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10.28% Living in the Future ABO / Chapter 10: Am I Married?

Am I Married? - Living in the Future ABO - Chapter 10 by Take_the_Moon full book limited free

Chapter 10: Am I Married?

It was not strange Mu Liang think so, after all, his past life the people of his family also had their schemes and even the people who were his friends had schemes ... So this thought process was natural to him.

"This is impossible! Mu Liang's presence and the presence of the other omegas soothes the extreme alphas of his family. Therefore, all omegas are treated as treasures in the Mu Family. Extreme Alphas are very powerful, but they have a lot of Yang in their bodies, which causes them to lose control over their SSS-class spiritual energy. This kind of spiritual energy is comparable to the energy of a great immortal! Can you imagine what would happen to the environment if a great immortal loses control over his powers? "Alessandra-066 explained slowly so that Mu Liang could understand, as his soul did not understand the current world in question.

"Everything would be dusted," Mu Liang muttered in terror. This would happen if only one immortal lost control, but in the Tang-Kai Empire, there was 40% of the empire's population that could look like an immortal! That could lead the planet to its own destruction!

"Omegas have a natural power to balance the excessive spiritual power of an Extreme Alpha," said Alessandra-066 simply, this time without going into too much detail.

"Can Extreme Alphas only marry omegas?" Asked Mu Liang curious, after all, there would always be exceptions.

"Not exactly, today's Era technology is very strong. A Beta can use a device on its body that also lets you soothe an Extreme Alpha, but as unnatural, there are some limitations. Nor is it possible for a Beta to have children of an Extreme Alpha. Of course, there's the adoption process, so that's not a problem. "Said Alessandra-066 showing a small device that looked like a kind of collar.

"The omega has natural Yin energy that spills out, which is much more effective than this collar that simulates Yin energy for only a close person," said Alessandra-066 showing how the device worked in her hand. A light blue aura pulsed from the silver collar, a slightly chilly, refreshing sensation was emitted by some lights that sparkled like jewels.

Mu Liang understood what Alessandra-066 meant by the overflowing Yin energy. It was not an unusual matter in Mu Liang's previous life, as he himself had an overflowing Yin energy. However, the function of the Yin energy was different from its previous world, as it served to calm the Extreme Alphas.

"Of course, your family is very sad that you have finally been linked to an extreme alpha," Alessandra-066 said with an emotional sigh. The fall of the previous Mu Liang was after this news arrived.

"What did you say?" Asked Mu Liang surprised and with his beautiful eyes wide with wonder.

"That you were bound to an Extreme Alpha" Alessandra repeated the sentence slowly.

"You mean I'm married?" Asked Mu Liang even more surprised, he hadn't even woken up from his coma and was already married?

"Yes you have been linked to General Drastan Diablo of the Holy Zerg Union," said Alessandra-066, turning away from Mu Liang's foolish gaze.

"Why didn't you say that early on ?!" Mu Liang said angrily, feeling deceived. Before he was reborn he had decided that he would never meet a man in a romantic sense again, but now he was married!

"I wanted to say about that, but it could be that the remnant of the soul of former Mu Liang would do some damage to his soul," Alessandra-066 said for the first time being shy, averting her beautiful golden eyes, avoiding the blue eyes of Mu Liang.

"What do you mean 'do me some damage' to me? Does the previous Mu Liang's death have anything to do with this General? "Asked Mu Liang worried.

"Not exactly. Mu Liang was formerly spoiled by his family and had everything he ever wanted in the palm of his hand. He even had a few lovers, as long as he was cautious and unmarked. Even if he was tagged just by taking a small pill would solve the whole problem, so his family never prevented this person from doing what he liked. Sure, he was a good person and a good son, very well educated… Besides being spoiled, he just had one big flaw, but for an omega, it's no big deal… He was very afraid of the pain "said Alessandra-066 speaking at length, as if trying to distract Mu Liang.

"What does this have to do with the general and the death of the previous owner? Don't tell me the general has a darker sexual taste? "Mu Liang asked fearfully, he didn't like that kind of heavy taste for sex either.

"No, none of that! It's just that that boy heard a lot of rumors about General Drastan Diablo… Well, there were rumors that he liked to have hard whip sex and stuff… There were rumors about him liking to spank at sex… There were also rumors that his XX was so large that his various brides fled after the first night together… "said Alessandra-066 like a gossipy old lady, coughing a little to cover her perverted smile. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"What? So are those rumors true? "Mu Liang asked worried, after all, this would be his future partner… Well, at least for now.

"Not exactly. Well, I did a thorough investigation ... Rumors about the general having a heavy taste in sex were a lie ... However, his XX being too big was true. Their brides and grooms couldn't stand the first round and gave up in tears… "Alessandra-066 counted it all with a mischievous smile on her pretty face, but Mu Liang was distracted imagining the general's XX, which should be big and scary!

"So the former Mu Liang was terrified to marry this person. However, it was impossible to escape from marriage, since the compatibility between Mu Liang and the general was 92%, which is more than enough to marry. Moreover, the Diablo Empire was facing a serious crisis, as the current Emperor could not have children, the Emperor's brother could not have children either… Only the three other brothers remain… Unfortunately, the younger brothers were only children who could easily be manipulated should the current emperor die. So it was only left to the third imperial prince, that General Drastan Diablo had the duty to generate an heir prince, and since General Drastan is part of the Sacred Zerg Union, he would have no interest in the throne of the current emperor "explained Alessandra-066 trying to be serious.

"Can emperors only be Alphas?" Asked Mu Liang with some hope in his voice.

"No, there are also emperors Betas, but there have been no omega emperors in the history of the Diablo Empire," said Alessandra-066 thoughtfully.

"Aren't they afraid I will give birth to an omega child?" Asked Mu Liang a little embarrassed, but with some hope of escaping this marriage.

"They are not afraid… If it was another omega, then they would not force the situation. But the Mu Family has a very strong track record of only having Extreme Alphas… According to my calculations, there is a 99% chance of you having an extreme alpha child… 90% of being born an Alpha child with the SS body and 80% of you having a Beta child… An omega child would be very difficult, yet you could have another child and he would be an Extreme Alpha, "said Alessandra-066 seriously, breaking Mu Liang's illusions.

"The previous owner believed a 'friend' lie about taking a pill to become sterile temporarily. Sure, I tried to stop it, but the fear of this child was too great. Unfortunately, that was not a medicine, but a soul-eating space parasite egg… I tried to help that child, but I could only take his wounded soul away and keep it until things got better, but the link between body and soul was devoured by this parasite before this child's parents discovered everything… "said Alessandra-066 with sadness in her voice.

"The child's parents found out about everything, taking this body urgently to intensive care, which saved the body from deteriorating, but the soul-bonding is more complicated. In fact, everyone is expecting a miracle… Well, you are their miracle now, "Alessandra-066 said in a slightly better mood, but you could see the tired look on her pretty face.

Take_the_Moon Take_the_Moon

Hello readers!

Thanks for the support and the comments!

Well, that's the 10 chapters promised for this novel.

Anyway, there will be chapter 11 until the 31st.

Then it's up to you all if you want me to keep writing.

Anyway, I'm tired.

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