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62.66% Living in the Future ABO / Chapter 47: Marshal Iyasu is treacherous

Marshal Iyasu is treacherous - Living in the Future ABO - Chapter 47 by Take_the_Moon full book limited free

Chapter 47: Marshal Iyasu is treacherous


            Although Emperor Ada was wearing comfortable clothes, since he was in his office working, the aura of a ruler and the majestic demeanor of that person would not make anyone look at him with disdain.

Emperor Ada was also without his majestic crown, he wore only a simple crown made of black crystals with a red jewel in the center. His short white hair hid part of the crown design.

His red eyes looked at everyone around, his eyes narrowed dangerously as he focused on the Marshal and the Duke, but it was too fast and no one had noticed it.

The light from the three smaller suns illuminated Emperor Ada's dark brown skin, making him look shiny as if he were the sun itself. The white clothes contrasted with the color of his skin, the silver tattoos shone in the sunshine as the emperor wore short-sleeved clothes, which were much better for writing and moving with a sword if necessary.

Of course, this was only Emperor Ada's preference to dress comfortably, as it would be impossible for anyone to directly attack the almighty Emperor of the Diablo Empire in his territory.

"Big brother" Gyasi greeted carrying Mu Liang like a princess. Even in front of his brother emperor, Gyasi didn't withdraw his yang aura that was running furious and he didn't kneel either. The imperial family didn't need to fulfill this type of formality between them, it was banned two reigns ago.

However, Gyasi's attitude in not retracting his territorial yang aura can be considered an affront to any emperor, even if he was part of that emperor's family.

Marshal Iyasu and Duke Adowa thought that the emperor would be angry at his younger brother's boldness, which would be good for them if the two fought over it. They would like to say something to put more tension in the situation, but they were kneeling and couldn't get up until Emperor Ada allowed it.

Of course, things went very differently than the Marshal and Duke expected, Emperor Ada's gaze was full of indulgence for this younger brother, who looked like a small cat furious with ruffled hair.

Everyone would be surprised at the thought of Emperor Ada, who would look at the tall and powerful General Gyasi and think of him like an enraged kitten?

Emperor Ada was very brave to think so!

"It's okay, Gyasi," said Emperor Ada in his strong baritone voice, but very warmly.

Gyasi looked at his brother emperor and then looked at the unconscious Mu Liang, he frowned still angry.

"There is an imperial doctor in my study room. As Prince Mu is still in poor health, I already called a doctor in advance in case something unexpected happened "said Emperor Ada knowing what his younger brother Gyasi was thinking.

            Which was quite normal, considering that his omega fainted after a provocative attack by Eccentric Alpha. There would be no companion who didn't care about his partner's health after something like that.

Of course, Marshal Iyasu and Duke Adowa felt that their faces were beaten because of the emperor's words, which seemed to give Prince Mu great importance. The worst, even Gyasi behaving so defiantly emperor Ada was still quite kind and tolerant.

This is what caused the greatest concern in the Marshal and the Duke, Emperor Ada being very close to the third Prince Gyasi, and its terrible notice.

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"Okay," said Gyasi more peacefully, retracting his yang aura. Emperor Ada also retracted his yang aura. What made the environment easier to breathe, the Alphas were finally able to stop shaking.

Oh, Emperor Ada was very scary!

"Marshal Iyasu and Duke Adowa, you can stand up," said Emperor Ada by changing his gentle expression to a more acute look.

"Thank you, your highness," said the two Alphas while getting up, but they still felt incredible pressure from Emperor Ada.

The Emperor seemed angry.

"You can also get up," said Emperor Ada speaking to gate guards and garden guards, who appeared when they felt Gyasi's power became aggressive moments ago.

"Thank you for your kindness, your highness," the guards said together as they stood up. Their hearts were full of fear and admiration, this was the strongest Extreme Alpha of the Zerg Demons, how could they not feel admiration in their hearts?!

"Marshal Iyasu, I am very happy that you were willing to guide my third brother here. However, the marshal has important duties to fulfill and now you must leave" said Emperor Ada very seriously, as the genetics of Emperor Ada is superior and considered the best of the Zerg Demons, this caused invisible pressure on the body of the other Zergs Demons, regardless of whether they were Extreme Alphas or Recessive Omegas.

When the crown prince passes the ceremony to become Emperor, the ceremony isn't only an exchange of titles or a gain of political and economic power, but it is also the improvement of the genetics of the Zerg Demon.

Of course, this improvement was known throughout the Diablo Empire, but as this genetic enhancement was carried out this was a secret of the Imperial Family.

At birth, the emperor's sons will undergo genetic improvement and the crown prince will undergo a second genetic improvement when he ascended the throne, so the Imperial Family Azikiwe had been in power for more than two millennia.

Not only in political and economic power, but also within military and commercial power. This showed how scary the imperial family was.

            If Mu Liang has a child and this child is to be the heiress of Emperor Ada, this child will also undergo the first genetic enhancement, and then at the coronation ceremony, this child will undergo another genetic improvement.

            Even if it is a Beta or a common Alpha, genetic improvement will make the Zerg demons feel pressured and become obedient to the new Emperor.

            Marshal Iyasu felt this pressure on his body, after a few seconds controlling his emotions and showing an expressionless face he replied:

            "I just wanted the third prince not to be surrounded by the nobles while leading Prince Mu, as Prince Mu could be pregnant and this would cause a lot of pressure for him. I only did my duty as a follower of your highness," Marshal Iyasu said solemnly as if he hadn't done a play with Duke Adowa to test Prince Mu.

            Zatrara's imperial guards frowned and had a heavy expression because they were confused by all this. They only knew that Duke Adowa had attacked Mu Liang, but they didn't understand the relationship between Marshal Iyasu and Duke Adowa since they were outsiders.

            That's why they didn't know, that the Marshal was talking nonsense, but Gyasi looked with a cold expression for this Marshal Iyasu, who always wants him to hand over military power to another member of the imperial family or another noble house.

            Duke Adowa looked ironically at Marshal Iyasu because he already knew that this old fox would want to get the body out of trouble.

Of course, Duke Adowa was not too concerned about his situation, as he had done nothing very serious.

The mental attack he gave was not strong and had no intention of killing since he just wanted to test Prince Mu and scare this recessive omega a little. He could not have imagined that Prince Mu's health was so fragile, as he thought he had fully recovered at The Last Hope Hospital.

Duke Adowa didn't know that Mu Liang had been kidnapped in the hospital by vampires, so Gyasi took his omega to the Diablo Empire before Mu Liang could have regained full force from his body.

Take_the_Moon Take_the_Moon

Hello readers!

How are you all doing? I hope you are healthy and well.

Our Emperor Ada is a good person and cares for his younger siblings, he is a very tolerant person.

But he is not an easy-going fool.

That's it for today!

Tomorrow there will be more.


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