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100% Long Night's With Mr. Ryans / Chapter 25: I Missed You

Read Long Night's With Mr. Ryans - Chapter 25 online

Chapter 25: I Missed You

{P.O.V. Jennifer Ross-Ryans}

After getting home with my dress and accessories for the ball, I got the rest of my luggage into the car. Liz and Nate came over and got the dogs. I was sad to leave my fur babies. I have really gotten attached to them, especially after Kendrick left for New York. They usually sleep on a dog bed on the floor in our bedroom. But after Kendrick left, I couldn't sleep because I was so used to him sleeping next to me. So I made Rhea and Duke sleep on the bed with me. Now that I'm leaving for a few days, I don't want to leave them behind. After Liz and Nate took them, I left for the airport to sit on an airplane for two hours. Now I am just leaving the airport with Cassidy and Nolan to our hotel.

"I'm starving. What about you, guys?" Cassidy asks.

"Definitely." Agreeing with her

"Where do you want to eat?"

"How about the restaurant in the hotel?" Nolan asks.

"Sounds good to me. What about you, Jenna?"

"That's fine."

"Great, let's meet each other after we see our rooms," Cass says excitedly.

"Sounds good, Cass." Telling her.

The rest of the car ride wasn't boring; it was lots of fun. When I got to the hotel, it was very nice and fancy also looked very expensive. After getting checked in, we all went to our rooms. Cassidy and Nolan's room were right across from mine and Kendricks. The hotel room was beautiful, with white-colored cream couches and other furniture. The room had beautiful blue, silver, and gold shades. It had its own living room and kitchen. The bedroom was huge and had a master bathroom.

"Where would like the luggage, mam?" The bellhop boy asks.

"Just in the bedroom, thanks." Telling him, he takes the luggage in there. After placing my luggage in there, I give him a tip, and he leaves.

Going into the bathroom, I turn the shower on and get cleaned up. After showering, I get dressed in that blue dress I bought that Kendrick really likes. Also, put some black stockings on with some black high heels. Putting some makeup and jewelry on and for my hair, I decided not to straighten my curly hair. Instead, I put it up in a high ponytail. I know Kendrick loves my curly hair, and I want to look irresistible to him tonight when I see him.

After getting dressed, I put my clothes away, hanging my ball gown in the closet. Looking at the time, it was 2:00 pm. Kendrick's flight won't be in for another two and a half hours. It feels like time is going slow. I miss him terribly, and every minute is making it even harder to be away from him. This is the first trip he has taken since we have been together, and it sucks. A knock was on the door, distracting me from thinking how much I miss Kendrick. Grabbing my handbag and answering the door.

Cassidy and Nolan were outside waiting for me. Cassidy looks stunning with her beautiful blonde hair up in a bun, and her brown eyes really pop with the beautiful green dress she was wearing. Nolan was dressed in a t-shirt and jeans.

"Are you ready for some lunch?" Cassidy asks excitedly.

"Yes, I am starving." Replying to her, she hooked her arm in with mine and we head down to the restaurant.

The food here was amazing and fresh. It was to die for, well, metaphorically. After lunch, we sat around and talked for a while. While having drinks, and mine was non-alcohol. After having drinks, we decided to leave, and as we were walking out the door. Turning my attention towards the check-in and out desk, Kendrick was checking in. He looked sexy as hell; he was wearing dark blue ripped jeans and a black t-shirt that showed off his muscles. My heart was beating so hard from the excitement I felt it could burst. He heads towards the elevator after checking in, but I lightly yelled his name before he could.

"Kendrick!" He looks towards my direction and smiles that devilish smile that I love of his. Like my feet had a mind of their own, I lightly run towards him, jumping into his arms. Kissing him deeply, he hugs me tight to him. Coming up for air, our foreheads pressed together. "I miss you so much."

"I missed you too, babydoll." He replies

"You are no longer allowed to leave me ever again." Playing with him, I got a small chuckle out of him.

"How about I just take you with me next time."

"I'm alright with that." He chuckles a little more and kisses me.

"Well, I'm glad to see your still one piece," Nolan says. Kendrick looks behind me where Nolan and Cassidy stood after catching back up with me.

"Just because you have a fear of flying doesn't mean every plane is going to crash," Kendrick replies.

"That is completely not the point."

"Sure, it wasn't."

"Well, Cassidy and I are going to head out and watch a movie. Did you guys want to join?"

"No, I'm going to head to my room and get unpacked."


"I'm going to go with Kendrick." Replying

"Then we will catch you guys later."

"See ya," Kendrick responds. They take their leave. Kendricks takes my hand, and we head up to our room.

After getting up to our room, Kendrick tipped the bellhop boy and closed the door. He looked at me how his eyes looked at me; I could tell he was checking me out.

"You look stunning." He compliments me.

"Do I?" Teasing him.

"Yes, you do." He walks to me and wraps his arms around my waist, biting my lip. "What do you want to do?"

"I don't know." Shrugging my shoulders with a big smile, also blushing at my dirty thoughts.

"Tell me." He squeezes me a little tighter to him moving his right arm up back into my hair.

"What I want to do?... hmm... I want to have you."

"To have me how?" He moves lips a little closer to mine, our lips almost touching.

"I..I.." Stuttering a little breathless. He takes the hair tie out of my hair, letting my hair fall. Then he moves his left hand down a little further to my back. I could feel my insides squeezing together.

"Tell me.." He asks with a hint of devilish lust. Oh god, how I have missed the way he does this to me.

"I want to have you and me in our hotel bed, having some mind-blowing sex." My blush darkens, and my lips ache for his.

Unzipping my dress, letting it fall to the floor. Pulling his t-shirt off, I toss it to the floor. Kissing me and holding me tight as he walks me backward towards our room. He lays me down on the bed, placing a few kisses on my neck to my chest. Undoing my bra, he takes it off and tosses it to the floor. Leaving me in my stockings and heels. Arching my back up, he takes his time kiss and sucking on my breast. Heavily breathing and letting out little small moans. With my nails digging into his back.

He works his way down further, swallowing hard and trying to catch my breath. My insides squeeze even tighter the closer he gets to my pink flower. Leave a kiss right above my underwear line. He hooks his fingers in my underwear, sits up, and takes them off without removing my stockings or heels. Tossing them to the floor, he touches my flesh right above the stocking.

"Breath, baby doll breath," Kendricks says with a hint of lust. The way this man touches and can make my heart beat so hard makes it hard to breathe. He steps back a little and pulls his phone out.

"What are you doing? Asking him curiously

"Trying something new."

"New?" That got my heart racing a little with excitement.

"Pose for me." He had that devilish dare in his voice.

"Pose for you?" This is a little out of my comfort zone but has my heart racing, and my inside is squeezing.

"Do it." He dares me. Sometimes, they say the best experience is stepping out of your comfort zone because it makes things more exciting.

Taking a deep, thrilling breathe, I step out of that comfort zone. Taking my first pose, he takes the picture. We continued this little game for a few minutes. Every sexy pose I did, he would compliment them and build my confidence up. They also make my insides squeeze tighter and wetter for him. Laying on my side with my back touching the bed, I touched my own breast, teasing Kendrick as I did. He unzips his pants and kneels on the bed behind me, pushes his erect member inside me, and fucked me hard. Finding a rhythm, we continued this until we both found our orgasms. After having our mind-blowing sex, we laid on the bed holding each other.

"Was that mind-blowing enough for you?" He asks while playing with my hair.

"Absolutely.." Answering him.

"You sound pretty content."

"I am... So much that I never want to leave this bed." He chuckles at my remark, and I giggle with him. "Hold me forever."

"I can do that." Snuggling closer to him, we talked for a few minutes reconnecting with each other.

Marydee_Butters Marydee_Butters

*Another chapter is done. Please leave thoughts and comments. Will update soon." 

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