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100% Loser No More / Chapter 1: Frog To God

Frog To God - Loser No More - Chapter 1 by Blue_Rose_Prince full book limited free

Loser No More Loser No More original

Loser No More

Author: Blue_Rose_Prince

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Chapter 1: Frog To God

Alex was a pathetic loser his whole life. Until his mid 30's, he was the butt of everyone's jokes and ugly with a toad face, thin balding hair, and a triple chin. Thick thunder thighs, and barely standing at over 5 feet tall, he was disgusting in the eyes of everyone who looked at him. However, after waking up today, everything changed. EVERYTHING.

Getting up is hard most days for me. I have to see my disgusting face in the mirror, and smell my disgusting body odor after a nights sleep. However, after waking today, something seems to be off. I don't smell the overpowering smell of my body odor, and my point of view seems to have changed. No way, did I grow taller over night? Standing up from my bed, I confirmed that this wasn't the only change that took place. Looking down in disbelief at a beautifully proportioned musculature, and smooth flawless skin, I was in complete shock.

Running to the bathroom, I took one look in the mirror and almost fainted. What I saw in the mirror was a gorgeous ikemen with cobalt blue eyes, sword like eyebrows, and a perfectly sculpted face like that of a young god. I had short black hair swept up into a cool style, and perfectly tanned skin with no acne scars anywhere. Laughing out loud, and doing several poses, I realized that I now have a serious problem on my hands. I seem to have gotten way younger. I can't go to work like this! Thank God that I have saved up over $50,000 dollars over the last 17 years since I graduated high school. I have been extremely frugal with my money over the years, not even buying the new and cool games that I wanted as they came out. I didn't even own a car, as I took the bus everywhere while bringing my bike with and hanging it on the front of the bus like other people do.

I was working as a clerk at a video game store until today, but I am going to have to call that quits, as I don't look a thing like my old self, plus I am much younger, I barely pass for 17 or so years old. The one thing that I did allow myself to splurge on was a high end computer with streaming gear for if I ever lost weight and wasn't as ugly. I never could have imagined such a drastic change as this however, but it seems that my planning may have paid off in the long run. Getting on my bank account, I set up an account for my so called nephew also named Alex and transferred all of my funds to the new account, but kept the same card number and since the first and last name were the same, I didn't need to get a new card, its just the card holder was now a 18 year old Alex Musgrove.

Next thing is to mess around with a streaming site, and to practice my singing skills. Pulling up a video of a popular pop rock song, I sang along to the lyrics, and felt my jaw drop as I realized that I wasn't just good, I was 100 times better at singing the song than the artist! I know how stuck up that sounds, and how it's easy to be blinded by my own ego, but I am sure that when I decide to sing my own song on Vico the video streaming site, that I will be a hit sensation. I don't know when I grew so confident, but I want to give it a try. Getting out my guitar, and practicing for a few hours, I came up with a basic melody for a lonely heart break song about a guy who had been bullied his whole life, but in the end finally went from a frog to a god.

Satisfied that I had done a good job of composing the song, and going over the lyrics and instrumental that I had written on the paper, I finally set up a Vico account and named myself JustAlex. After taking a cool profile pic with my guitar, and my headphones around my neck, I started up the livestream.

Shockingly, not even a few seconds later, the views started pouring in like crazy, and a lot of people began to spam the comments. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

NeoGirl12: OMG! Look at him! He is so *** I just want to **** his brains out!

GayTony33: I'll be bottom! I'll be bottom!

Jerryatrick23: The guy above. You make me sick, but as a straight guy I must admit that he is very charming looking. He will get all the ladies with just his looks. Now, if he can actually sing and play that guitar of his, then the viewership will explode on his channel.

This and more comments like it continued to flood in, before the theme became the same. They were begging me to play the guitar and sing, so I started.

I sang of the years gone by, of the beatings and sufferings of my youth. I sang of the betrayals and friends lost and the lack of hope for true love's sweet kiss. As I poured my heart into the song, I didn't realize that tears were pouring down my face as I tore into those rifts and face melters. I swung my guitar around my body and spun around on my chair to the beat of the music. Feeling my heart beat with the strum of the guitar, I finally finished on a happy note at the release of the frog from the well, who turned into a god when he was set free.

Utter silence in the chat. No one typed anything fore a good solid minute, before suddenly gifts started pouring in like a flood gate was suddenly opened and onion and ninja emojis flew across the screen as people told me that the song almost made them suicidal if not for the ending. Smiling warmly at everyone's support, I thanked them and chatted with everyone for an other hour before deciding to end the stream. Waving bye to everyone. Little did I know that this stream would go on to become world famous by tomorrow morning..

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