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100% Lost Future: New Era / Chapter 5: A damsel in distress

Lost Future: New Era Chapter 5 - A damsel in distress

Chapter 5: A damsel in distress

The second later his head bumped into the refrigerator. Thanks to it, he regained his senses momentarily.

"OWWW". Jack grabbed his head with both of his hands. Moments later he realised his mistake when he felt a slimy feeling on his head. With the eggwhite slowly sliding down his head he had to move fast.

'EW! This get's a 10 out of 10 rating for the most gross feelings I witnessed myself so far'. Clutching his head with a clean hand, Jack heads to the bathroom.

'Great! No hot water'. With a hurt expression Jack tried to turn the faucet on in hope of getting it to run hot water. The eggwhite was starting to slide down his neck.

'Yuck!'. Jack turn's on the cold water and starts to wash it off from his hair. Washing it off completely Jack proceeds to wipe the redundant water.

"And I heard that some girls use eggwhite to take care of their hair. This is just gross".

Heading back to the kitchen, Jack proceeded to cook his meal. Having eaten a meal with pleasure, Jack began to mule about these strange events that he had recently encountered. The most bizarre was the situation with the egg. Trying to connect the dots between the similarities of the occurrences with the alarm clock and the egg, Jack concluded: "I blacked out after both of these situations. The clock dropped down to the floor without my touch and the egg stopped for a moment in midair...".

'I can only think of two possibilities. And both of them seem too surreal to be true'. Thought Jack with a nervous and slightly excited state of mind. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"If by chance metaphysics are not a complete bluff....then i've got a ghost in my home or I myself have psychic powers"

"If i recall corectly, the physicall emergence of a ghost can be expressed through plasma emission. And in most cases it is is accompanied by lowered room temperature".

"Yesterday it was abnormally hot for me. So a ghost appearance is unlikely". Coming up to this point, Jack tried to calm down his excitement.

'Did I gain psychic powers?'. Jack rubbed his chin in bafflement. Eager to test his assumption, Jack placed an empty bowl on the kitchen table and filled it with the water to the point of almoust overflowing. Picking up a chair and sitting in front of the bowl, Jack concentrates his will on the bowl to move itself.

"I'm doing something wrong". Proclaimed Jack dejectedly, while massaging his temples.

'Does my will not suffice? What was the core reason for the kinetic manifestation of psychic powers?'. Jack leans back on the chair and tries to remember the startup conditions.

'Wait! When I executed those two stunts, I directed my focus only simple commands. Should I try to merge my will and words together? For the words to be a finite description of a needed result and my will as a regulator... '. Making up his mind, Jack places his hands carefully on the table as to not spill any water from the bowl. He places his hands on the same distance in a line as the bowl, his palms facing both sides of it without making contact with it's surface.

'CLOSER'. He willed it happen in his mind. After this his sight dimmed for a second. He could feel his headache getting worse. Although he didn't have a chance to see the process, Jack saw the result. The bowl was a little closer to him than before and there was also some spilled water on the table.

Getting up from a chair, Jack shouted from atop of his lungs: "YES". As excited as he was from his new powers, his body wasn't so happy from his abrupt actions. So Jack was forced back to the chair due to his vestibular system, which was confused from a sudden change in pressure.

Finally managing to calm himself down, only now did Jack notice that it was already noon. For some odd reason he was feeling stuffy from being indoors almost the whole day. Without a better idea Jack grabs a few bills and decides to heads out. Passing by the closet he decides to take the portable rubber baton he bought after graduting from college, just to be safe.

'Let's check what's the situation after a day worth of time'. Stepping outside he was bewildered to see that there was still no moving vehicles. Jack set his destination for the local grocery store. Getting near the store, he heard a commotion. At the entrance Jack saw three skinny people bullying a middle aged woman. Getting a more clear look, Jack recognised her. She was the sales clerk that he often met durring his shopping trips to this store.

"Stop struggling and just enjoy our lovely company. You will beg for it later on yourself!".

He identified the trio to be around his age. The two of them were busy with actively molesting the woman in different places. The one from the back held her tightly from behind while restraining her arms. The other one held her hip firmly with one hand whilst attempting to unbuckle his belt with the other.

"Don't forget to switch with me later!". The third youth was cherring his two comrads with lewd comments and throwing in some words in the middle to denote her futile struggle. Looks like the sales woman was armed with a shotgun, which the third thug was holding right now in a relaxed stance.

"Help. Somebody help!" The woman tried to stall for time by twisting and turning her body, while aiming to attain a solid kick with her free foot on the thug in front of her.

Evaluating his chances as quite good, Jack decided to take down the one he was facing from the back first. Sneaking quietly behind with a retracted baton in hand, Jack was intent on giving these bastards a good beating..

DrunkCarrot DrunkCarrot

Hello, author here!

Whew! It was harder than I imagined to describe the scenes than I thought it would be. The IRL problems can be a bish. It's pretty inconvenient to have "network issues" for making my publish attempts as a futile act. Anyway, thanks for reading my work and see ya soon~

Author, out!

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