Combat Mechas themselves.

The atmosphere fell into a strange silence, the imperial guards surrounded Emperor Ada and Prince Gyasi for protection, but they raised their Siberic Crystal Swords against the followers of Prince Mu and against the guards of Zatrara, who also went into formation, summoning their Elementals!

Yes, the Elves of Zatrara were not helpless without their blades or their Wicks, they had their Elemental companions and their powers to control the surrounding elements.

No one would know who would win a fight between the Elves of Zatrara with Elementals and the Zergs Demons with their armor Mechas.

Was this the end of the marriage and peace plans between the human empire and the zerg empire?

Take_the_Moon Take_the_Moon

Hello dear readers!

How are you all doing? I hope everyone is well and healthy.

This author is still healthy and I'm taking care of myself, so I hope everyone takes care of themselves too.

Thanks for the comments, everyone's support is what moves the novel!

Ehhhhhh, it's not a blue moon, but here I am!

Even though Mu Liang is "weak", he has strong followers!

'-' well Duke Adowa he is an annoyance, but he has a regrettable record.

Soon more CPs.


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