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8% Lord Qui, I'm Nothing But a Mere Mortal / Chapter 2: Big difference

Big difference - Lord Qui, I'm Nothing But a Mere Mortal - Chapter 2 by Sky_Li full book limited free

Chapter 2: Big difference

I took a long shower to clear out all the mud on me, I could easily have used the cleansing spell master Qui Shan taught me but I was in the mood for a long shower.

After freshening up, I laid flat on my bed gazing at the ceiling wondering how easy time actually flies.

I'd actually be lying if I said Linling's words didn't offend me in anyways, the word "Selfish desire" was never my intention towards my master.

As for kissing him, it's a memory I keep trying to shut out of my head.

Three years ago when I first laid eyes on my master, he looked different from what he was now.

He looked like a god, he was fair, almost pale white with beautiful dark brows and unfathomable dark eyes contrasted exceptionally with his light toned face, he was slim, tall and carried an imposing nature, he dressed in a red robe and his dark eyes held nothing but evil, he had horns which didn't make him look less attractive.

Anyone who dared to mess with him, he'd make sure they pay immensely for it by going after their parents first, then relatives,then the whole kingdom,then destroy their universe and he'll make them watch him do it before killing them. Everyone feared him, even the highest ranking immortal's where scared of him.

He was an extremely powerful dragon lord and the spiritual realms got tired of his cold hearted nature and decided to punish him for it by laying him with the lixia bracelet which made him fall unconscious.

I just happened to be the only one who knew about what they called the lixia bracelet and the only way to put it on him was if I could kiss him.

To save my people from the danger that might occur if he woke up, I had to kiss him, only then did the lixia bracelet magically appear around his hand.

The lixia bracelet was to help him tame his evil side including his powers.

He changed a little bit after that, he was upset about the lixia bracelet and ordered me to take it off but I refused.

So we set up a deal, he helps me cultivate and in return, I'd take off the bracelet, which is how I ended up here at this point in my life.

I sat upright with my eyes wide open like a realization dawned on me, I'm suppose to Join my master for practice, I better get going before he gets upset.

I grabbed my sword and dashed out of my room.

As usual, he was practicing in the courtyard, he just got back from a quest and all he could think of was practice? I wonder how he does it.

I watched him not wanting to interrupt his practice session, he seemed to notice my prescence after a while and stopped.

I bowed politely. "Greetings Lord Qui." I said, another way I referred to him other than master.

"You're late." where his only words to me, I swallowed hard not knowing what explanation to give but thankfully he brushed it aside.

"Did you practice the technique I taught you?" he asked and I nodded politely.

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He finally locked eyes with me and I lowered my head not wanting to gaze at his enchanted face and get distracted.

I walked up to the centre of the courtyard, I really didn't pay much attention to my practice and knowing my master too well, I try to indulge in a conversation with him.

"Uhmmm Lord Qui?" my voice was as faint as that of the softest breeze.

"Any problem?" he asked and I turned to look at him, gosh he always keeps his face pockered all the time.

"What did you mean when you said the lixia bracelet saved me today." I asked cause I was still baffled by everything and his sudden prescence.

"You called out to me, the lixia bracelet made me sense it and I knew you were in trouble, you always end up in some trouble once you step out of that door." he pointed at the main door, I wanted to protest but kept quiet eating up the words inside of me.

"Stop talking and form a stance." he said half teasingly.

"Hmph!" I stretched my arms forward and tried to gain the right pose, a one on three stance was probably the hardest move Lord Qui actually thought me so I had to put a lot of practice into it while he was away, I took a deep breath and made a cross hit with my blade, it was mostly the best way to stop a lunging attack, it helps you get the better chance of gaining the first hit.

I was actually good with swords, surprisingly.

My masters gaze never left me as he observed each and every move of mine Incase I make a mistake.

I made sure not to give myself ill thoughts about my master cause clearly, he could never see me the way I saw him, there was a huge difference between us.

I was short, the top of my head could bearly get past his shoulders, i had big brown eyes with long velvety lashes and i had a dainty nose.

I was twine thin and a little clumsy, I couldn't match up with the ladies in Mount Xuandu cause their beauties were out of this world, I was probably the ugliest around here so it's no surprise the ladies were struck to see the most handsome powerful immortal having the most ugliest and clumsiest disciple.

I went for a little walk along the peak of mount Xuandu gazing at the immortal's who totally ignored my prescence, I wasn't bothered, it's way better than having them chase me down the hill likes that.

I don't really have much friends around here cause i was envied by the ladies, I only had myself to talk to most times and when Lord Qui was away, they come at me and make me work my butts off but I kept it to myself not wanting my master to find out about it.

I had gone a little further when someone jumped out of the bushes and before I could realize what was happening, a sword came at me but I wasn't fast enough to get out of the way so it sliced my arm giving me a little cut.


I let out a scream due to the sharp pain and I glanced up only to meet a disciple holding her blade up to my eye level.

"Any last words before I reap your eyes out?!"

Sky_Li Sky_Li

An LiQui's character is a bit weak at the beginning but she's going to get stronger as time goes on

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