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60.52% Living in the Future ABO / Chapter 46: Emperor Diablo - Ada Azikiwe

Emperor Diablo - Ada Azikiwe - Living in the Future ABO - Chapter 46 by Take_the_Moon full book limited free

Chapter 46: Emperor Diablo - Ada Azikiwe

            Duke Adowa is an Eccentric Alpha, which has a defect in his physical strength. His mental power is quite strong, almost at the level of a recessive omega.

It should be remembered that eccentric alphas have a genetic defect that can affect physical strength or mental power. For them to operate Lieutenant-level Mechas, they need to take supplements and train much harder than many Receptive Omegas and Beta.

Wicks can be divided into military degrees or utilities. Since there is a division between battle Mechas and domestic Mechas, this is also used to determine the scope of several Mechas construction companies.

Battle Mechas companies for military purposes are supervised and often funded with government money, which makes surveillance and the importance of these companies crucial to the development of the government's military power.

The Mechas divided by military degrees are classified as Mecha Soldado, Mecha Lieutenant, Mecha Capitan, Mecha General, Mecha Marechal, and Mecha Supreme Commander.

This division may have subdivisions such as Mecha Soldier Speed, Mecha Soldier Camouflage, Mecha Soldier Snipers, Mecha Soldier Shield, among other classifications.

Domestic Mechas can be classified as Mechanical Mecha, Mecha Guardian, Intergalactic Road Mecha, among others.

There are still the Combat Mechas that aren't Military Mechas but are used for sports Mechas or Mechas Olympics.  Race Mecha, Pure Strength Mecha, Indestructible Shield Mecha, Archers Mecha, and others, finally, there is an immense variety of Combat Mechas for sports and fun.

In addition to the Mini Mechas that are Mechas with strong offensive powers, but operating with civilians, such as the police officers who have advanced Mechas partners with AI. Of course, not to mention the Mechas armor that is used by imperial guards and government agents, such as police, firefighters, and rescue doctors.

Each Mecha armor is different depending on the profession, such as the Fire and Fire-Fire Mecha armor, which firefighters use in a rescue situation. The Mechas Aqua and Mechas Ices, are specialized Mechas to act alongside firefighters to put out the large fires or biochemical and radioactive disasters.

Anyway, there is a huge variety of Mini Mechas that are used to help civilians and improve the quality of life of ordinary people.

Returning to the situation of Duke Adowa and the tension in the garden of the Infernal Palace.

Duke Adowa takes the supplements as he is the heir to the duchy and needs to operate the General-level Mecha. The supplements he takes are special, which allows him to train his body to be able to operate the Mecha, but this comes with side effects. His body ends up reacting like an Omega when he is along with other alphas.

Which is a great humiliation for Duke Adowa as an alpha!

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Some people sympathize with people who meet similar situations, as there are also people who antagonize anyone else who reminds them of the embarrassing situation they face.

Duke Adowa is one of those people of the second option, he hates omegas in general. Not to mention, that he is obliged to marry an omega in the future, how could he show this weakness to his future partner?

What kind of omega will want to marry an Alpha that is even worse than an omega when it comes to heat?

Well, Duke Adowa thought there wouldn't be a single omega who would marry him willingly, of course, that it would be a political and compulsory marriage.

Which makes everything even more humiliating!

Soon Duke Adowa hates the omegas, even more, especially the Recessive Omegas. He considers this kind of omega particularly disgusting, which uses its charms to subject the Alphas to their whims.

So, he implied Mu Liang as soon as he saw him, he also felt offended that the Diablo Empire gives so much importance to this weak person, that he only looked beautiful.

He wanted to teach Mu Liang a lesson, scaring him a little too drastic. Just to show that Mu Liang isn't welcome to the Diablo Empire, that he should run home.

Who would have thought this would infuriate the third Prince Gyasi?

They mean Gyasi and Prince Mu haven't met in just a few days?

  How could Prince Gyasi get mad at a small clash?

Also, if Prince Mu is weak it was his fault (Duke Adowa)?

Of course, Duke Adowa is a single Alpha, how could he understand the feelings of the Alphas that are already bound? Well, he couldn't, so his calculations went pretty wrong.

The weather got tense between these alphas and at any moment a violent clash could arise, who would be the winner was still a mystery.

"That's enough!" a powerful male voice echoed in the garden causing everyone to paralyze, including the gates guards.

A wave of Yang Energy passed through Gyasi and the other Alphas making everyone feel uncomfortable. This wave of energy was oppressive and powerful, causing the surrounding Alphas to bow in reverence.

"His Majesty!" said the guards as they watched the door open. Gyasi looked at his approaching older brother. The imperial guards knelt on the ground quickly, putting their fist in the heart and a knee on the ground, this was the most formal standard greeting a citizen of the Diablo Empire had to give to his Emperor.

Duke Adowa and Marshal Iyasu knelt in the direction of the man over 1.90, who walked powerfully to them.

"We salute Emperor Diablo Ada," said the Duke and Marshal at the same time with one of his knees on the ground and the sword made of Dalora Crystals nailed to the ground with grass from the garden. This was the greeting of the noble Zergs Demons to their Emperor the strongest Zerg Demon.

This was the Demon Lord and Emperor of all the Zerg Demons.

Emperor Ada!

Zatrara's Imperial guards and Mu Liang's followers felt great pressure from this great Zerg Demon!

Of course, they bowed politely to the Emperor, but they did not kneel, despite trembling with fear because of the powerful yang aura.

"We salute the Demon Lord, Emperor Ada!" they said at the same time. The greeting of outsiders was that way. The Emperor of the Demon Zerg was known as Demon Lord outside the areas of the Diablo Empire.

Zatrara's imperial guards were elves, they had the feelings of pride of the Elves so they could not kneel or bend too much if they would not embarrass the Zatrara Empire.

Prince Mu's followers, were also part of another empire, of course, was a human empire, but they also could not embarrass the face of Mu Liang and the Imperial Mu family of the Tang-Kai Empire.

Both Zatrara's imperial guards and Mu Liang's followers bowed respectfully, but they also soon rose again, of course, keeping their vision low so as not to face Emperor Zerg Demon directly, as this could be considered disrespectful taking into account the status each of them had.

To face the Emperor facing the minimum noble status was of a Duke. The Marshals and Commanders could face the Emperor as well, as well as the great masters and experts in their areas, such as Mecha Combat Specialists or renowned Scientists.

Unfortunately, Mu Liang's followers were only at count's level, and the imperial guard of Zatrara despite being proud elves and powerful Mechas fighters, were not the best and did not represent the best Mechas fighters of his empire, so they dared not face the gaze of Emperor Ada head-on.

Take_the_Moon Take_the_Moon

Hello readers!

How is everyone doing? I hope you stay healthy physically and mentally.

Thanks for the comments and support!

Returning to the subject, the novel ABO was hired first than Dark BL. I didn't understand it myself, but the contract came here first. So, the novel will go Premium probably after chapter 50.


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