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33.33% Love Complex: CXJYZ / Chapter 9: Don't Get Too Close, Please?

Don't Get Too Close, Please? - Love Complex: CXJYZ - Chapter 9 by abbot1988 full book limited free

Chapter 9: Don't Get Too Close, Please?


I woke up early so I could get in early. I am on and off when it comes to attendance. Sometimes I am early, sometimes super late. I don't know if someone turned off the alarm clock or just enjoyed sleeping.

I double-checked the uniform I was wearing. I rolled around in front of the mirror. Checking to see if this uniform I am wearing is tangled. Make-up is not allowed at school, so I will just put powder on my face. Of course, I should always be smiling. I will not lose that.

Here it is, Jessica. Braced yourself. You can talk to crush.. My ultimate crush, sir Chris. The redness from the romantic excitement of seeing him was evident on my cheek.

As I walked into the school, I could not hide the joy on my face. It was like I was in a movie with a slow music background as I was walking. I greet everyone I meet. I will also not stop helping the elderly who want to cross the street. Even the trees I greet them good morning. This morning was very different than the previous mornings. This is the morning that is unique to all. Maybe because I will have the chance to talk to sir Chris.

When I entered the campus, I was shocked to meet Xavier, my ex.

"Hi, Jessie." He said. I just smiled at him and continued my walk. He chased me once, holding my shoulder. I stopped because of that.

"You look good now." He added. "You have a nice smile." He continued. From behind him, I saw Jackie walking. I immediately went to Jackie. I admit I am not ready to talk to him yet. All the wounds are healing. The past of the two of us, I believe the right time will come that will heal. I hugged Jackie and asked her if she is done with our assignment. Xavier suddenly left. Jackie suddenly turned against my head.

"Fool! He praised you, and you just ignored him." I just smile at Jackie as a reply. How rude!" she added.

"What can I do? Just seeing Xavier brings back to me what he did to me." I replied. "But I do not deny that I still like him. I just don't know how to start."

Jackie and I walked towards our room together. Yael suddenly appeared in front of us. Jackie pretended, we were talking. But Yael ignored him.

Yael is a significant hindrance in our way. We can not pass. Only Jackie was happy with what he did. Jackie is obviously in love and first sight again even though she doesn't pay attention to him.

"Can you please do not block us, old man"? I replied to Yael. Yael stopped patting my forehead once.

"You really look at me as an old man. "If that is the case, I might suddenly flirt with that. You're cute." Yael replied.

I do not know this man? He likes to tease me. He was really blocking me, and I was sending him away earlier. Jackie looked at me --- the look that seems to have a plot against me.

I pushed Yael so Jackie and I could pass. "Go away!" I said to Yael. "Early in the morning, you are disturbing me!"

Instead of leaving, Yael touched my hair, then pat my head, and left suddenly with a smile on his face.

Jackie suddenly pinched my ear. I looked at her and saw on her face that she was annoyed with what she saw. "I don't like him, Jackie, as much as you want him.

Jackie pulled me into our classroom. I immediately sat down near Zack. Zack looked away from the window. I can't imagine what that person was thinking.

Abigail looked straight into her mirror. But it was apparent to her that he just wanted to see Zack in the background. Abigail saw that I was looking at her. She turned to me once her mirror was closed.

"Jessica, are you free on Saturday?" Zack asked me. I was surprised because he only asked me that question once.

"It depends if Jackie invites me for a walk," I spoke to him. I waved at Jackie and called to her. I was about to say, but Jackie preceded me.

"Yael is mine," Jackie said. Zack looked at me when he heard that.

"I repeat, I do not like that man!" Zack just smiled when I said that in front of him. I don't know what's in his smile, but he's cute.

Abigail got up from her seat and approached us. "Zack. I'm free on Saturday and even on Sunday. Let's meet at the park. 3 PM sharp. Deal!" Zack looked at me. There seems to be an indication.

Suddenly I spoke. "Abigail was there. She is free on that day. After all, both of you were not busy that day."

Zack just sighed. You can see on his face that he does not like my answer.

When our class started, Jackie and Abigail went back to their seats. Even though I have to listen, no lesson enters my brain. I think more about the interview I will do with sir Chris later. I hope all the classes are over so I can talk to him.

When recess came, I hurried to the washroom to wash my face. Arrrrghh! The faucet is broken—no choice but to go up to the fifth floor. Wait! There is the section of the whole fourth year. No problem, I decided to go outside near the gym and just wash. Since I don't want any issues, I decided to go out near the gym to wash my face.

Before I could get down the stairs, I saw sir Chris towards his class. He had a lesson in another first year. Suddenly my heartbeat quickened. I wanted to greet him, but I thought we would meet again later, so I decided to go straight to the gym to wash my face.

I washed everything to remove the chalk dust from my face. Even though I was far from the blackboard, the electric fan, on the other hand, carried it to the back.

While washing, I heard a voice. "Why are you washing your face? Do you have someone to impress?" Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=";t-get-too-close-please_51292702062466505">;t-get-too-close-please_51292702062466505</a> for visiting.

Suddenly I wiped my face, and I was shocked, I saw Yael. Jackie will be angry with me when she finds out that Yael and I have met again.

"Don't you have a class? You suppose to be in your class!" I just replied to him.

He just laughed, and he took his handkerchief from his pocket. He slowly approached me. "The color of your eyes is the same."

"Who?" I asked with astonishment. He just smiled and came closer to me. This is the first time I saw him so close. His face was getting closer and closer to me. Because I didn't want my first kiss to come from him, I turned my face away. Unfortunately, I was almost out of balance. So that I would not fall entirely, I was held in his hand. He quickly pulled me and grabbed my waist so I would not be out of balance. My heart skips so fast. I wanted to push him away from me, but I could not.

"It seems that the weather was so hot. Your face is so red." He teased me. I pushed him away from me, but my heartbeat still did not stop. I did not realize that his handkerchief had fallen to the ground. I picked it up, but I did not expect him to pick it up. He grabbed my hand. I suddenly felt strange from his grip on my hand. I suddenly pulled my hand away, and I did not try to pick up his handkerchief.

"I just want to wipe your face, so I move my face closer to you," Yael said.

My heart still did not stop. Yael smiled at me again.

He handed me his handkerchief. "It's not dirty. Wipe your face thoroughly with it."

I do not know why I took and used his handkerchief. I even thanked him.

He turned to me and walked away. But he suddenly turned around and said, I have cute eyes.

I blushed when he said that.

What is happening to you, Jessica?

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